Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Does your cat share grits with you in the morning?

Well Buddy shares grits with Mr Doodles. Now that is when Mrs Doodles does the task of cooking grits, ick!!! But I found these grits at Trader Joe's and they sure were a hit. Should send a note to the company and tell them they are endorsed by a cat!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun

Nice way to end an evening in Vegas

It started as "meet us in Vegas and we'll go to the drag races". Now it has turned into a three week visit with some great side trips thrown in.

The Nutz and the Doodle clan are on the move.

While in Vegas with our friends the Nutz, we were pleasantly surprised to find out our old friends the Wtnbs would be in Vegas for the weekend. So the Doodles made arrangements to meet up with the Wtnbs and took the Nutz along for a brunch at Sam's Town. Now we didn't just eat, we just had to introduce Mrs Wtnb, who just happens to be a great slot player, to a new slot machine we had found. And the introduction turned out quite well after plugging along on one machine she moved on to another and the bells started ringing Woo Hoo Mrs W!!!

Yesterday we motored up to Red Rock Canyon where the views are spectacular and as a bonus wild burros roam. Well they do roam but not when we were there. See my flickr site for more photos. Oh yes and would you believe we found a new casino, the Red Rock Resort. My it is a gorgeous place and would go back there any time, in fact we did last nite.

Today is a lazy day for the Doodle group. I'm gonna do a couple a loads a laundry while I'm sure Mr Doodles will be detailing the truck. And The Nutz couple are off to golf. Now you know they will come back with great stories, they always do.

Don't know what the afternoon and evening will be but rest assured it will be worth writing about.

We leave Wednesday a.m. for Los Angeles to meet up with sister Moon and brother-in-law. Another fun week ahead.............stay tuna'd.

Friday, October 26, 2007

One good turn

The kindness of strangers, do unto others, pay it forward, etc. You get the drift. Here we are tooling down the highway to meet up with our friends Mr & Mrs Nutz. Y’all getting tired a hearing bout the Nutz’s – too bad cause we be spending the next 3 weeks with them.

Anyway here we are tooling down the highway and this car pulls up along side of us and points to the trailer and quite frantically I might say. So Mr Doodles in his infinite wisdom says “hmm something must be wrong”. The boy gets excited about nothing OK!

So we pull over and lordy what do we see is a SHREDDED rear tire on the RV. Now being the dope I am no photos were taken of this mishap. But Mr Doodles goes into fix it mode bless his little heart.

Now let me remind you in case I didn’t already, we are on Interstate 10. Those Big 18 wheelers and cars just a zipping by. Not one stopped. More on that later.

Mr Doodles has a jack and ya won’t believe where from HA!!! Remember the Courier truck we had a bajillion years ago. Guess the boy just couldn’t part with the jack. Who the hell cares it still worked and did the job.

Lug nuts (not Nutz) removed, here Doodles could ya hold this and move the jack over there just a bit and well you get the idea. Guess that’s why I didn’t take any photos cause I was busy.

We, yes we were just getting it all back together spare tire and such when a car pulls up, awwwww good Samaritans I say have come to our aid. Guess who it was? The folks that pointed out the shredded tire in the first place. They got out with lot’s of offers to help, how sweet I say where the hell were ya a half hour ago. Oh just kidding I thanked them profusely as did Mr Doodles. They were RV’ers from Minnesota. They saw the tire blow whizzed by us pointed it out to us that something was wrong THEN went out of their way to come back and see if we needed any help. Now those are nice folks..

We told them no we were OK and were going just to the next evit where there happened to be a travel plaza and would replace the tire. Off they went - waving safe journey and off we went to the repair tire shop.

Now we go to this really junky dusty tire shop that is highly recommended by all in the area. Sure enough they fixed us up with four brand new tires and replaced valve stems. The guys there were great and honest. While they are replacing the tires I am online checking to see if the tires they are putting on are actually as good as they say. Grade A - great reviews.

So a bad day turned into an OK day considering. How it started only 80 miles into the journey.

So now I gotta go look for a way to pay it forward..................stay tuna’d cause it may take me a bit cause we are in Vegas ;0)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Now that's a lazy cat!!!

Folks he is sound asleep.........Buddy has certainly found his comfort zone.

