Friday, December 28, 2007

Let's wrap it up...

2007 that is.

It's been a wonderous, special year here for the Doodles trio. Travel was at the top of the agenda, well of course since we sold our house in the blue tarp state.

Here is a quick time line......
  • April sold above referenced house Hooooray only on the market 11 months
  • Purchased Big A$$ truck and RV also in April
  • Left the blue tarp state May 17th and never to return another Hooooooray
  • Upon completion of above referenced trip of 18,000 + miles and two countries, we landed in Tucson mid November.
Yep we put that many miles on the first leg of the Doodles RV journey. And Buddy, the cat was an absolute wonderful terrific traveler. I am so happy to be able to say that because I know he could have made that trip and absolute nitemare. So extra treats for my Buddy cause he was so good.

We have had some just wonderful memories, met some new friends, met up with some very old friends, and it is unfortunate but lost a few friends along the way.

We both took some memorable photos, saw some new sites and a few old sites, went to several races, had some memorable lip smacking meals and even awarded the worst roads citation to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As a side note I wrote to the Governor regarding his road conditions, I received a form letter as a reply. Shame on him.

Best part was being able to be with sister and family three times this year....that's a huge wahoooo!!!

Now 2007 is coming to a close, I look back and think what a fun ride, literally, it was personally. I'm not going to get into the political aspect of the year cause the dopes in Washington give me a headache.

My hope and wish for y'all is to enjoy 2008 as much as we enjoyed 2007!!!

Peace, prosperity and health for you in the coming year.

Now for me let's hope I get boots and a warm hat cause we be going to stay tuna'd.

ps - thanks for all that stop by you make it fun

Monday, December 24, 2007

From me to you

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Now to driving fools

Now remember, if you will, I have a Big A$$ Truck that I drive.

So, you're waiting at a stoplight in a left-turn lane. The light turns green, so you inch out into the intersection. A truck is in the left-turn lane going in the opposite direction, directly in front of you. All's well and good ... except that the truck's blocking your view of oncoming traffic. You can't be sure that a vehicle or three isn't coming, so you--not wanting to get T-boned--decide to wait for either the truck to turn, or for the left-turn light to turn green.

Then the cretin, (I haven't used that word in a very long time) in the car behind you starts honking. Apparently, he, she must certainly be in a hurry, and doesn't care about your hesitance at blindly meandering into oncoming traffic. I could be the truck blocking someones view because of the size, but I doubt it.

These impatient, uncaring, ignorant fools are the lowest of the low. And if they're male, they almost certainly have small whatchacallit. Shame on me for saying that.

These people need to get a life because there's not enough room in in the world for these fools.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Miracles of Miracles

OK I understand that some things are miracles and I accept that. Take for example the miracle of finding the father and his three children after three days of being out there in Northern California where the weather had turned to crap. Story goes that Dad took the kids out to get a Christmas tree and ended up building a snow fort in a culvert cause they got lost, totally lost and stayed warm by hugging for warmth while lost in the wilderness. Now cut to three days later and the news media is having a field day interviewing the rescued family. Man they were so happy to be home and so was their Mom who was waiting for some word from the authorities. As you probably heard the reporters were all over this story BUT asked the most asinine questions. However when speaking with the dudes that finally rescued this fortunate family, a question was asked about "how to avoid having this happen to your family"? The rescue paramedic listed the usual assortment, like cell phone, water and such but when he said carry a GPS, I stopped dead in my tracks. WHAT did he say!!!!!! Now you know a lot of folks right, maybe some of them went trompping thru the woods in search of the perfect Christmas tree. What do ya spose anyone of them had a hand held GPS unit? I am not making fun of this serious event. The freak snow storm that kicked up while they were out caused that family to go thru hell and thank you very much their Christmas will be very Merry. What ya spose Dad might find a GPS under the tree.................NOT!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Drive thru fools

One would think it would have been the second coming when an In-N-Out-Burger opened recently in our area.

With much buzz about town and long waits both inside the store and in the drive-thru lane, residents in our area finally had their very own In-N-Out. On the day of the grand opening, the town had to have extra cops on duty to direct traffic, all for a danged hamburger.

For some strange reason, the craze has barely let up. I have no idea how long the wait is, but if the pace inside is any indication, the wait time is tooooo long. The young ens that work there work their butts off I'll tell ya. You don't see workers like that at Mc Donalds or Burger King. No offense if your child happens to work at one of those establishments

I'll admit the burgers are good, actually better than good, but why anyone would want to sit in a line of cars, breathing toxic fumes and with the price of petrol these day for a stinkin' hamburger, is way beyond me. Think of the pollution that is created. I'm no rocket scientist, but it surely has to be a whole buncha polutin.

But it does remind me of when Krispy Kreme doughnuts opened and they turned on their done sign and out of nowhere cars were lined up around the block.

Edited to add: for those of you that live East and North of me you are missing out on a tasty burger.

Southern Arizona

Now when you read that the first thing to come to mind is nice warm temps right.....well not right now. Eeekkk!!!

So we are sitting outside the other afternoon watching the news, local news and the weather dude comes on and says "bundle up Tucson", get our your woolies cause you are gonna need them. Mr Doodles looks at me and says huh? I thought it was gonna go down to the 40's. Guess that's an OK temp for Mr Doodles. Nope 36* my sweet. And rain. Now you know what happens when the temps drop and it rains the cold goes right thru ya.

Well in fact we did wake up to rain in the nite and sure enough it did dip down to the mid 30's, with sleet, a bit of hail and a lot of snow on the mountains that surround us.
Using a fair amount of propane to heat our sweet RV, doubt that this cold snap will last thru February. We'll see how Mr Doodles handles this. One thing I cannot convince him to do is use body cream. He calls it slimy stuff and is convinced I am getting a commission from these lotion companies.....I wish!!!

