Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Please pass this on

I have been following this woman and her blog for awhile now.  She is a terrific writer full of humor and good sense.  But her latest writing is especially good and something we all need to stop and think about.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Taos, New Mexico

Many, many years ago my dear Sister and I went on a fun road trip from Los Angeles to Taos, New Mexico.  This writing is not about that trip but you can read about it here.
This post is to share some photos taken and short blurb about Mr Doodles and I when we visited the area.

One of my very favorite stops was  El Santuario de Chimayo.    The area is stunning in a very simple way and terrific for taking photos.  Remember when you go be reverent as this is a very sacred spot.

Then we wandered over to the very famous Taos Pueblo.  Just remember when/if you go please be courteous and ask for permission to take photos because it's the right thing to do.  Actually a couple of my photos ended up in a travel magazine back then.


Now if you have read my blog before you will know there is always FOOD involved.  Yep this is one of the very best restaurant we have eaten in in a very long time. It sits on the Northern edge of Santa Fe not all that far from Taos.  Oh and surrounded by three, yep three Indian gaming establishments.  We stayed at a decent RV park for three or four days. I say decent because it was American Indian Tribal owned and they are never fancy at all  just the basics........ oh and quite reasonable.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Caesar Chavez

While spending time in the Bakersfield area one Spring we took a day trip.  We had heard there was a memorial to Caesar Chavez.  One of the most recognized leaders of the Latin community.  What a moving time in history.  We lived in California at that time and I remember how hard  Mr Chavez worked for his people.  It was the first time I ever heard the word activist.  Caesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta were the leaders of the movement which was called the National Farm Workers Association.  The sacrifices theses people made for their cause was amazing.  There was also a movie made about Mr Chavez and the movement.  I believe it was last year.  If you get a chance watch it if you can.

I believe the small community of Keene California is the location the this memorial.

Of course cactus and California Poppies set the scene at the entrance to the memorial.

Now if you wanna see something interesting and if you enjoy trains the Tehachapi Loop is the thing to view

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Moab Utah...........something for everyone

We spent a summer in Gunnison, Colorado a couple of years ago and when we left in the Fall we took our time to head South to Southern California.  On the way we stopped in Moab, Utah.  What a great place for just about anyone.  If you like to take photos this is the place for you.  Some shopping can be done after enjoying some fine dinning.  We found a terrific RV resort where we parked for a few days.  

Now I have always wanted to get in one of those Jeeps and do some exploring.  You realize now I must do this with a guide because my dearly beloved sweetheart of a husband is absolutely scared to death of heights.  So getting in a jeep and climbing all over Arches National Park    was NOT something husband was going to do.  Knowing how much I wanted to do this all he said was "be careful and have fun".

I went late in the day so we would have a Sunset view.  WOW!!!!  But I must admit riding in a jeep at dusk is just a bit uncertain.  I did a couple a white knuckles clutches while coming down at dusk to the flat lands.  All in all I would do it again in a flash.  I hope you get a chance someday.
This is the Jeep and the guy that knew what he was doing

The views were amazing.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

During our travels

We drove by a lot of animals.  For some reason cows took  the prize for taking photos the most time.  They just have some terrific expressions.  And some of these massive beefy four footed creatures are so colorful.

I think we were in Colorado but don't quote me.  This is one pair of bovine we come upon...............I hollered  "Oh my heavens Oreo cookie cows"!!


Sunday, February 01, 2015

Oh Boy.................

I am about to enter into a huge time involved project.  

You see I have a new HP laptop, new laptops do not have CD drive capability, at least mine does not. I cannot tell you how many CD"s I have.  They all have photos, memories of our trips we have taken since we have retired. 

Now mind you that was only eight years ago.  We left the warm state of Florida with 5th wheel RV, truck and cat.  Oh and a brand new Canon Rebel camera.  Husband was quite accommodating when I would yell "oh could we stop here for some photos" PLEASE!!  I'm sure my dearly beloved was getting tired of pulling over.  Especially dragging a 5th wheel trailer that he has never driven before.  He was surely hoping the newness was going to wear off. 

I will share some of my favorite photos here for the next oh I don't know few weeks because that is how long this project is gonna take.  Here's hoping the external hard drive I bought has enough bytes.

Now what to do with those CD's once I have transferred the photos.  Any suggestions?
Winslow,AZ is an odd little town with a ton a history.