Monday, October 01, 2007

hard to believe that

I have been doing this darn blog for two years..........where the hell has the time gone?!?!?

In the beginning I think I was under the assumption this should be a daily journal - NOT!!!

I feel it's a way to keep in touch with friends, new and old and relatives to share memories and photos.

Since the departure in the Big Ass truck, Louie and dragging Grace for the last five months and 16, 000 miles (I know that just blows me away) all those many miles and not a backache from sitting in the truck. I should write to Ford and tell them that.

Have had a few aliens get into my computer but nothing I wasn't able to handle. Have also had a couple of issues with my internet provider, a Verizon aircard, in the beginning but got that sorted out with an intelligent tech dude. Must admit had to go thru a few to find one that honestly knew what he/she was talking about. At times I knew more that they did and that is say a lot believe you me.

There is not one thing we regret, NOT ONE!!! Well maybe one..........shoulda done this sooner. But other than that we are happy with the truck and happy with the RV. There are a few upgrades we want to do to the RV but nothing that cannot wait till we are stationery in one spot for more than a week or two.

The other thing we are so very pleased with is our feline, Buddy. He couldn't have been a better traveler. Buddy sits on the middle console and watches the world go by or just sneaks in the back for a car nap. In all those miles Buddy has complained maybe a couple of times. And let me say he could have made this trip a BITCH!!!

Mr Doodles and I have seen so very many beautiful areas of this country of ours and yes a few of Canada too. We have met up with old and new friends along the way. And yes I wish we could have met up with more of y'all but we will I promise.

So two years of blogging has been a spectacular experience for me and I wish to thank my wonderful niece and sister for the introduction.........and as I have said since the very beginning........stay tuna'd please!

and yes thanks so very much for stopping by because I probably wouldn't post photos and write if it wasn't for y'all.

Might also add that sister, niece and myself participate in a food blog, see over to the right hand column PBE, well I have been a bit remiss in posting as a foodie over there. Poor sister has taken up some of my slack. I do have an excuse and it certainly isn't because we haven't eaten - it's because I have had a hard time adjusting to this cooking area in this RV. I have figured out some things by trial and error and think I have it under control. Also we will be in one place for several months. So thanks seester for taking up my slack, I'll do better in the future - promise.


Moon said...

HALP! Am I the only one who can't see this text? Every other post is ok but this one is very Fubar on my screen.

Doodles said...

god lord it went to wingdings - webdings or what ever but I fixed it so no mas Fubar!!!

Anonymous said...

I can read it just fine....but I wish I couldn't see the pictures ...that's one nasty looking rooster ...I'll have nightmares for sure tonite..I thought you were my friend !!