Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh dear what have I done.............

we planned a trip, my sister Moon and I , for the beginning of May for 10 wonderful glorius days to go visit the motherland AKA hoosierland Indiana. We are going to visit our very dear Aunt and Uncle in Ft Wayne. Aunt happens to be my Godmother and we love her to death. Hell we must. when we arrive we will be heading out to Southern Indiana to visit the dogwoods and the family cemetery. Of course there will be lot's of side trips and adventures so be sure to check back and see what the two loony sisters are up to.

Now the reason I am somewhat skeptical about leaving is because we have our house on the market FOR SALE!!! You know how it is, you must, must everyday keep it spiffy and neat. Clean the hair outta the bathroom sink, no dishes left in the kitchen sink, make sure the toilets are clean and make the bed. This is where my concern grows. My dear sweet husband cannot make a bed to save his soul. Now I'm not just being fussy here it's true he admits to his lack of bed making knowledge. Yes it is also true that he was in the AirForce and had to go thru boot camp like all the other guys but he failed bedmaking kinda and I think he was so pathetic his friends made the bed for him.So I say I am leaving this clever, very smart, handsome man to fend for himself for 10 days, which is fine he's done it before and has lived to tell about it. But you ask him, say husband of Weed "do you make the bed when Weed is gone? chortle, chortle, chortle now why would I do that I'm just gonna get in it tonite".

Well husband is not going to like this but starting Saturday morning we are going to have bed making class.......I have near a month to whip the boy in shape. Mind you I am going to try to do what the Air Force couldn't ............stay tuna'd

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