Sunday, April 30, 2006

Who would have thought.........

OK maybe I am naive..........but I don't always wash bag salad from my market. But I guess I will be doing that from now on and I hope you do to.

stay tuna'd.................................

Saturday, April 29, 2006


this my friends is a LOVE BUG the picture is courtesy of google ............

and it is that time of the year AGAIN..................if left on your car they eat, literally eat the paint of of your beloved car. So I must get out my trusty can of PAM and spray on the front of my car so when driving down the freeway of even just on the street, when you hit a love bug it just slides right off.

stay tuna'd.................the damn things come back in September

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A worthy cause to look at please

Yes I know the gas crisis is bad. And we have many problems right here in our own country. But this is a cause that I as a human being cannot avoid and I hope you don't mind me passing this on to you. If you do nothing else please fill out the post card on this site

I was listening to NPR today and this woman was speaking about the tragedies of Darfur. I have heard Ms Salibi speak before. Take a look at this wonderful organization that is helping so many women. You'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I was planning on a blast......

to the oil companies , our government and the absurdity of the happenings but my dear sweet and very bright sister saved me from a rant. Please go to her blog and read this french benefits:: Bottoms up Exxon-Mobil.
Actually it would be much appreciate if you would not only read everything you can about this BS but act on it as well. Leave a message or a note as to what you are doing to reduce your consumption.

I might also add that I came hear to post because I was so pissed when the TV cut from the news to the President and his message to us regarding the CRISIS!!!! Oh crap just bout put my fist thru the TV - the guy has a lot of nerve. OK I'll stop now.............but stay tuna'd!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Planning a trip...........

So sister moon and I are off on our trip May 2. Now I thought I would go in a poke around the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce site just to see what's happening in the area while we are going to be there. I see that there is an exhibit at the Childrens Museum . Fireworks of Glass is the largest permanent sculpture of blown glass by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. If you haven't seen any of Mr Chihuly's work just take a look at the site. Oddly enough another one of Mr Chihuly's work hang in a Visitors center in Columbus, Indiana.

Also at the
Indianapolis Zoo and Gardens there seems to be a lot going on, so that's on the list. I found some terrific walking trails around Indianapolis, mostly featured around their parks And if y'all know us ya know we will be hitting the art and antique shops Downtown around Monument Circle.

stay tuna'd...............................

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why did I click that?!?!?!?!?!???

OK I am by no means an artist of any me on this folks - but if you wanna waste some time I mean really waste some time clicky here>>>
And don't blame me if your boss catches ya or your family starves because you found a creative outlet and you wanna practice. Oh no blame

It would be fun to see what you have if I get any works of art I'll post them.

stay tuna'd.................

Friday, April 21, 2006

Something worth mentioning


I know you have heard about osteoporosis or maybe even know someone that may have it. But we should all be more aware of this illness. Please, go to the above site or google osteoporosis to find out more about it. We all owe it to ourselves young and old, male and female.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oh swell,

two years ago we were in the midst of hurricanes and forHurricane Charley we had to evacuate, well we didn’t have to but we did.

Anyway we evacuated to the east coast of Florida instead of the familiar Florida Keys because I had the measles and I was contagious. It wasn’t serious, I didn’t look too bad, and I wasn’t really that sick. But still I wasn’t about to infect any friends with my disease…so off we went to be all by ourselves over in Vero Beach and hopefully not infect strangers. We didn't go or or rather I didn't, Norm went and got food and brought back to the hotel. Went out and sat on the beach but that was about all...tons a fun just tons.

Now two years later my sister and I are heading out on a trip to Indiana for a visit with our Aunt and Uncle and look what I get in my email………….. Mumps

Crap!!!!!!! I have never had the dern mumps and I not to sure of sister either. Oh I might add that how I came down with the measles was probably on a plane trip the health department told me. Do you spose I infected anyone over in Vero Beach two years ago, god I hope not.

Stay tuna’d………………………

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


ya know there are times when a fantasy is just that a fantasy, a hope, a dream, a castle in the sky. Well I have been having a fantasy the last couple weeks and I am willing, in fact obligated to share it with y'all. My castle in the sky, my whimsical dream would be that "The West Wing", yep the TV show were not a whimsical dream but a reality......Ha if that's not a castle in the sky nothing is. No it's not a fantasy about President-elect Santos errr a Jimmy Smits.

BUT, always the BUT..........Hollywood has done a dern good job of convincing me that I could support the cast of "The West Wing" if in fact they chose to run.