He overheard us talking about packing up so as to meet up with dear friends, Mr & Mrs Nutz. Not that he doesn't wanna see his good friend Mr Nutz, I just think Buddy has no desire to get in the Big A$$ truck.

New adventures Buddy, we're going to Vegas, you've never been to Vegas.

Stay tuna'd......................

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not meant to embarrass...

How do you convey to someone, a friend or a relative that their artistic talents are worthy enough to share with the world.

I have a sister, I'm sure you all know that by now, that is a fantastic, talented artist. This is not something new, she has been talented all her life. I have always envied her abilities to sketch.

Now having said this she is not good at marketing her product....I on the other hand have that talent. It runs in our family, we are good marketers, some call it BS artistry. Sister must have been practicing her artistic talents when they passed out the marketing skills. And this is by no means to say her lack of marketing skills is a bad thing, cause I think I got all a hers and sure wish I had some of her artistic talent.

So sister, the artist, is having a art show this weekend. I think when she sells out of all of her art work that will seal the deal to demonstrate that she really is good. Confidence is not lacking on her part, but when you are an artist ya just never know if others are going to appreciate your work.

Now I have friend, actually two friends that have incredible writing ability. Boy sure wish I would have paid more attention in English class that pass notes to that boy. I can talk a blue streak but to be able to put word and thought on paper is an art.

Now being a good talker and reasonably good at marketing I have been after these folks to further their writing ability. I know there are hundreds maybe even a bajillion folks that think they can write. Editors must get tons of stories on a daily basis. So that alone can be daunting. Why would anyone look at my writings when there are so very many others out there more talented than me. Let me say this, if my friends I just mentioned were published you would read what ever it was that they have written.

I dabble in photography, something I truly enjoy. But what tiny bit of talent I may or may not have leads me to think why would anyone want to buy or even look at my photographs. I am the kind of person that know a little bit about a lot a stuff. I need to focus on my true love and see if I can market myself before I get my herb farm started.

So stay tuna'd cause I might have enough marketing BS....we'll see!

Good Luck Seester!!!

sister art page

some of my photos

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A big change from 6 months ago

The traveling Doodles clan came thru Arizona in May and kinda skimmed the surface looking at property. But we are now back after vetoing New Mexico and are quite surprised at how the prices have come down. Seems as those the real estate market slump has hit this state also, calling this a buyers market. Hey we know what that means after the languishing market we endured in our past life in Florida.

So maybe we could be on the better end of the stick, so to speak. Spent a bit of time in eastern Arizona about 90 miles from Tucson. Good fertile land, lots of agriculture there. Perfect for my herb farm. Oh I just dream but it could be a possible ya know. Mr Doodles teases me about it but I'm serious. Maybe niece could come over and we could also do goat cheese. Now that would be wonderful even better than wonderful!!!

Dreams are good I do a lot of planning in my dreams. Sometimes Mr Doodles complains or mentions upon waking....."what the hell were you building girl???" I was planning my herb garden while I was asleep cause when I'm awake I am looking after you and Buddy and doing the navigating. So I can dream OK?!?!?!!! Ya know the definition of dreams don't ya......... it's a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep and that includes building my herb garden dang it. Mr Doodles rolls those pretty blue eyes and grabs another cup a Timmies. I neglected to tell him that a dream is also a wild or vain fancy!!!

Stay tuna'd...I'll get that herb garden yet ;-}

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action attention

Most of you know that Mr & Mrs Doodles moved our selves into our RV last May to travel the country. And boy we have traveled and put on a lot of miles. But it leads me to the subject of the environment and what we need and what we don't.

When we left Florida we put our worldly possessions in storage. Now I must say that we do not have that much in storage. Some art work, many tools that Mr Doodles cannot part with understandably, and a lot of depression glass and a few antique pieces. I pared down my kitchen equipment while packing up know the RV just wouldn't hold it all. Now it has been several months without my stuff and I can honestly tell you there is not a lot I miss that is in storage and wish I woulda brought with us. What does that say? I don't need all that stuff do I?

Now another thing I noticed when tootling down the road and stopping at rest areas across this country I am totally disgusted at how lazy and dirty that people are. I had a few photos to show you but when the computer crashed it globbed onto my photos....crap!!!

