Thursday, November 26, 2009 betcha!!!

So y'all know that we are at the Christmas tree lot babysitting the pines.

Well we are grateful that in 29 days we will sweep the pine needles from under our feet and travel on down to the Desert and spend Christmas with family. Be prepared for some tasty treats that we will concoct plus a few family photos.

Can you hear and feel my excitement..................woo hoo!!!

ps.................see that big tree over on the right of the tent??? it is 15 feet tall and the very most perfect shape.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It was a tough drive

because our black furry navigator was not along for the ride.  Buddy will always be in our hearts he just wasn't sitting on the center console traveling along with Mr and myself.

Having said all that we have some very fond memories of our recent visit with my sweet sister and dear bro in law while babysitting the pumpkin patch, even got to spend quality time with sweet niece and nepew in law.

Of course food was involved, laughs many laughs, some quiet time as well as visits with friends.  A Princess visit or three was also included.  And did I mention food.

So now we are babysitting the Christmas tree's, no tree's yet but there will be the day after Thanksgiving. 

So let that be a warning y'all won't be hearing much from me because it's really, really busy.  Given the economy I wonder how tree sales will be this year?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Then we went for a walk

On the beach in Ventura......a glorious sunny day with surfers galore. Weather, wind and waves must have been just perfect.

Hate saying it but I didn't bring my #1 camera..........oh well still photos were taken.

And since I mentioned lunch I'll share with you a photo of a couple a desserts.

Eric Ericsson's has wonderful entrees but their desserts are pretty danged wonderful also.

Anice photo but then I shoulda been paying a bit more attention cause

yep those are my big wet feet. Glad I had my jeans rolled up.

Hey sister!!! What a nice day!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I really like shadows

I especially love these shadows.........................three of my very favorite folks. This was taken this afternoon on the Ventura Pier after a very wonderful lunch...............thanks shadows it was fun.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

May he rest in peace

We have lost our Buddy.  And yes it's terribly difficult., in fact it sucks.  I'm sure that I could Google to find out how to cope with losing your pet. 

Well Mr Doodles and I are gonna handle it in our own way.  We will mourn, shed several tears, talk about Buddy, think about him and even think he's here walking around our feet.

We will miss you Buddy, thank you for bringing joy and lots of laughs to our lives.

Thanks so much to my sweet sister and our dear bro in law for being here,  you have no idea how much we appreciated your being here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh yes I can says the Princess

I can do this!!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Take a hike, see a bird or 100's

Woke Sunday a.m. to a bit of fog but nothing like yesterday.  So off we traveled a short distance to the Gillette Ranch for a hike with  a possiblity of viewing some migratory birds and a couple of resident feathered friends.

Our party consisted of brother-in-law, sister as well as a very dear friend..  Notice the absence of Mr Doodles, well way to early for him to rise.  Met up with a few other early risers and the resident expert.  Oh and yes Gillette Ranch would be the razor guy.  More about that here.

The hike was way easy, many of the resident birds have traveled south, but many make the Gillette Ranch their home year round.  The resident expert John, was very knowledgeable and fun.

A few photos for your viewing enjoyment.  As always click on the photos for better viewing.

not a bird but a very cool spider web

there is a sweet little red headed bird on that short limb in front

a very sweet, quite chubby feathered friend on the ground

this would be the algae filled pond, rather odd but looked like a painting

one of the many Gillette homes on the compound

just liked this

A wonderful couple three hours being out in the gorgeous fresh air and enjoying our surroundings.  Needless to say we had to end the adventure with a little food and of course Mr Doodles was up for brunch.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I am so lazy

but sister is a much better writer than I.  A wonderful time was had and you know us well enough to know there is always food involved.

So go read about our adventure here.  More adventures to come I promise.

And if you get minute keep our cat Buddy in your good thoughts please.............thank you.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Pumpkins are over, trees to be making their appearance soon. Actually way too soon for my liking but hey what the heck.

I did notice in some of the larger stores like Taget and WM there is Christmas decorations up, their subtle you might not notice them but they are there, look up snowflakes hanging from the ceiling...............nooooooo!!!

Am I the only one to get annoyed at the Christmas decor gracing the stores we all frequent. My opionion is they put it up so early it just numbs me from seeing it cause it's up for so danged long.

But before trees get erected in the lot Mr and I are gonna spend some fun time with family. Get some culture, see a movie or three, shop a bit, spend some time at the beach and of course be Thankful.

for more updates and photos to follow.

Oh and I need permission from the Momma of the Princess to post her photo.................she was dressed as Minnie Mouse. Let me tell ya she was just the cutest Minnie Mouse just you wait and see.