Mt Lemon is about 9500ft so they got a ton a snow. Makes those skiers here happy, BUT it didn't last long. But it sure looked pretty from a distance. My photo's didn't do it justice. So I think I'll go see some Christmas decorations and see what the dessert looks like deorated for the holidaze..................stay tuna'd

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's called the Storm of the Century

And from what I understand Oklahoma east and north it is brutal. I just pray that there are no deaths or injuries.

Just got a few photos from our friends, the Nutz who live just west of Toronto in Canada.

I can just see the sweet Mrs Nutz standing on the porch in all her warm winter clothing being the good wife and documenting this event. Then running in and fixing the cold soul a nice hot cuppa cocoa.......hahahahaha!!! Don't forget the marshmallows!

Mr Nutz is in there somewhere, but damn he looks cold. And to think all we had here was some heavy frost this a.m.

It's only mid December Sooooooooo, stay tuna'd ; )

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to you


December 15, 1922
February 5, 2002

We miss you momma!!!

Heard this on NPR

Good site for those that care and one would hope it is each and everyone of you. As they mentioned this is not a doom and gloom but more of a public service to make us all more aware. But being informed is half the battle. What I like is the list of companies that are trying to make a difference. Support those companies once you become more informed.

Go over and read up because maybe, just maybe there is one thing you can do and leave a better world for your family.

PS..............Mr Doodles was quite happy that his favorite beer company made the top three

Friday, December 07, 2007

Now it's on to Christmas

and I have yet to come in contact with the Christmas spirit. Where does one find that so very important tool?

Maybe I'll get in the truck drive around Tucson in the 75* plus heat, turn the radio to the Sirius station that is playing at Christmas music all the time. Well they did play a few of my favorites such as Johnny Mathis singing my mommas favorite tunes of the season. There's a story to that and I will share it later. Also they played Brian Setzer's very wild Christmas tunes. If you haven't heard his music go pop on over to Amazon and listen to snippets. His music will put ya into the Christmas spirit sorta.

Well the music didn't really send me over the top with the spirit of the holidays BUT I did get an idea!!! A couple of years ago I volunteered at the library to read to little ones. Most of which were pre-school age. And if you have never had the opportunity to read to oh maybe eight or ten preschoolers go do it just once, cause it's a hoot.

So I went to the local library, asked if they needed readers for the little darlings during the day. Well you would have thought I was giving them a winning Lotto ticket. The conversation went a little like this....... "Yes, yes, yes, please when can you read, coulda ya come Monday morning at ten and Wednesday afternoon at three. Well, a I guess, but don't ya wanna know something about me like my name and a little background. Sure go ahead she said, here write down your name and phone number. Do you have a Christmas sweater or a shirt that's festive? We want to read some Holiday stories during the next few weeks. Sure I have something festive I can wear. Good we'll see you on Monday, come early so you can meet the other volunteers and we can have coffee. OK I'll see ya Monday.......thanks."

Now I'm not sure how to take that conversation. I don't want to over analyze so I am keeping an open mind till after Wednesday. I'm gracious, I'll give them two days, actually I'm only giving them a couple a stay tuna'd I might just be finding the Christmas spirit within those little pre-schoolers.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


is actually no laughing matter. Oh acrophobia is a fear of heights. And it can be quite debilitating. Most folks that have a fear of heights have no problem whatsoever going up in an airplane. I think it's when said acrophobia person puts two feet off the ground out in the wide open spaces that's when the fear sets in big time.

But now let me tell you about Mr Doodles, my resident acrophobic. Now I know why he never wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower. When visiting our friends in Canada this summer, dear Mr Nutz was kind enough to get up on the roof of our RV to install some needed goodies. I was very grateful for the task, hell Mr Nutz has no fear. Anyway why would Mr Doodles get up on the roof when he has his friend Mr Nutz, the guy wasn't born yesterday ya know.

OK now cut to the rain we had a couple a days ago. We have an enclosed satellite dish on the roof of the RV. The enclosure is plastic and needs to be cleaned. That's coming from the company that makes the satellite system. Ya gotta get up there clean it off with the proper cleaner and then spray this stuff on it used for plastic only. No mam ya can't use RainX that's for glass ya have to use this stuff. Ok, ok I'll go find this stuff. Well low and behold good old WalMart has it I discover. So I get a bottle of this stuff and then some bug and tar remover cleaner. Take it home, share the information with Mr Doodles and his answer was "when the water dries off the roof of the RV I'll go up there". HA!!! Go to bed that nite thinking I can do this right. I know of Mr Doodles hesitant nature when he goes up a ladder more than two rungs.

That morning I'm sitting at the computer and I hear this noise, like someone is throwing something on the roof or walking around. WTH I realized, HOLY SHIT what are you doing up
there? Well I didn't want ya to miss your show tonite............HOLY CRAP!!!

Some days the boy just amazes me!!!

ya just never know what's next so stay tuna'd.......

Friday, November 30, 2007

It's pouring here!!!!

I know a lot of my friends need rain in their areas. Just about now, since it has rained all nite, all day yesterday AND the nite before, I'd be just more than happy to pack you up a bit of this moisture and send it UPS to y'all.

I do know that the much needed areas of Southern California got some sprinkles. I know it wasn't much but every little bit helps. If in fact it rains too hard there in the fire zones guess what, mud slides. Those folks that were so lucky to not lose their home in the fires, one hard rain and their lovely home is sliding down the hill. So keep these good folks in your thoughts and prayers cause a mud slide is NOT what ya want for Christmas.

