Thursday, October 04, 2007

A County Fair

Have not been to a county fair since we lived in Connecticut. And that one was quite spectacular.

However this county fair was quite sweet with a
funny little rodeo throw in as a bonus. After all it only cost $5 to get in.

So how many cowboys does it take to tackle a cow?

You want us to go where???

This sweet little goat was a blue ribbon winner. The owner was an eight year old was wearing the ribbon and way too shy to have a photo taken. But her little goat wanted to eat my camera strap.

Roosters are rather scary looking when confined to a cage,
not like the
roosters on my dish towel or a plate I have. Now I know kimmy that you must of been scared by an ugly rooster as a child ;o )

There is an area near where we are staying called Hatch, they are quite famous for their chiles. Well we just missed their festival but will certainly put in on the to do list for next year. But when we drove thru I did pick up a ristra of the local Hatch chiles. Cannot wait for them to dry and share them with sister and niece. Oh a ristra is a string of chiles banded together to dry to use in cooking. A great way to decorate your home as you may have seen in many photos of New Mexico. I also took off a couple of the chiles and roasted them to use on sandwiches and in salads. YUMMMMM

As a side note..........there was hail at our little end of the world late this afternoon. Not big hail but hail!!! stay tuna'd..................


Moon said...

I love the goat. His/Her fur looks like velvet. This all sounds fun, well, except the hail. Is that normal or because of global warming?

Bee said...

I love the goat, too. Wonder if Dear John will let me have one.

Anyway, I do so love coming her and reading about y'all's goin's and doin's. I feel like I'm getting to travel a little bit, too. (I "borrowed" another picture - the one of the rainbow.)

Rub Buddy on the head for me, if he likes that kind of thing. And happy blog anniversary!

Doodles said...

I know isn't that the sweetest face on that goat. We had a goat years ago, a sweet goat Doone was but not a purdy goat.

Think I'll email Al Gore about that hail!!!

Bee as a matter of fact Buddy does like to be rubbed on his little pea brain.

Borrow away my friend...just wish it was a better rainbow as rainbows go.