Monday, January 16, 2012

Tombstone Bead Collection

Beautiful wire wrapped pendant suitable for any gold chain

Stones are jasper beads are copper length approximately 20"

All pieces are one of a kind.
For more information please email me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flat calm, gin clear

that is what our viewing pleasure was when we were out
whale watching.  We celebrated our family Christmas with a feast the nite before then wandered off to Ventura for some dynamite whales, dolphins and sea lions.  Viewed dolphins I had not heard of called Common dolphin.  The sea lions were quite comical but the whales were spectacular as the find their way south to Mexico have their babies then wander on back up the coast to babysit the babies on the way to the Berring Sea.  Would love to view their trip north.   I might add that when we left the dock we had rolling 4 - 5 ft swells meaning an iffy trip out.  But once we got out a ways it flattened out and became just beautiful.  Unlike the day before the folks on the whale watching boat had eighteen foot crashing waves.  I do believe our timing was impecable to say the least.  I do have a few more photos to add  but that will happen once we land in a more permanent spot in a few days.