Hope this doesn't sound selfish BUT while you're saying a prayer remind the dear Lord above that the UCLA Bruins Football Team will be playing their cross town rivals USC today at 1:30 p.m. The Bruins have not had a stellar season this year but sure would be a happy camper if they beat SC. Also just want my dear niece to have a very happy day when the Bruins beat the snot outta SC.

OK we are having an afternoon outing of sorts, that is if the rain holds off. We are headed to the Tamale Festival in South Tucson. Happens to be on an Indian Reservation so this just might be a lot of fun..........stay tuna'd

There are folks that are depending on YOU!!!

The SOB's............OK I don't normally go off like that BUT ya gotta go read what my sister just blogged.......... here>>>>

We, as human beings, cannot allow big business to treat people in this manner. Come on folks step up, do something. Having lived in Florida for many years with their corporate office in our vicinity, we did hear a lot about BK Corp. It's bad enough we, residents of this fabulous country, allow our government to treat us so very shabbily, I know that's not a word....tough!!!

Do me a favor, don't, just don't contribute to this companies madness. Plus they have crappy commercials.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My favorite Pup

Recently we had the opportunity to spend about ten days with this guy. He is my sister's family dog. And let me say that "Buddy" yes he has the same name as the evil cat that resides with the Doodle clan.
Buddy, the dog is just the sweetest and well behaved animal.
I have taken many photos of Buddy but this is just one of my favorites. I took this right before we all left to go our separate ways.

Look at that face is that not the sweetest puppy face.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Living the compact life

I am writing this for me as much as y'all to give an insite as to RV living.

lordy I found dust and dirt in the bottom of drawers and shelves that I have no idea how it got there. I know it probably came from living in plenty of gravel RV Parks around the country, but how it creeps into the RV drawers and such... I must be more diligent when docked around gravel spots. . Anyhow it took lots and lots of cleaning to get rid of the grit and now I have sparkly clean drawers and closets.

For some baby boomers, the RV life has become the new Harley Davidson – a symbol of nomadic/gypsy freedom. In a way it is gypsy like, but there is a bonus you get to meet up with old and new friends while seeing the vistas of this great country. Most of you know we crammed 18,000 miles into a about six months. And yes we will admit we did overdo by a few miles but the sites we saw were just amazing. And there is so much more for us to see. Like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, DC Zoo, Vietnam Memorial, Atlanta Aquarium all kinds a places to visit and revisit So listen to this...YIKES!!! pray for me please!!!

Mr Doodles has convinced me there is Alaska in our future. Now, just for visiting mind you, but three months. So a plan has been put in place for such a trip. I was hesitant, that's putting it mildly, for a long time, stamping my foot, hell no I won't go, way too remote for me, too far, too long - hell I could go on and on. Till finally Mr Doodles said OK then Buddy, he's the cat, and I will go. I almost said " see ya!!!" Then I thought about it. And then stepmomma relayed her experiences of Alaska and it did sound intriguing, sorta. I even offered stepmomma to take my place. But after the conversation with her I figured what the hell, OK I'll go. Be alert Mr Doodles my Christmas present to you is telling you I'm going to Alaska. Now that means we will delay buying and building anything for at least another year, but what the hell ya only live once and think of the photos I can take. Wonder how much gravel there is in Alaska. I'll let y'all know.

One of the big question that folks making the jump from "sticks and bricks" to a "life on the road" is a good, solid, important one: how to decorate for the holidays..........that is a definite stay tuna'd

Friday, November 23, 2007

don't think I've been slacking

cause I haven't been. I figured out how to cook a turkey breast (almost too large for my teeny oven) with all the trimmings. What a feat that was and I say that with all the smugness I can muster. Use your imagination cause I only took one photo.

But pictured here is the Foster Farms boob I cooked. And I am dead serious when I tell ya it was almost too big for my teeny oven. But roasted Foster Farm boob and all the trimmings were done to perfection even if I do say so myself. Included was my favorite pie........ Pecan from Marie Callender's. I figured if I was doing all the cooking I get to choose the dessert. Attention Mr Doodles, you cook, you can choose the dessert. Oh yeah a dollop of fresh whipped cream on my pie slice, Mr Doodles had a dollop of Cold Stone ice cream in honor of his friend Mr Nutz.

So now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we all had a good dose of Prilosec, Christmas is coming, you do know that right?!?!? And I must get going..........get a note off to Santa just to let him know that we have re-located to the great SouthWest.

Think I'm gonna go enjoy the wonderful culture here, snap some photo's, so stay tuna'd........

Thursday, November 15, 2007

360 degree sunset

you may click on this photo to enlarge for better viewing or you may go look at my other photos at my flickr site
To have a beautiful sunset you need clouds, not a lot of clouds but some. This particular sunset took peoples breath away as it was in total surround. Oh my word it was stunning. I couldn't snap fast enough. Southern Arizona is beginning to surpass the Florida Keys in dynamic sunsets.

I'm on a photo Mission for my friend kimmy ................stay tuna'd

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I do believe in omens!!!

While in Southern California we did lot's as I have posted but one day our day started out as a girls shopping day. Ya see I needed to go find a baby present for a friends newly arrived little one. Sister and stepma were happy to accompany me - go figure. We got lucky and found a really nice baby shop in a local store. Wow this is good we say. Now we have to finalize our shopping for our Thanksgiving feast we were to have the following day. More about that later. Waltzed into the market got what we needed and were outta there in no time. Nothing perishable so all was OK in the trunk of Stepma's car. Cool!!! Hmmm who's hungry? Well yes of course we all were but wanted to check in with the husbands and see what they were up to. They oddly enough answered their cell and we discovered they were at an olde air museum and would have lunch later. Super we were still on our own.......let's go have an In and out Burgers. Stepma had not been in awhile and it's a fav of sister and myself. Lunch out of the way and more shopping on the menu I must run to the ladies room first. We get out to the car and I explain that the restroom must have had a very ill person in there so I must find a restroom. Stepmomma says "well we are close to the Casino and they have restrooms". There certainly was not a lot of hesitation when we all said sure why not we'll go for and hour. Sister was glad we did and so was I. Stepma didn't fare quite as well but was still smiling. We walked out of the casino well to the good. And even had more time to shop. Life is good!!! Now about that Thanksgiving we decided to have our Thanksgiving early since most of us were together. We sure did miss my niece and her sweet husband. And I'm telling ya Mr Nutz, ya shoulda stayed. Wander over to PBE for the menu and a couple a photo's.

