Sunday, June 28, 2009

The hills were alive

While driving to our favorite hiking spot I noticed a very unusual color scattered on the hillside sort of a gray lavender shade. One of the first wildflowers to pop out is the Indian Paint Brush that's what the red color is I was seeing

And every once in awhile I would see some red splashed about.

Turning a corner I yelled "STOP".............that's what I do to get my driver, Mr Doodles, to pull over.

The lupine were everywhere, the colors in the photos do not do them justice. It was such an unusual color, at a distance it was a bit gray and as we got closer the bright lavender color just glistened even in the mostly cloudy skies. Mr also exclaimed a "WOW!

Strange as it may seem, some Lupines are poisonous, while others are edible! Unless you know our Lupines, it's recommended you do not serve them at the dinner table. The lupine we came upon had a sweet aroma to it much like honey smells.

More wildflowers are on the horizon.......literally with my favorite the colorful Columbine.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Buddy..........the cat

First Buddy the cat sends get well wishes to his cousin Buddy the dog who is not feeling too well these days.

Get Well Cousin I'll see you in September

Buddy has very limited taste when it comes to food. There are only two foods he has eaten in all of his fourteen years both of them dry. We have tried canned food on a few occasions with no success.

When Buddy went on thyroid meds the vet suggested we change his food to wet canned food so he would get his medicine that way...........Mr Doodles and I both laughed and said "that just ain't gonna happen Dr. so we will have to struggle to get his medicine in him". And struggle we do everyday but he is healthy now and happy so I have no intention of forcing him to eat canned food. At the time he had lost a lot of weight so forcing him to eat something he didn't want just didn't make sense to me.

Now open a bag of potato chips and it's a whole different story. Buddy can hear a bag of chips opened from way in the other room even if he was sound asleep curled up on the bed wrapped up in a blanket.

The other day Mr had put some chips in a bowl, I had gone over to use the computer. Buddy brought me a present, he had gotten into the bowl of chips, licked every last bit of salt off of the stolen chip and brought it to me. Sitting at my feet looking like he was saying here I brought ya a present or was he saying the salts all gone could I have another.

Cats are unusual creatures this one is especially unusual but we love him anyway, by the way Buddy knows when we are eating steak cause he smells the grille...............steak is another favorite.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Birthday

Today we honor the birth of my dear, sweet husband Mr Doodles!!!

I love birthdays I think celebrating the week, not the day, of your birth is very special. Any reason to have cake is fine by me.

Mr Doodles is not one to like a fuss over his birthday, well with the exception of his 40th birthday party he enjoyed that a lot. And maybe someday I'll blog about that event, what an event it was.

Anyway back to this birthday for Mr Doodles, he's not into a party but he is definitely into food so his celebration will be a big ole fish fry and a key lime pie.

Happy Birthday my dear!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We interrupt this hike

with a torrential downpour. We are both soaking wet but the camera didn't get wet at all. I protect the camera over me any day.

The day started with great potential, got up had a quick coffee (he) tea (me) a bagel and I made a smoothie for the half hour drive. When we woke it was some cloudy however a bit of blue sky was on the horizon so off we go camera in hand camera bag packed along with a lunch.

See that leeeetle bit of blue sky that looks promising to you too I bet. Well we were going to hike along that pretty bubbling stream when out of no where the black clouds arrived and the water fell outta the sky. Wish I would have had an umbrella because I missed to interesting shots.

Oh well we are about to try this same journey again in a few minutes

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A vague memory

but very special none the less. It was the nite my sister was born.

This is my remembrance, not sisters and it's short so listen up!!!

I heard someone, probably my grandmother, say " your momma is going to the hospital to bring home a new baby." And as I remember I wasn't terribly bowled over by the fact...........................but someone asked me "what do you wanna name her?" I said a name and guess what.......................... that's what they named her....hahahahaha!!!!

I was told all of this years later however I do remember my momma going to the hospital, and that confused me. I was an only child for six years, nine months and seven days give or take.

But look at it this way I was so very blessed that I got a little sister outta the deal. Those of you that have a younger sister know what I'm talking about.

Happy Birthday sweet Sister

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Great memories

Come to find out my sweet Sister is a terrific writer. She has been writing on her blog French Benefits about memories of our childhood and in particular on post about our trip West from Indiana.
If you get some time go read about those good olde days. You'll find the titles on the right under the heading of Growing Up. Hoping she'll be writing more soooo

Friday, June 05, 2009


Please don't think I have abandoned y'all. We are acclimating to work, social stuff and something good a possible new connection that would allow me to visit with ya more often.

For now just a photo out my window.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

How convenient

that just twelve miles east of where we are staying this summer there happens to be a lovely coffee/internet cafe just a few doors down from the market I frequent.

I'm sure you have heard me bemoan the fact that while staying in this area which is the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains, beautiful mountains. They are stunning to wake up and have those really pretty peaks outside your window. But those pretty peaks play havoc with anyone's internet connection. No ones fault just the way it goes.

The RV park we are parked has what we believe to be a great service for WiFi. Oh heck no my aircard does not work in this area. Suffice to say that those that erect phone towers care about our vista so I guess I should thank them for not ruining my view.

Anyway think of wifi as a party line, you know like the olden days when you had a phone and a rather chatty neighbor hogged the phone. Well that can also happen to a small wifi service, some folks just don't get it and think that the wifi is just for them well it's not. The administrator of the wifi here is working quite hard to make it better.

In the meantime as I mentioned just a short distance to town is an internet cafe.

Mochas is a great spot for a specialty coffee, your favorite hot tea and maybe a bagel. And they have a wifi connection. I don't use if while at Mochas I use my aircard cause it's secure and I can do banking. But this funky little place is run by the college students, has an onsite bakery, and ice cream, but do me a favor don't tell Mr Doodles they have ice cream.