Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Moab Utah...........something for everyone

We spent a summer in Gunnison, Colorado a couple of years ago and when we left in the Fall we took our time to head South to Southern California.  On the way we stopped in Moab, Utah.  What a great place for just about anyone.  If you like to take photos this is the place for you.  Some shopping can be done after enjoying some fine dinning.  We found a terrific RV resort where we parked for a few days.  

Now I have always wanted to get in one of those Jeeps and do some exploring.  You realize now I must do this with a guide because my dearly beloved sweetheart of a husband is absolutely scared to death of heights.  So getting in a jeep and climbing all over Arches National Park    was NOT something husband was going to do.  Knowing how much I wanted to do this all he said was "be careful and have fun".

I went late in the day so we would have a Sunset view.  WOW!!!!  But I must admit riding in a jeep at dusk is just a bit uncertain.  I did a couple a white knuckles clutches while coming down at dusk to the flat lands.  All in all I would do it again in a flash.  I hope you get a chance someday.
This is the Jeep and the guy that knew what he was doing

The views were amazing.

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