Also when we were living in Key Largo we would all go out once every six months and do a reef sweep. Now explain to me why someone would leave and apple core in the ocean. What were they thinking? You may think it would decompose immediately NOT six months and the apple core is still there. Now don't even get me going about monofilament line also know as fishing line.

But I made a list and went to look up how long it would take these items to decompose.....PAY ATTENTION........these are but just a few items.

styrofoam= NEVER
aluminum = 80 - 100 years
plastic bags = 10-20 years
cigarette butts = 10 - 12 years
plastic containers = 50 -80 years
plastic coated cartons = 5 - 7 years
plastic bottles = NEVER
orange peels - up to 6 months

I think what I will do is look for companies that recognize there truly is a problem, that's a bit hard to do.

It bothers me that many of the politicians preaching to us about global warming and saving the environment are jumping in there private jets and racing around the country to campaign.

I appreciate the fact that markets sell me cloth bags to carry my items home instead of those horrible plastic bags. Trader Joe's comes to mind that is an environment conscious company that is trying to make a difference.
Now here is what is absolutely amazing ...........I Googled how can I help the environment and came up with thousands of sites. The following was copied off of the WWF websites.
  • Take your own bags to the shops to carry home your groceries and shopping.
  • Look for products that have less packaging.
  • Buy organically grown fruits, vegetables, cotton clothing, and hemp-fibre products.
  • Don't buy bottled water if you know your tap water is safe - transporting water from its source to the supermarket shelves is an expensive waste of energy. And the plastic and glass bottles add to the already-high mountains of rubbish that we produce. Find out from your municipality about your tap water. If you do buy bottled water, buy from a local source (read the labels) and buy water that comes in recyclable glass or plastic.
  • Choose biodegradable cleaning products so that the chemicals have fewer negative impacts on the soil and water system.
  • Buy the most energy-efficient household appliances you can afford.
  • Use recycled paper.
This site is interesting as it is geared toward kids.......... Starting with kids is a great advancement cause they will remind mom & dad's to be more environmentally friendly.
Got any ideas???

Let's do something instead of just talking. email me what you are doing let's share ideas. The more you know the better we will all be.

Don't know if we have time for the stay tuna'd............

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A time to pay attention

A few days ago I got an email from my sweet sister that introduced me to an interesting event to participate in

Check it out.......I intend to write something and I hope you do the same.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Looking at New Mexico

in our rear view mirror
It's a beautiful state BUT we are going searching for more of what we want and need. The next few days will lead us to Arizona and see what the future holds there.

We will also be heading to Las Vegas to meet up with our dear friends Mr & Mrs Nutz............look out Vegas woo hoo!!!

And along the way the Doodles are going to check out some property in Southern Arizona. We haven't completely ruled out this area of New Mexico but we have moved it to the bottom portion of the list. I must say the scenery here is to die for but, there's that BUT the temps are not to our liking all that much and it's only October.

So we have pre-scoped out some areas in and around Tucson.

Now about Las Vegas, we are going there for a Drag Race, then the Nutzs' and the Doodles are RV'ing to the Los Angeles area, Pomona to be exact and meeting up with seester and her hunky husband to attend the final Drag Race of the season. Hopefully after that event we will be able to travel down to the desert of Palm Springs area and visit with step-momma for a few days.

Great news, niece may also be able to hook up with us while we are staying in Pomona.

So stay tuna'd cause there certainly will be news along the way and hopefully a few photos too.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

No a lot going on here

But we have done some scouting I thought I would share some photos with you.

Go check out my flickr site

And I must scold Mr Doodles cause he hasn't taken any photos in awhile.

Although he has been busy doing maintenance on the RV....what with all the wax he has applied I'm sure it ways a tad more. Next he will detail the truck. He's a good detailer.

stay tuna'd.....................

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A County Fair

Have not been to a county fair since we lived in Connecticut. And that one was quite spectacular.

However this county fair was quite sweet with a
funny little rodeo throw in as a bonus. After all it only cost $5 to get in.

So how many cowboys does it take to tackle a cow?

You want us to go where???