Mr Doodles and I are now settled in Southern Arizona for the winter months so
stay tuna'd cause the sunsets are to follow.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans All ...................We Thank You

Our family albeit small we have several Veterans. My sweet Mr Doodles happens to be one of them. He is a Canadian by birth and came to the states when is was in his early 20's. When he was about to cross the border from Vancouver to travel down to California he was informed of the possibility or being drafted. This man was not about to be drafted so he signed up with the Air Force. Oddly enough ended up with a top secret clearance and not even a citizen. I am grateful that this man is by my side each and everyday.

As I am grateful for my brother-in-law, his wonderful father and my father for their contribution to all of our safety and peace of mind.

And to all of our service men and women serving around the world to make our world a better place thank you.

Maybe you would like to say thanks, go to this site

And if you care to pass the site address along to friends and family so they can say thanks too.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

paid in full.......

Did I happen to mention there are Indian Gaming CASINOS here in the desert?

Well last nite after a lovely dinner sister Moon put together and some rowdy conversation around said dinner table, we all got ready to go back to our respective RV's, when Mr Nutz and I decided we should go see how the construction was going on the local casino. Agua Caliente happens to be in the midst of a very large expansion. Didn't have any takers to come along sooooooooo off we went. Let me just say this I walked away at 12:15 am with enough winnings to pay for the trip to the DAMN!!!

Now I wonder if I should go back tonite to see how the construction is going...............stay tuna'd!!!

PS..........must also mention that I sure do miss having my sweet niece here with the gathering of the clan. Her and her husband a traveling to London for a conference. But lil bird please know we talked about y'all ;)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Here we are

Proof positive that we all really do exist and are still alive and well.

The boys, pictured from left to right, Mr Doodles, hunky BIL and Mr Nutz, ended up one day wearing the same T-shirt. Brother-in-law brought them because a
friend of his owns this hot rod shop. And being a hot rodder himself BIL does tend to spend a fair amount of time hanging out in this shop.

And no I know it looks like the boys are doing something else but maybe they weren't too pleased I asked them to pose, who knows. And is Mr Doodles the only man that does not wear a belt with his jeans?

By the way on our drive to Los Angeles the olde odometer on the Big A$$ truck Louie hit 18,000 miles.

Because we decided not to go to the final day of racing, we all hung out at the RV park and readied ourselves with food and beverage. Even had company, Mr & Mrs Wtnb dropped by. Good to see them again and sure hope they get over to visit us in Southern AZ.
Sorry that sweet niece was not able to join us as due to a rotten cold. Feel better sweet girl.

Mr Nutz and BIL volunteered to BBQ between rounds of racing. Can you tell one of them is not giving full attention to the dogs ?!?!? But who doesn't like burnt dogs. Burgers and mom's famous potato salad rounded out the menu. No fancy stuff here.

We ended the evening after the final round of racing. Oh and I guess I must add our friends didn't win, so we must go back and gear up for another long year of racing in 2008.

After waking quite early on Monday, Mr Nutz buddled up Mrs Nutz to the airport to catch a flite back to Ontario, Canada. Hey someone in this group has to work, might as well be she. But Mrs Nutz will surely be missed cause we are heading off to the area of Palm Springs, land of a million golf courses. Mrs Nutz is an avid golfer, and I might also add she beats the boys on a regular basis.

So...................stay tuna'd from the desert of Southern California

Thursday, November 01, 2007

We missed Las Vegas

Arriving in Los Angeles at the RV park, sitting around having an adult beverage we think wow what a great time we had in Vegas, the Drag races, going to some of the fine dinning establishments, meeting up with friends, and of course some gambling thrown in to occupy our time.
Casino's, we missed going to the casino and the excitement of losing
and/or winning, which of course we all did.

Sooooooooo after having pizza and a couple a beers we decided to go back to our RV and play some dice. Now let me also mention Mr Doodles does not gamble at all ever, well he gambled on me some thirty seven almost years ago, but that's another time and another blog.

But Mr Doodles likes playing this particular dice game. The four of us sat down to a game of dice and decided to play for $$$. I'm not about to explain the game here because it is a bit complicated to explain. Kinda game ya gotta play a round or three and then DUH!!! I get it. And let me say it is fun with a bit of strategy thrown in. Think that's why Mr Doodles enjoy the game so. We had played before but it was when we were all in Denver together and several months ago, you tend to forget the rules.
So we get thru our first game and I seemed to run away from the pack and WON!!! Woo Hoo!!! And being that the other three had to pay me another game was suggested. Heck yeah I love playing the game, I'm up for a rematch even Mr Doodles said "sure".

I beat the sox off of em again.........woo hahahaa!!! That was fun and I am now $5.85 to the good. You know they are all gonna want another rematch. But reinforcements are arriving next day in the form of sister and brother-in-law. Let's see how they do in this game of dice........stay tuna'd

A side note to post a photo that I took while downtown Las Vegas. The Fremont Experience is just an amazing site but hard to explain. It started a few years ago to attract more folks to come downtown since the Strip was getting all the tourists. Well it worked and it certainly is a fun few minutes to view. Well since the Drag Races were going on they honored that even and with the sound minus the nitro smell. It is quite an honor to be picked to appear on the Fremont
Experience, wonder if they did the PBR professional bull riders, since they were in town at the same time.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Does your cat share grits with you in the morning?

