Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How careless must one be???

Well I'm gonna tell ya. Here I am in and out of the garage arranging some Christmas displays, trying to decide if there was anything else I needed. I'm standing at the doorway between the garage and the house with my hand in the doorway and a nice gentle breeze comes thru and
SLAMS the damned door on my hand.

Oh aren't I lucky it was my left hand, I'm right handed and the door broke the knuckle on my left index finger. I did say some choice words, many words, lotsa choice words.

I immediately flashed back to when my sister and I were on a trip and I broke a finger getting our luggage out of the truck. Stuck my hand in a cup of ice and went to the drugstore and got a finger splint. Well I did that today, but went to the ER cause it was ugly.

So here I sit with a finger splint and saying ouch and taking longer to type this than I care to mention.

But let me share my photo of the Christmas Tree Village I did. I think it needs some snow don't you? stay tuna'd.....................

Monday, November 20, 2006

Feeling the heat maybe???

what's wrong Rupert did you go to the cash register and see that the day's take wasn't quite what it should be.

The American public has power we just don't use it enough.

I think the phrase stay tuna'd is quite appropriate here.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A warm fuzzy

feeling was felt while standing in a very long line at the post office. In front of me was a lady in her mid 30's with two small children. One was a wandering toddler that was obviously not happy to be kept in line by his older 4 ish year old sister. I must admit little sister was doing a very good job of keeping the toddler from escaping out the door. The lady in front of them and I tried to distract the toddler boy from trying his mom's patience, but he would have none of that. Toddler Noah didn't want to converse with strangers, he was cranky, wanted a nap and his mom. All of this while mom was struggling with a package and a couple of large envelopes getting ready to ship off. I did notice that one envelope the mom was holding was addressed to an APO.

When mom picked up the toddler the sister was in charge of the package which was entirely too large for her to handle, so being a package handler I told her I would hold it so the sister could go retrieve toddler brothers toys that were scattered around.

About that time and elderly lady came up to the mom and said " I am next up in line so you are more than welcome to go ahead of me". The mom looked at her said "thanks" and toddled up to the counter kids in tow.

The mom had no idea why the elderly lady was in line but she did say to the counter postal worker "would you give me a book of Christmas stamps now" and she turned around and handed them to the nice elderly lady and said "with great gratitude, Merry Christmas". And with that gesture we all sighed a collective "aaaawwww", I gave the nice elderly lady a hug on her way out, and life went on.

I will remember that moment always.

That moment almost makes up for those morons seeking PS3 and Black Friday bull.

Friday, November 17, 2006

I have just...

too many things to be thankful for to even concern myself about something that this country is involved in as a day that is called Black Friday.

How or why is shopping and/or buying that important to go out on one day and put more tension in your otherwise stressful life.

Trust me I am not sheltered, I do know people that live for this shopping day. I just do not understand the concept. Just like I don't understand why people camped out all nite to buy a PlayStation 3 game.

Actually the folks that have bought into this madness, in my very humble opinion, have been sucked in by the media and the media has done a super job of marketing for all of these companies.

Oh by the way our Canadian friends don't have a black friday because they are Thankful a month or so before their USA friends

I am beginning to sound old and cranky aren't I??? stay tuna'd


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

a protest of sorts

After seeing this on the internet, newspaper, TV and radio.....I hereby boycott FOX TV, and any companies that they should own, for the rest of my life.
And I might just include the publisher of the filthy book.

How dare they ! ! !

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A warning...whew!!!

So let's talk briefly about how I got out of another ticket. I know yikes!

Man I thought I was toast on this one for sure. And husband was in the passenger seat. Trust me I was more upset about that than anything. Because he just sat there in his seat chortling with that silly ass smirk on his face. Like ha ha you finally got caught and you are going to pay.

We are on our way to meet a friend for breakfast as he was leaving town. I took a street that has been newly widened and re-paved. "Oh nice" I say, as I go zipping by a cop sitting in the middle of the road with his radar pointed directly at me. It was husbands fault cause he was talking and since he doesn't talk much I decided to listen. Hence my heavy foot on the accelerator. Oh I know the cop didn't buy that one either.

There they were those blasted flashing lites. I mean when they are intended for you they are huge and the siren is LOUD. Crap! Crap! Crap! I pull over, oh and on this new road there is no where to pull over safely, so I must remember to tell the highway dept about that. Won't they be thrilled. Now I am sitting and waiting for the nice officer to approach my car, and I wait, and I wait. Husband says in a very sarcastic tone "this seems to be taking awhile longer than normal, you don't have any outstanding warrants do you"? He is laughing as I am screaming NO!!! and my window is down and at that very moment the cop walks up to the car. For a fleeting moment I am trying to remember my rights, you know the Miranda deal, you have the right to remain silent, etc. I look over and husband has gotten this stupid grin on his face. Nice officer asks for my drivers license, insurance card and registration. Well I do have my license of course, unlike another time I got stopped and I only had half of my license. Oh that's another story. He, the nice officer, says "while you are re-organizing your glove boxes looking for your paper work, I will go check out your history". Another smart A@@ Oh and he leaves me with this " I clocked you going 62 in a 35". Norm says under his breath 'over 200$$$". So I am rumaging around looking for my registration and insurance card, while the smirker offers not one ounce of help. I found them in their proper places, just under some other important stuff like coupons to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Those are valuable ya know.

So the nice officer let's me sit for what seemed an eternity cause husband was in the other seat. Nice officer comes back with paperwork, hands it back to me and say "I truly appreciate your EXCELLENT driving record". My head shot around to husband and I said "see". And the man I am married to for 36 years said to the cop, "you just haven't caught her yet". The cop was still laughing sitting in his car as I pulled away to meet our friend, who happens to be a retired cop.
So you can just imagine the beating I took during breakfast.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day 2006

It bothers me that there is such commercial aspect of Veteran's Day. There are sales everywhere. I have always refused and staged my own little mini protest of not buying anything on a so called Veteran's Day sale. The only thing I buy would be the essential food items.

Many of our family members were in the Armed Forces. Our Dad was in the SeaBee's which is a branch of the Navy. The SeaBee's were kinda like the construction crew for the Marine's. My brother-in-law and husband were in the Air Force during a very turbulent time in this country. Need to get those boys back to see the new Air Force Memorial in D.C.

Celebrate this Veteran's Day by thanking a soldier. And wander over to a friends blog and check out how their family recognizes Veteran's Day. http://kidsinthecastle.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OK....get on with it

the election is over, the Dems are in control, no more fighting, no more bickering. Get over it and get something done. Please I beg you. Don't make fools of yourselves like people think you are going to, make us proud.

Elections come and elections go. Some make little difference in the life of our country this past election could be the one to make a difference.

Oh yes, see ya Don............stay tuna'd

Thursday, November 02, 2006

fill up before

Tuesday, November 7th, because you know damn well the price of gas will go up after the election.