Maybe that's why I like the show so very much I am hopeful that those actors would/could do a better job than those goofs that are in there now.

So if ya get a chance catch the last few episode of "The West Wing" , more than likely you will be fantasizing to.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

'dimming the sun” a phrase worth repeating

This is something that we should all be watching Tuesday nite.

Click on the above link, it will tell you when the show will be on in your area. I believe it will be repeated several times depending on your location.

Or google “dimming the sun” in quotes and you will get 981 responses.

This particular one happens to be a fascinating read.

there is a lot to concern ourselves with and this is just one of many

stay tuna'd.............................

Saturday, April 15, 2006

As if poor Florida doesn't have enough to worry about!!!

What with the impending 2006 Hurricane season approaching, now this Burmese Pythons

Good god!!!! what's next..............oh yeah I forgot about this the BIG CHICKEN ROUND~UP.

My good friends at the Key Wesy Citizen are having a field day with this but it could be serious.....................stay tuna'd.................

Friday, April 14, 2006

just for fun................

I love this puzzle ..........pass it on.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

If you have a dog..........

well even if ya don't................. clicky here Can't you just imagine the inventors house while he was taking this invention thru the proper channels. Only in America or probably Canada since they seem to be taking over. stay tuna'd............................

Earth Day April 22nd

OK it's not a hot topic to most, although it should be. It seems a shame that we should have a "Hallmark" type day for millions of us to think about this earth we live on - but we do and this year Earth Day is April 22nd. I stumbled on this site because I wanted to send a birthday greeting to twins that just celebrated their 1st birthday. Well I found the two panda's and thought that would be perfect. After sending the card I started poking around and came acrossed this page that we should all read and follow. I know there were a couple of them that I had an aha moment.

So celebrate Earth Day by taking the pledge of following the "Ten Ways You Can Make Earth Day Matter ". And while you are there check out their cards they a really nice - maybe even be so bold as to send one to a friend and remind them of the ten ways.

Just found out we are dangerously low on water levels in our area and watering more than one day a week is illegal. stay tuna'd......................

Monday, April 10, 2006

a P S to memories......tasty memories

so I'm relating to husband the blog I wrote about the corn. Even he was chuckling about that.
But he did remind me of another hysterical occurance. This corn fiasco went on for three years and who is the gluten for punishment I might add............husband the corn grower for god's sake give it up man. No he was going to try one more thing...........he heard/read about playing music that would scare the raccoons away. So he had a timer to go on just prior to dusk to turn the music on.

Now here is the picture raccoons are dining on husbands corn in the lite he provided, to the tunes of probably Creedance Clearwater Revival singing "Proud Mary". Where is that picnic table he promised. stay tuna'd

52 Days............

So I get up this a.m., grab the paper get my tea, sit down and the headline is screaming 52 Days till 2006 Hurricane season starts. The NHC, which is located in Miami, is having a large conference there this week with many of the states emergency management folk. Now I don't spose EM dudes from South Dakota or Idaho are going to be there , but never the less. They have these meetings every year. One year there were more journalists there than attendees.

Here's my question, why does our government work in a reactionary way? If these meetings were held several years ago maybe, just maybe the levy's in NewOrlean would have been strengthened and we could be saying today "boy that Katrina could have been much worse". "Good thing we took preventative measures and repaired the levy's". What a crock right!!!

Now, we the tax payers, must all band together and pay thru the nose for all of the repairs. And trust me friends I DO NOT begrudge helping one single resident of the gulf coast. I just think we could have done it differently.

Now here in all of South Florida we have a different problem. The state has asked, asked mind you for the power company to repair there poles because they are kinda in bad shape. Well I think it was Wilma last year that took down so many of those poles hence the reason for the east coast of Florida being without power for soooooooooooo long. Here we are 52 days from the beginning of hurricane season and do you think they, the power company, has repaired all the poles. No, nada, nuttin honey! But I can tell you they raised my rates which was approved by the state, they raised my rates because they had to erect new poles. Shouldn't they be doing preventative maintenance????????????

stay tuna'd

Saturday, April 08, 2006

memories.............tasty memories

a must read is my sisters post on our food blog "The fire in the belly is not from the chili" This could not be a more timely post......and while talking on the phone, which we do a lot, I was relating a husband experience to moon when we were living in Connecticut. She and little bird visited several times and I think they got to see the truck farm husband put together. Ya know I'm surprised he didn't have me down on the corner selling veggies.........sorry I digress. I'll give you the short version.