Well Buddy shares grits with Mr Doodles. Now that is when Mrs Doodles does the task of cooking grits, ick!!! But I found these grits at Trader Joe's and they sure were a hit. Should send a note to the company and tell them they are endorsed by a cat!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun

Nice way to end an evening in Vegas

It started as "meet us in Vegas and we'll go to the drag races". Now it has turned into a three week visit with some great side trips thrown in.

The Nutz and the Doodle clan are on the move.

While in Vegas with our friends the Nutz, we were pleasantly surprised to find out our old friends the Wtnbs would be in Vegas for the weekend. So the Doodles made arrangements to meet up with the Wtnbs and took the Nutz along for a brunch at Sam's Town. Now we didn't just eat, we just had to introduce Mrs Wtnb, who just happens to be a great slot player, to a new slot machine we had found. And the introduction turned out quite well after plugging along on one machine she moved on to another and the bells started ringing Woo Hoo Mrs W!!!

Yesterday we motored up to Red Rock Canyon where the views are spectacular and as a bonus wild burros roam. Well they do roam but not when we were there. See my flickr site for more photos. Oh yes and would you believe we found a new casino, the Red Rock Resort. My it is a gorgeous place and would go back there any time, in fact we did last nite.

Today is a lazy day for the Doodle group. I'm gonna do a couple a loads a laundry while I'm sure Mr Doodles will be detailing the truck. And The Nutz couple are off to golf. Now you know they will come back with great stories, they always do.

Don't know what the afternoon and evening will be but rest assured it will be worth writing about.

We leave Wednesday a.m. for Los Angeles to meet up with sister Moon and brother-in-law. Another fun week ahead.............stay tuna'd.

Friday, October 26, 2007

One good turn

The kindness of strangers, do unto others, pay it forward, etc. You get the drift. Here we are tooling down the highway to meet up with our friends Mr & Mrs Nutz. Y’all getting tired a hearing bout the Nutz’s – too bad cause we be spending the next 3 weeks with them.

Anyway here we are tooling down the highway and this car pulls up along side of us and points to the trailer and quite frantically I might say. So Mr Doodles in his infinite wisdom says “hmm something must be wrong”. The boy gets excited about nothing OK!

So we pull over and lordy what do we see is a SHREDDED rear tire on the RV. Now being the dope I am no photos were taken of this mishap. But Mr Doodles goes into fix it mode bless his little heart.

Now let me remind you in case I didn’t already, we are on Interstate 10. Those Big 18 wheelers and cars just a zipping by. Not one stopped. More on that later.

Mr Doodles has a jack and ya won’t believe where from HA!!! Remember the Courier truck we had a bajillion years ago. Guess the boy just couldn’t part with the jack. Who the hell cares it still worked and did the job.

Lug nuts (not Nutz) removed, here Doodles could ya hold this and move the jack over there just a bit and well you get the idea. Guess that’s why I didn’t take any photos cause I was busy.

We, yes we were just getting it all back together spare tire and such when a car pulls up, awwwww good Samaritans I say have come to our aid. Guess who it was? The folks that pointed out the shredded tire in the first place. They got out with lot’s of offers to help, how sweet I say where the hell were ya a half hour ago. Oh just kidding I thanked them profusely as did Mr Doodles. They were RV’ers from Minnesota. They saw the tire blow whizzed by us pointed it out to us that something was wrong THEN went out of their way to come back and see if we needed any help. Now those are nice folks..

We told them no we were OK and were going just to the next evit where there happened to be a travel plaza and would replace the tire. Off they went - waving safe journey and off we went to the repair tire shop.

Now we go to this really junky dusty tire shop that is highly recommended by all in the area. Sure enough they fixed us up with four brand new tires and replaced valve stems. The guys there were great and honest. While they are replacing the tires I am online checking to see if the tires they are putting on are actually as good as they say. Grade A - great reviews.

So a bad day turned into an OK day considering. How it started only 80 miles into the journey.

So now I gotta go look for a way to pay it forward..................stay tuna’d cause it may take me a bit cause we are in Vegas ;0)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Now that's a lazy cat!!!

Folks he is sound asleep.........Buddy has certainly found his comfort zone.

He overheard us talking about packing up so as to meet up with dear friends, Mr & Mrs Nutz. Not that he doesn't wanna see his good friend Mr Nutz, I just think Buddy has no desire to get in the Big A$$ truck.

New adventures Buddy, we're going to Vegas, you've never been to Vegas.

Stay tuna'd......................

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not meant to embarrass...

How do you convey to someone, a friend or a relative that their artistic talents are worthy enough to share with the world.

I have a sister, I'm sure you all know that by now, that is a fantastic, talented artist. This is not something new, she has been talented all her life. I have always envied her abilities to sketch.

Now having said this she is not good at marketing her product....I on the other hand have that talent. It runs in our family, we are good marketers, some call it BS artistry. Sister must have been practicing her artistic talents when they passed out the marketing skills. And this is by no means to say her lack of marketing skills is a bad thing, cause I think I got all a hers and sure wish I had some of her artistic talent.

So sister, the artist, is having a art show this weekend. I think when she sells out of all of her art work that will seal the deal to demonstrate that she really is good. Confidence is not lacking on her part, but when you are an artist ya just never know if others are going to appreciate your work.

Now I have friend, actually two friends that have incredible writing ability. Boy sure wish I would have paid more attention in English class that pass notes to that boy. I can talk a blue streak but to be able to put word and thought on paper is an art.

