Friday, November 29, 2013

Something for you

Mr Doodles features his beaded bracelets on Etsy.  He decided to give an early Christmas gift to all.  Mr is being very generous this year.

Here on Tombstone Bead Collection we will be celebrating Cyber Monday........................ALL WEEK LONG FREE SHIPPING. 


So click on THIS  and you be in his shop in a flash. Don't forget to share this with your friends.  

Merry Christmas to all!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stocking Stuffers

Etsy has some terrific items..................vintage and handmade.  So I thought I would post some links to Etsy  that  would work for stocking stuffers.

Who doesn't use lip gloss and on a key chain no less

Everyone likes nice dish towels

For naughty boys and girls

For your fishing buddies

I have purchased a few items from this her artwork

Always looking for something cute to put in that stocking

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Squeezing in a lotta stuff

When visiting dear Sister and family here in Southern California, during our time between selling pumpkins and pedaling Christmas Trees, there are things to do, $$$ to spend and places to go.

While driving to one destination we make up our menu for our Thanksgiving. I will tell you that my dear family is quite accommodating by celebrating Thanksgiving on the Saturday before. Family and friends will gather at Sister and Bro-in-law.  We start at the tree lot on that Sunday.Having the tree lot means you must kick Christmas into gear Thanksgiving week.  And I don't know if you have looked at your calendar but between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013 we have less than four weeks.  So this season is gonna be slammed.  New Years will be here before you know it.  So get those letters to Santa.

This last week has been busy with touristy things also.  Mr Doodles has never been to UCLA campus so sweet nephew in law took us all on a quick trip.  A quick snapshot of each historic building and the Hall of Fame is amazing.  I haven't been there in years so it was great for me as well. 

Earlier that day sister, brother in law Mr Doodles and I spent the morning at the Annenberg Foundation Space for Photography

The Annenberg Space for Photography is a cultural destination dedicated to exhibiting both digital and print photography. The venue is the first solely photographic cultural destination in the Los Angeles area.

The current exhibit is National Geographic  Exhibition of 125 years of Photography.  If you happen to be in Los Angeles don't miss this exhibit.   Take advantage of their generous offer of validating your parking garage ticket if you don't you'll be paying $35 instead of $3.50.

Of course anytime you spend time with our family  there will be eating involved.  A trip to Tito's in Culver City was on the agenda.  Always good and never disappoints.

Thanks to all for a fun day.

Mr Doodles protecting the Bruin Mascot from them Trojans

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thanksgiving is upon us.......

So you know what that means.................a great meal is in our future.

 But before that we have a ton of reason to be thankful.  I dare not bore you with any of my thanks but one.  

Since it is Veterans Day  I know we are all thankful for our Veterans past, present.

The following is a blog post I did a few years ago.  I still practice this today and hope many of you do also.  And if you have an opportunity please donate whatever you can to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Thanks for stopping by.

Veteran's Day 2006

It bothers me that there is such commercial aspect of Veteran's Day. There are sales everywhere. I have always refused and staged my own little mini protest of not buying anything on a so called Veteran's Day sale. The only thing I buy would be the essential food items.

Many of our family members were in the Armed Forces. Our Dad was in the SeaBee's which is a branch of the Navy. The SeaBee's were kinda like the construction crew for the Marine's. My brother-in-law and husband were in the Air Force during a very turbulent time in this country.

Celebrate this Veteran's Day by thanking a soldier. And wander over to a friends blog and check out how their family recognizes Veteran's Day.


We survived pumpkin season on a new lot.  Better than expected I might add.  Lot of new customers so maybe that will bode well for the upcoming tree sales.

Mr is laying the new wood flooring in the RV and so far it is beautiful.  By that I mean he is not finished so when he is completed the installation it surely will look gorgeous.  Just as I had hoped and pictured.  Photos to follow once the place has been cleaned up of construction stuff.