I found a 3+ acre piece of property that just happened to have a house and a barn on it. Well you would have thought husband had died and gone to heaven. "I can plant a real garden" he says. Well what the heck was that you had in California I thought but hey he was a happy camper and I wasn't about to burst the bubble. A garden I could get a lot of use out of this I'm thinking......little did I know.

OK among wheel barrel full of tomatoes come harvest time - we had a plot of corn. Oh lordy my mouth just waters thinking about it. God it was good all four ears.........yep four ears that's all we got. And we were lucky to beat the dern racoons to those.

How do they know when corn is ripe for pickin you ask...........well husband was quite accomodating in the fact that he would turn on the spot lites he errected. He would turn those on at nite so as to "keep the little bastards away" he says. HAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO God I wish I could have gotten a picture of those cute little racoons dining on OUR corn. Those lites were just making it easier for the racoons to see to peel back the corn. I asked husband if he was going to build a picnic table for the racoons so that they would have someplace to sit. He didn't think that was funny. Dang, Connecticut has some crafty, very smart, picture this..... husband would come home from work, change in to his garden garb, grab a bud and tramp down to the garden to check the corn. He would come back up to the house to tell me "Not yet"!!! poop I say. Now I think this is what happened next........the racoons were hiding out in the bushes watching husband and when he said not yet..........they said poop and went over to chow down on the neighbors corn.

There are so many Connecticut garden stories so stay tuna'd.........................

Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh dear what have I done.............

we planned a trip, my sister Moon and I , for the beginning of May for 10 wonderful glorius days to go visit the motherland AKA hoosierland Indiana. We are going to visit our very dear Aunt and Uncle in Ft Wayne. Aunt happens to be my Godmother and we love her to death. Hell we must. when we arrive we will be heading out to Southern Indiana to visit the dogwoods and the family cemetery. Of course there will be lot's of side trips and adventures so be sure to check back and see what the two loony sisters are up to.

Now the reason I am somewhat skeptical about leaving is because we have our house on the market FOR SALE!!! You know how it is, you must, must everyday keep it spiffy and neat. Clean the hair outta the bathroom sink, no dishes left in the kitchen sink, make sure the toilets are clean and make the bed. This is where my concern grows. My dear sweet husband cannot make a bed to save his soul. Now I'm not just being fussy here it's true he admits to his lack of bed making knowledge. Yes it is also true that he was in the AirForce and had to go thru boot camp like all the other guys but he failed bedmaking kinda and I think he was so pathetic his friends made the bed for him.So I say I am leaving this clever, very smart, handsome man to fend for himself for 10 days, which is fine he's done it before and has lived to tell about it. But you ask him, say husband of Weed "do you make the bed when Weed is gone? chortle, chortle, chortle now why would I do that I'm just gonna get in it tonite".

Well husband is not going to like this but starting Saturday morning we are going to have bed making class.......I have near a month to whip the boy in shape. Mind you I am going to try to do what the Air Force couldn't ............stay tuna'd

Thursday, April 06, 2006

this is different.........

and something that may either drive you over the edge or take up way too much of your valuable time.....................try it anyway!!

stay tuna'd.................

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I just got up cause.............

I stayed up watched the game, wore my shirt and I am very bummed this a.m. but no more so than my niece and the many Bruin fans.....I know it sounds like a cliche but the whole Bruin team are a class act. Even my friend Boult watch it and he's Canadian.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


The Bruins haven't lost in 12 games. They have won all those games with one of the lowest-scoring – and best-defending – teams at UCLA in more than 40 years. It might be "winnin' time" at Westwood. ................................By John Akers, Special to Yahoo! Sports

The following is a quote by Coach Howland at the new conference held this morning.
"The pride of UCLA basketball, the pride of these kids, everything they've gone through, all the adversity, sticking together, supporting one another, playing for one another, that's what it's all about."

So Monday nite I will put on my Bruins t-shirt once again cause ya see I have worn it everytime I have watched them play this season. And I will stay up and watch every minute of the game. In fact I might even take a nap tomorrow.

stay tuna'd..............................................GO BRUINS!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

busy day......................

and hopefully an exciting winning nite. The Bruins have a tough road.......but having one of the best coaches in Ben Howland and one of the greatest programs and finest young men in the NCAA they are winners already.......but god I would love to see that banner hanging in Westwood. Go Bruins!!!