Now being a good talker and reasonably good at marketing I have been after these folks to further their writing ability. I know there are hundreds maybe even a bajillion folks that think they can write. Editors must get tons of stories on a daily basis. So that alone can be daunting. Why would anyone look at my writings when there are so very many others out there more talented than me. Let me say this, if my friends I just mentioned were published you would read what ever it was that they have written.

I dabble in photography, something I truly enjoy. But what tiny bit of talent I may or may not have leads me to think why would anyone want to buy or even look at my photographs. I am the kind of person that know a little bit about a lot a stuff. I need to focus on my true love and see if I can market myself before I get my herb farm started.

So stay tuna'd cause I might have enough marketing BS....we'll see!

Good Luck Seester!!!

sister art page

some of my photos

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A big change from 6 months ago

The traveling Doodles clan came thru Arizona in May and kinda skimmed the surface looking at property. But we are now back after vetoing New Mexico and are quite surprised at how the prices have come down. Seems as those the real estate market slump has hit this state also, calling this a buyers market. Hey we know what that means after the languishing market we endured in our past life in Florida.

So maybe we could be on the better end of the stick, so to speak. Spent a bit of time in eastern Arizona about 90 miles from Tucson. Good fertile land, lots of agriculture there. Perfect for my herb farm. Oh I just dream but it could be a possible ya know. Mr Doodles teases me about it but I'm serious. Maybe niece could come over and we could also do goat cheese. Now that would be wonderful even better than wonderful!!!

Dreams are good I do a lot of planning in my dreams. Sometimes Mr Doodles complains or mentions upon waking....."what the hell were you building girl???" I was planning my herb garden while I was asleep cause when I'm awake I am looking after you and Buddy and doing the navigating. So I can dream OK?!?!?!!! Ya know the definition of dreams don't ya......... it's a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep and that includes building my herb garden dang it. Mr Doodles rolls those pretty blue eyes and grabs another cup a Timmies. I neglected to tell him that a dream is also a wild or vain fancy!!!

Stay tuna'd...I'll get that herb garden yet ;-}

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action attention

Most of you know that Mr & Mrs Doodles moved our selves into our RV last May to travel the country. And boy we have traveled and put on a lot of miles. But it leads me to the subject of the environment and what we need and what we don't.

When we left Florida we put our worldly possessions in storage. Now I must say that we do not have that much in storage. Some art work, many tools that Mr Doodles cannot part with understandably, and a lot of depression glass and a few antique pieces. I pared down my kitchen equipment while packing up know the RV just wouldn't hold it all. Now it has been several months without my stuff and I can honestly tell you there is not a lot I miss that is in storage and wish I woulda brought with us. What does that say? I don't need all that stuff do I?

Now another thing I noticed when tootling down the road and stopping at rest areas across this country I am totally disgusted at how lazy and dirty that people are. I had a few photos to show you but when the computer crashed it globbed onto my photos....crap!!!

Also when we were living in Key Largo we would all go out once every six months and do a reef sweep. Now explain to me why someone would leave and apple core in the ocean. What were they thinking? You may think it would decompose immediately NOT six months and the apple core is still there. Now don't even get me going about monofilament line also know as fishing line.

But I made a list and went to look up how long it would take these items to decompose.....PAY ATTENTION........these are but just a few items.

styrofoam= NEVER
aluminum = 80 - 100 years
plastic bags = 10-20 years
cigarette butts = 10 - 12 years
plastic containers = 50 -80 years
plastic coated cartons = 5 - 7 years
plastic bottles = NEVER
orange peels - up to 6 months

I think what I will do is look for companies that recognize there truly is a problem, that's a bit hard to do.

It bothers me that many of the politicians preaching to us about global warming and saving the environment are jumping in there private jets and racing around the country to campaign.

I appreciate the fact that markets sell me cloth bags to carry my items home instead of those horrible plastic bags. Trader Joe's comes to mind that is an environment conscious company that is trying to make a difference.
Now here is what is absolutely amazing ...........I Googled how can I help the environment and came up with thousands of sites. The following was copied off of the WWF websites.
  • Take your own bags to the shops to carry home your groceries and shopping.
  • Look for products that have less packaging.
  • Buy organically grown fruits, vegetables, cotton clothing, and hemp-fibre products.
  • Don't buy bottled water if you know your tap water is safe - transporting water from its source to the supermarket shelves is an expensive waste of energy. And the plastic and glass bottles add to the already-high mountains of rubbish that we produce. Find out from your municipality about your tap water. If you do buy bottled water, buy from a local source (read the labels) and buy water that comes in recyclable glass or plastic.
  • Choose biodegradable cleaning products so that the chemicals have fewer negative impacts on the soil and water system.
  • Buy the most energy-efficient household appliances you can afford.
  • Use recycled paper.
This site is interesting as it is geared toward kids.......... Starting with kids is a great advancement cause they will remind mom & dad's to be more environmentally friendly.
Got any ideas???

Let's do something instead of just talking. email me what you are doing let's share ideas. The more you know the better we will all be.

Don't know if we have time for the stay tuna'd............

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A time to pay attention

A few days ago I got an email from my sweet sister that introduced me to an interesting event to participate in

Check it out.......I intend to write something and I hope you do the same.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Looking at New Mexico

in our rear view mirror
It's a beautiful state BUT we are going searching for more of what we want and need. The next few days will lead us to Arizona and see what the future holds there.

We will also be heading to Las Vegas to meet up with our dear friends Mr & Mrs Nutz............look out Vegas woo hoo!!!

And along the way the Doodles are going to check out some property in Southern Arizona. We haven't completely ruled out this area of New Mexico but we have moved it to the bottom portion of the list. I must say the scenery here is to die for but, there's that BUT the temps are not to our liking all that much and it's only October.