Mr took a break from DIYing  to the RV  Saturday to celebrate our 43 years of wedded bliss.  Great day lounged around the house till we thought late lunch was required.  I had been wanting to try this obscure, off the beaten path Cuban restaurant.  With a name like Hidden Havana Cafe.............what else would you expect but food to die for.  Brought back great and fond memories of our time in South Florida,  I recently had a dream of eating plantains.  I know odd but true.  What a great place.  Small, cozy cafe with the wall adorned with some wonderful photos of Cuba.  The menu is small but contains all the perfect Cuban foods you would expect in South Florida.  I smiled when I walked in cause somehow I just knew this was gonna be good.  Boy was I right.  Portions were perfect.  They even made us a coffee con leche.  
A great way to celebrate our Anniversary.

But wait there's more......................right across the street and up one block is one of the best Hispanic markets ever...............VALLARTA Market.  Mr wandered the aisles while I picked up some wanted items.  Mr would come back with his wanted  items. 

Like I said what a great way to celebrate our 43rd year of wedded bliss.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Shopping on Etsy

I never really enjoyed Halloween until a few years ago.  Now I bet you are like me and had no idea that there is this much Halloween stuff sold on Etsy..........all I shall say is WoW!!!  Cool stuff folks go take a look.

To celebrate Dia de los these.

Beatiful work 

I love ACEO's

Must think of somewhere to wear this. 

I find sugar skulls fascinating 

Cool ring

Wanna cookie.........these are amazing.

Looks like Bogey

Too funny!!

Great graphic shop

Just for the Day................perfect 

Halloween Candy

Beautiful, just beautiful.

for more shopping ideas OR Go to and put in the search bar what you might be looking for.  You will not find better craftsman or even better prices.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I love October

And I will tell you why.........

  • Sweaters
  • Jackets
  • Boots
  • Jeans
  • Pumpkins to carve 
  • Weather
  • Soup
  • Chili
  • Time to think about the holidays
  • People are friendlier in the fall
  • World Series 
What do you love about the fall?

Monday, October 07, 2013

Unique items you'll love!!

As I have been saying  about Etsy in these last few posts shopping at Etsy is like shopping  at your local neighborhood store.  Oh the things you will find.  The following are things of my taste and choices.  Feel free once you are there to go poke around.

You must see this shop

more of my favorite copper jewelry

Oh my,,,,,,,,,,,,vintage

Dodger Blue

#1 Guy

Soap...............not your ordinary soap

Cool earrings in tortoise shell

Art Deco Necklace in a great vintage shop

Beautiful pendant

And of course our shop

Happy shopping!!


Friday, October 04, 2013


Very high winds here in the desert will not be allowing us to drive into Los Angeles.  Santa Ana winds can be  brutal.and quite dangerous.  Desert sand can pit a window in seconds.  And being that we are dragging an RV behind the big truck  we do not want to be dragging anything.  Think we will stay put for a couple a days.  Pumpkins won't be going anywhere.  Tents better be anchored quite well however.


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Etsy sellers in time for your holiday shopping.

Turban head wraps are just too cool right now  this shop has many!!

These sock monkeys are just the cutest damn things.  Want a different one for everyday

copper.........and other gorgeously made metal pieces at the most incredible affordable prices......ahhhhh I see a copper ring in my future.

looking for a whimsical gift.  fun items to put on your office desk

This woman has the most unusual items oh and so very colorful. 

I'm quite fond of eye pillows  these really caught my attention 

 T-shirts fun and very clever t-shirts

This man crafts the most gorgeous wood cutting boards 

It's about that time for Halloween so jump on over to the Etsy section for Halloween goodies.  Please do not skip the pet costumes  if for nothing else a bit of entertainment.

And of course there is our shop

Happy shopping................remember shopping on Etsy is like shopping local.

Till next time..............................

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Updated talent that I'm betting you didn't know about

I am not going to beg but I would appreciate a yes or no comment if this is something you would like me to continue.

Many of the shops over on the Etsy site are gearing up for the holiday shoppers.  I hear the groaning but folks it's closer than you think look at the calendar.  Don't get caught having to go thru a horrible last minute crush of shopping morons.  Be smart shop early.  Here are a few of my favorite shops lately.  And as a reminder please check the shops policies and shipping charges before you hit the order button.

For those of you getting married soon I am going to do a whole wedding post soon.  There are just amazing shops on Etsy.

