Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Earth Day April 22nd

OK it's not a hot topic to most, although it should be. It seems a shame that we should have a "Hallmark" type day for millions of us to think about this earth we live on - but we do and this year Earth Day is April 22nd. I stumbled on this site because I wanted to send a birthday greeting to twins that just celebrated their 1st birthday. Well I found the two panda's and thought that would be perfect. After sending the card I started poking around and came acrossed this page that we should all read and follow. I know there were a couple of them that I had an aha moment.

So celebrate Earth Day by taking the pledge of following the "Ten Ways You Can Make Earth Day Matter ". And while you are there check out their cards they a really nice - maybe even be so bold as to send one to a friend and remind them of the ten ways.

Just found out we are dangerously low on water levels in our area and watering more than one day a week is illegal. stay tuna'd......................

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