So we have pre-scoped out some areas in and around Tucson.

Now about Las Vegas, we are going there for a Drag Race, then the Nutzs' and the Doodles are RV'ing to the Los Angeles area, Pomona to be exact and meeting up with seester and her hunky husband to attend the final Drag Race of the season. Hopefully after that event we will be able to travel down to the desert of Palm Springs area and visit with step-momma for a few days.

Great news, niece may also be able to hook up with us while we are staying in Pomona.

So stay tuna'd cause there certainly will be news along the way and hopefully a few photos too.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

No a lot going on here

But we have done some scouting I thought I would share some photos with you.

Go check out my flickr site

And I must scold Mr Doodles cause he hasn't taken any photos in awhile.

Although he has been busy doing maintenance on the RV....what with all the wax he has applied I'm sure it ways a tad more. Next he will detail the truck. He's a good detailer.

stay tuna'd.....................

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A County Fair

Have not been to a county fair since we lived in Connecticut. And that one was quite spectacular.

However this county fair was quite sweet with a
funny little rodeo throw in as a bonus. After all it only cost $5 to get in.

So how many cowboys does it take to tackle a cow?

You want us to go where???

This sweet little goat was a blue ribbon winner. The owner was an eight year old was wearing the ribbon and way too shy to have a photo taken. But her little goat wanted to eat my camera strap.

Roosters are rather scary looking when confined to a cage,
not like the
roosters on my dish towel or a plate I have. Now I know kimmy that you must of been scared by an ugly rooster as a child ;o )

There is an area near where we are staying called Hatch, they are quite famous for their chiles. Well we just missed their festival but will certainly put in on the to do list for next year. But when we drove thru I did pick up a ristra of the local Hatch chiles. Cannot wait for them to dry and share them with sister and niece. Oh a ristra is a string of chiles banded together to dry to use in cooking. A great way to decorate your home as you may have seen in many photos of New Mexico. I also took off a couple of the chiles and roasted them to use on sandwiches and in salads. YUMMMMM

As a side note..........there was hail at our little end of the world late this afternoon. Not big hail but hail!!! stay tuna'd..................

Monday, October 01, 2007

hard to believe that

I have been doing this darn blog for two years..........where the hell has the time gone?!?!?

In the beginning I think I was under the assumption this should be a daily journal - NOT!!!

I feel it's a way to keep in touch with friends, new and old and relatives to share memories and photos.

Since the departure in the Big Ass truck, Louie and dragging Grace for the last five months and 16, 000 miles (I know that just blows me away) all those many miles and not a backache from sitting in the truck. I should write to Ford and tell them that.

Have had a few aliens get into my computer but nothing I wasn't able to handle. Have also had a couple of issues with my internet provider, a Verizon aircard, in the beginning but got that sorted out with an intelligent tech dude. Must admit had to go thru a few to find one that honestly knew what he/she was talking about. At times I knew more that they did and that is say a lot believe you me.

There is not one thing we regret, NOT ONE!!! Well maybe one..........shoulda done this sooner. But other than that we are happy with the truck and happy with the RV. There are a few upgrades we want to do to the RV but nothing that cannot wait till we are stationery in one spot for more than a week or two.

The other thing we are so very pleased with is our feline, Buddy. He couldn't have been a better traveler. Buddy sits on the middle console and watches the world go by or just sneaks in the back for a car nap. In all those miles Buddy has complained maybe a couple of times. And let me say he could have made this trip a BITCH!!!

Mr Doodles and I have seen so very many beautiful areas of this country of ours and yes a few of Canada too. We have met up with old and new friends along the way. And yes I wish we could have met up with more of y'all but we will I promise.

So two years of blogging has been a spectacular experience for me and I wish to thank my wonderful niece and sister for the introduction.........and as I have said since the very beginning........stay tuna'd please!

and yes thanks so very much for stopping by because I probably wouldn't post photos and write if it wasn't for y'all.

Might also add that sister, niece and myself participate in a food blog, see over to the right hand column PBE, well I have been a bit remiss in posting as a foodie over there. Poor sister has taken up some of my slack. I do have an excuse and it certainly isn't because we haven't eaten - it's because I have had a hard time adjusting to this cooking area in this RV. I have figured out some things by trial and error and think I have it under control. Also we will be in one place for several months. So thanks seester for taking up my slack, I'll do better in the future - promise.

Oh what a hike

When you start out your day thinking you are going to do one thing and THEN you end up driving over a 100 miles and hiking about five miles.

We found the end of the road and at the end of that road was the Gila (pronounce the G like an H) Cliff Dwellings. Hard to believe it's a National Park and they haven't screwed it up. However after talking with the Rangers there as well as the volunteers no government funds have been put into this particular park for the past ten years. WTH!!!

Back to the Cliffs, it's a fascinating place and when you think about how the American Indians that lived in those cliffs, on the side of a mountain, how they got up there is way beyond me. I did and I wore sneakers. And ya know they did it barefoot most of the time. And of course a spring from the Gila River was at the base of the cliff's.

See those black streaks running down the side of the cliffs? Well those markings are everywhere and the really, really black streaks are called Desert Varnish.

The views were I am going to post some snaps just so y'all can see.

I'll also post some photos over on my flickr site.

That's Mr Doodles leading the way.

And at the end on the trek we look up to see the beginning of this stunner.

for those of you who aren't able to comment email me

Saturday, September 29, 2007

You could hear a pin drop

It is so very quiet out here...lordy!!!

Silver City Historical Cemetery

And it not cause of the neighbors....I don't think. It is just really quiet and special here. We will be staying at this RV park for the winter just to get a good feel of the area.

Click on this photo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
and you can see there is a very large
W on this mountainside. How nice of them to put our initial on the mountain as a Welcome! (Our last name begins with a w for those that don't know)

But that is not the case at stands for Western New Mexico University.

