Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A memorable start to summer!!!

So here it is the big Memorial Day week-end, PBE is having there first ever food challenge which appropriately is dubbed ‘grill of my dreams’. We have company coming Saturday nite to spend a couple a days. I have a menu all prepared. I wake up Saturday
Morning feeling like poop……….think I am having a relapse of my strep throat, I go for some fresh OJ that I had made the nite before for Sunday brunch mimosa’s, when I notice that there is ice cream dripping out of the freezer side of my 6 month old side by side.

It’s a holiday weekend here folks no one is gonna come out to look at this or repair this on a holiday weekend. But I call Sears 800# and explain my problem, frig side is semi-warm, freezer side is semi-cool. I get thru to someone who was quite nice by the way, and said, “I hope you don’t feel as bad as your voice sounds”. Well yeah I did but why should I get in to it with the customer service dude. Sorry mam the first appointment I can give you is Tuesday between 8 – 5. Hey what the heck of course I’ll take it I have no choice right.

I am lucky to have a old fridge that I kept in the garage for occasion of not enough room in your in kitchen frig due to holidays, company and such. So husband and I moved what we could out of the broken down in to the old one in the garage.

And about this time I’m feeling really crappy. Consult with husband and ask if we can cancel the get together with friend’s cause I am just not up to it.

So Sunday husband and I had fresh squeezed OJ and he enjoyed a mimosa while I enjoyed time in bed with my over the counter meds. Seems that allergies have been just wicked in our area and I was the lucky recipient of what I thought was a fuzzy golf ball stuck in the back of my throat.

I did feel well enough later in the day to BBQ some burgers. I had seen somewhere that twice ground brisket makes a good BBQ’d burger and where ever I saw that they were correct if you haven’t tried it do some time. I had made some macaroni and green pea salad on Saturday. Oh and I had made a special sherbert dish that was in the dead freezer…….oh well!!!

Guess I should explain the reason for the pic of my fridge is that sweetnicks.blogspot.com/ is having one of her very clever challenge’s “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”!!! I don’t think this is what she had in mind, but here ya go, my frig………..looks a lot cleaner than my purse that’s fer sure.

BTW fridge got fixed this a.m. and the repair guy said they just don’t make em the way they used to………………..stay tuna’d……………………..

Monday, May 29, 2006

this is just to cool..............

Clink here and you will be mesmerized........at least I was. I find it so amazing that there are so many, many, many talented folk in cyberland.

I don't remember if I ever posted this site,
click here, but it to is equally mesmerizing. Sister moon got hooked on it for awhile

I think, I say I think I'm feeling better, stay tuna'd............................

Monday, May 22, 2006

one more.........

First off I must give credit for this photo, it is from cuteoverload this is not a picture of our basset.

Norm and I had a basset hound for 14 years and this photo brought back just hundreds of memories. I should document those because they are just so funny. Dumbroad (yes that was her name) but registered with the AKC as Funny Girl.

Allow me to share just one now. We had an early dinner because we had to attend something and we were running late. I must tell you that one of the dinner items was corn on the cob. So because we were late for whatever I thought what the heck I'll clean up when we get back. No, no, no you never do that if you have a basset. Well when we returned home that sweet puppy ate every cob that was left on the table..........corn cob and all. God I think there were four could have been five. I called the vet to ask if there was any kind of a danger for our dog. He laughed hysterically and said "who knows". ROFLMAO!!! I don't know if Norm and I slept at all that nite just so we could keep and eye on poor Dumbroad. Nothing, I'm telling ya nothing at all happened. She must have had the constitution of a goat. I know about goats cause we had a goat once.

ETA~~~~~my niece "little bird" was about the same age as Dumbroad, maybe the dog was a year or two older, anyhooooo niece was not allowed to use certain words and dumb was one of them. Sooooo she took to calling the dog deedum.........too cute huh!!

More Dumbroad stories and maybe a goat story or two.............stay tuna'd..........

Saturday, May 20, 2006

there is just nothing cuter......

than pictures of animals..........I think it is because they are so innocent looking and have no pretense.............plus they just make me laugh.
Check out the cuteness over at CuteOverload or better yet when ya need a chuckle book mark it and add it to your favorites so you can be a repeat visitor.

Let's hope that this is not............

the newest TV reality show. Oh I can see Simon Cowell over in Japan thinking this would be great to do. I must link you to "little birds" blog. It is hysterical........can't you see some big TV producer seeing this video and seeing $$$ !!!! Oh god I can...please don't do it. Cause a little of this goes a very long way. But I won't be surprised we did steal/borrow many of the game shows and reality shows from the "Brits". Go figure

stay tuna'd...............

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pass the word please...............

Go and read farmgirl's post date today.
When I feel better I'm must be more responsive.
But thank you farmgirl for passing the word.

stay tuna'd...................................

Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh My It's Been awhile.................

Just returned from our trip to Indiana. Let's just say it was memorable in many ways. Trust me there are not too many times when sister and I are together that we do not have a good time....guess we just make our own fun. Sister moon thanks for the memories.

One wonderful memory was a trip to a local park in our Aunt's city, a park we visited as children. As luck would have it the dogwoods were still in bloom and they were glorious. And had no idea how many varieties of tulips existed. The park was vibrant in color as shown on my flicker page. I'll put the pics up soon I promise.

Sister and I both came home under the weather, but on the mend.

Please, please allow me to say this..........if you smoke - quit now - I'm begging ya!!! And if you don't smoke please don't start, don't let your kids start or don't let anyone you know start smoking.

stay tuna'd..........................