This sweet little goat was a blue ribbon winner. The owner was an eight year old was wearing the ribbon and way too shy to have a photo taken. But her little goat wanted to eat my camera strap.

Roosters are rather scary looking when confined to a cage,
not like the
roosters on my dish towel or a plate I have. Now I know kimmy that you must of been scared by an ugly rooster as a child ;o )

There is an area near where we are staying called Hatch, they are quite famous for their chiles. Well we just missed their festival but will certainly put in on the to do list for next year. But when we drove thru I did pick up a ristra of the local Hatch chiles. Cannot wait for them to dry and share them with sister and niece. Oh a ristra is a string of chiles banded together to dry to use in cooking. A great way to decorate your home as you may have seen in many photos of New Mexico. I also took off a couple of the chiles and roasted them to use on sandwiches and in salads. YUMMMMM

As a side note..........there was hail at our little end of the world late this afternoon. Not big hail but hail!!! stay tuna'd..................

Monday, October 01, 2007

hard to believe that

I have been doing this darn blog for two years..........where the hell has the time gone?!?!?

In the beginning I think I was under the assumption this should be a daily journal - NOT!!!

I feel it's a way to keep in touch with friends, new and old and relatives to share memories and photos.

Since the departure in the Big Ass truck, Louie and dragging Grace for the last five months and 16, 000 miles (I know that just blows me away) all those many miles and not a backache from sitting in the truck. I should write to Ford and tell them that.

Have had a few aliens get into my computer but nothing I wasn't able to handle. Have also had a couple of issues with my internet provider, a Verizon aircard, in the beginning but got that sorted out with an intelligent tech dude. Must admit had to go thru a few to find one that honestly knew what he/she was talking about. At times I knew more that they did and that is say a lot believe you me.

There is not one thing we regret, NOT ONE!!! Well maybe one..........shoulda done this sooner. But other than that we are happy with the truck and happy with the RV. There are a few upgrades we want to do to the RV but nothing that cannot wait till we are stationery in one spot for more than a week or two.

The other thing we are so very pleased with is our feline, Buddy. He couldn't have been a better traveler. Buddy sits on the middle console and watches the world go by or just sneaks in the back for a car nap. In all those miles Buddy has complained maybe a couple of times. And let me say he could have made this trip a BITCH!!!

Mr Doodles and I have seen so very many beautiful areas of this country of ours and yes a few of Canada too. We have met up with old and new friends along the way. And yes I wish we could have met up with more of y'all but we will I promise.

So two years of blogging has been a spectacular experience for me and I wish to thank my wonderful niece and sister for the introduction.........and as I have said since the very beginning........stay tuna'd please!

and yes thanks so very much for stopping by because I probably wouldn't post photos and write if it wasn't for y'all.

Might also add that sister, niece and myself participate in a food blog, see over to the right hand column PBE, well I have been a bit remiss in posting as a foodie over there. Poor sister has taken up some of my slack. I do have an excuse and it certainly isn't because we haven't eaten - it's because I have had a hard time adjusting to this cooking area in this RV. I have figured out some things by trial and error and think I have it under control. Also we will be in one place for several months. So thanks seester for taking up my slack, I'll do better in the future - promise.

Oh what a hike

When you start out your day thinking you are going to do one thing and THEN you end up driving over a 100 miles and hiking about five miles.

We found the end of the road and at the end of that road was the Gila (pronounce the G like an H) Cliff Dwellings. Hard to believe it's a National Park and they haven't screwed it up. However after talking with the Rangers there as well as the volunteers no government funds have been put into this particular park for the past ten years. WTH!!!

Back to the Cliffs, it's a fascinating place and when you think about how the American Indians that lived in those cliffs, on the side of a mountain, how they got up there is way beyond me. I did and I wore sneakers. And ya know they did it barefoot most of the time. And of course a spring from the Gila River was at the base of the cliff's.

See those black streaks running down the side of the cliffs? Well those markings are everywhere and the really, really black streaks are called Desert Varnish.

The views were I am going to post some snaps just so y'all can see.

I'll also post some photos over on my flickr site.

That's Mr Doodles leading the way.

And at the end on the trek we look up to see the beginning of this stunner.

for those of you who aren't able to comment email me