When you have a University in your area you usually have a lot of art & culture. And this applies to this area. (sorry mr nutz) And shopping here isn't the greatest BUT you can get to Las Cruces in a couple a hours or less. So all in all it isn't that bad. We'll take it. Reminds us of when we moved to Key Largo years ago. There was nothing there at all and had to drive up to Miami for everything nearly.

So what goes around comes around I'm guessing.

More poking around on the menu today so.........stay tuna'd

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meet our new neighbors..........

This little girl (?) was spotted just as we were leaving the property we are looking into purchasing.

She has friends...aren't they just the cutest thing.

I can just see them chomping down on my herb garden.

We are looking at this property, the views are stunning. There are neighbors BUT they are way over yonder.

Nice flat area for the Doodles Casita.

Time will tell..........stay tuna'd BUT what do y'all think???

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I have a soft spot

in my heart for New Mexico. I fancy myself as being a hysterical student of American Indian culture. So when the opportunity came to move west, I immediately thought of New Mexico.

Sister and I took a Thelma & Louise trip so 14 years ago from Los Angeles to Toas,New Mexico and back. Did the Route 66 thing and all, suffice to say we had a blast.

I have longed for many years to come back and enjoy the residents of this great state, so very friendly, interesting and helpful. I might add that Mr Doodles has never ever been to this state.

Mr Doodles and I came from the east of I40 and landed in Albuquerque. Didn't intend to spend any time at all here, just an over nite. We got here at a decent time, so were able to head into Old Town

Sister and I were here and my how it has changed. Spiffed up a lot, beautiful shops and restaurants. But I knew there was a special place I had to find. And that was Gus's Jewelry store located at the south end of Old Town.

Turned the corner and there it stood Gus's. What a site I was sooooo excited. However I noticed that the building was looking a bit shabby, shame on you Gus for letting your building deteriorate like this. Went inside and there he was in all his handsomeness standing behind the counter. We got to chatting and he tells me that he will be closing his store next year. What!!!!!! Why????????? The building owner sold the building out from underneath Gus and they are tearing it down.

No wonder the building looked so shabby. Gus has been at this very location for forty plus years, and this is all he knows. Of course he is in his early 70's and should kick back some. However he lost his wife and is kinda sad, God love him. Well because sister and I were there fourteen years ago I thought I would pick up a fond memento for both of us. I will share that with sister moon when we see each other next month.....Woooo haaaaaaa!!!

We wandered over to the Indian Cultural Center which was quite nice. Then off to the
Albuquerque Museum
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center What a city Albuquerque has turned out to be. Too big of a population for us to live in but great place to visit.

Decided we also wanted to enjoy the Pueblo Village of Acoma.
They have built a new RV park that is wonderful and when you check in just like a Casino hotel you get $5 worth of chips to play with at their casino. Oh I forgot to tell y'all they also have a state of the art casino. Hot damn - did good for the two days we were there.

During the day we went on the tour of Sky City. They charge for the tour and also charge for a permit to take pictures. And you may ONLY take photos when you acquire permission. You must respect privacy of the residents. My what a great tour this was. This pueblo was built on the top of a sandstone mesa approximately 400 feet high.

After having waaaaay too much fun in Acoma we traveled south for our final destination at least for a couple of weeks. We are now in Silver City, Mew Mexico. And we are in love!!! With this City, the area and the residents.

So we are gonna go look at some property............stay tuna'd

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Traveling is certainly educational

you get to see some of the most amazing an abundance of cotton fields in Mississippi. Not a good shot cause we were buzzing down the hiway. But lordy for miles that is all you could see. Played a bit of havoc on the allergies cause the cotton picking machines were out working.

Another fun place was Peabody Hotel, Memphis

Check out the site and see their preferred guests. Mr Doodles could not believe he was standing and waiting for five ducks to appear. At 11 a.m. the five Ducks come off the elevator and waddle over to the pond pictured below. At precisely 5 p.m. the celebrity Ducks march out of the pond, down the red carpet to their private elevator that takes them back to their home.

The Peabody Hotel is a stunning structure of the Olde South and has a lot of history.

After the Peabody we found our way toward the harbor of the mighty Mississippi and came across a delightful museum called The Cotton Museum
A small, but quite informative exhibit, that showed much of the history of cotton plantations and how they were related to the Birth of the Blues in that area.

We did make our way down to the harbor but it had started to rain so we didn't hang around much.

Decided we could have a bite for lunch and turned a corner where there was of all things in Memphis Mexican restaurant, Rio Loco. So being the brave souls that we are we wandered in. To our surprise it was packed with downtown office workers. The place was huge and quite crowded. We were seated in just a few minutes. After looking at the menu and the aroma coming from the plates whizzing by going off to be served to others, we knew that this was our kind of place.

After our delish lunch we walked outside to a sunny BUT very HUMID afternoon. But knowing how much we wanted to go over to Beale Street we suffered thru the humids, after all we lived in Florida and know about humidity.

Beale Street was our favorite.........we wandered onto a small impromptu street concert. What a terrific group.
They all play at different clubs thru out the city but during the day some just meet up at this particular spot around the corner from Beale Street. One of the highlights was the BB King Club. We ventured in to see what was going on. Actually it was pretty busy in the afternoon. But I bet it really jumps at nite.

Glad to hear Mr BB is on the mend.

If the local ordinance is posted such as this sign can ya just IMAGINE how it must be some late nites...WOW!!! Probably puts Key West to shame.

This beautiful magnolia flower was the only one on a HUGE magnolia tree standing outside a second floor window at Graceland, home of Elvis.

Must catch up on my blogging cause I cannot wait to show you New Mexico.................stay tuna'd