Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How careless must one be???

Well I'm gonna tell ya. Here I am in and out of the garage arranging some Christmas displays, trying to decide if there was anything else I needed. I'm standing at the doorway between the garage and the house with my hand in the doorway and a nice gentle breeze comes thru and
SLAMS the damned door on my hand.

Oh aren't I lucky it was my left hand, I'm right handed and the door broke the knuckle on my left index finger. I did say some choice words, many words, lotsa choice words.

I immediately flashed back to when my sister and I were on a trip and I broke a finger getting our luggage out of the truck. Stuck my hand in a cup of ice and went to the drugstore and got a finger splint. Well I did that today, but went to the ER cause it was ugly.

So here I sit with a finger splint and saying ouch and taking longer to type this than I care to mention.

But let me share my photo of the Christmas Tree Village I did. I think it needs some snow don't you? stay tuna'd.....................

1 comment:

Cottage Kid said...

OUCH! I could send you some real snow in a couple of days and you could use it for the finger and decoration! What do ya think???