Now as you know you can always go shopping at our shop  

Click a link and go shopping!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

There is a season for everything

This big guy 3-4 inches long, is called a Mexican General.  But has a latin name also.  When those camo wings spread underneath is a beautiful red and gold color.  They don't fly far most creep and hop.  They do carry their lady friend on their backs.
Most of us enjoy four seasons, we are not one of them thank you very much!!  Let's list some of the seasons.

  • allergy season...........not for me cause my allergies know NO season.  They are with me always.
  • there is the rainy season.  now that happens to be different for different areas of the US.  Here in Southern Arizona we have monsoon that are with us for the merry months of June, July and August.  Please note it is September as I type and the rain is still with us.  I'll call Mother Nature and tell her to flip her calendar.
  • And then there is bug/insect season.  We seem to have an enormous, more than last year, grasshoppers.  All shapes and sizes, who knew!!
  • That dreaded word snake.  Lots of non life threatening snakes that wander thru the grasses and scare the living S**T out of ya when slither by.  I am not good at recognizing the different species, well with the exception of the rattler, so I just have a healthy respect for all of them.  As a side note of trivia just in case any of you come upon a diamond back rattler.  Those bastards have learned how not to rattle.  The discovered after all these years that if they rattle they'll get caught.  So beware with your eyeballs not your ears.  Just thought you should know this.
  • Spiders.........I don't like spiders.  One bit me this summer and it's taking forever to heal.  No it wasn't a poisonous one but a spider none the less. We mainly have here black widows and bark scorpions.  Oh and the stink bugs............don't step on them.  Ask me how I know.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Time to de-clutter AGAIN!!

Seems  hard to believe that we are going into our seventh year of RV'ing.  Or as my sister likes to refer to us as the Gypsies.  

I would not trade the last few years for anything.  The people we have met, friends we have made and oh yeah the places we have seen.  This life, I know, is not for everyone.  But my friend if you have a fleeting thought that it might be fun give it a go.  I would not want to be the one to say ya know ya shoulda tried RV'ing.

Now about that de-clutter stuff.  I am amazed at what you can accumulate in such a short time.  And my other amazement is how much crap you can cram into  a 34 foot RV.  There are nooks and crannies EVERYWHERE!!

We have been here in the desert of Southern Arizona  for six months.  Being in one spot for that long you tend to get comfortable and accumulate.  I am seeing a trip to Salvation Army next week.  As we will be leaving here the end of the month.

But I'm thinking that de-cluttering is healthy.  It will clear my mind to prepare for pumpkins and trees.  Yes folks it's that time.

Friday, September 06, 2013

More talent activity involving skill in making things by hand.

Crafty................... clever at achieving one's aims by indirect or deceitful methods.

I know a few crafty people  but I know  more people that know their craft.

Here let me show you

I'm getting some of these for will love them.  How clever she is making these gems.

These gals are so clever and talented.  I have a couple a favorites.  Makeup bags are  a item I covet.

I think I need a key chain that is brite and cheery.  Check these out.

Say no more I need this brooch

Celia puts out some very pretty sparkly pieces.....................some would look terrific with our beaded bracelets.

Domenica has some very pretty stones I need to look into her shop for a project I have in mind.

Are these cute or what!!

Last but never least my beautiful and talented sister and her stunning art work

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

e-commerce is EVERYWHERE!!!

I mean everywhere.  I am not going to list them all but I am going to mention a few.

There's Goldsmith that seems to be very similar to Etsy

Of course there is Facebook for selling.  It's called StoreYa.  Why they got into this I'll never know.

I understand My Space is coming back strong and trying to rival iTunes.  Good Luck!!

We got tumblr, stumbleupon, pinterest, wanelo, luulla, and a number of others that escape me at the moment.

My sister sells her art on a ecommerce site strictly for artists.  I'll post all the links next week.  Sister's art work in a word is stunning!!

This site I discovered just the other day  Kitsy Lane.  Interesting article.  I am not an expert at these kind of sites however I appreciate them.  It is obvious they know something I don't know.  Look out Etsy this one could sting ya!!

Now don't think I am talking behind Etsy's back I am not.  Many of these comments have been made on the forum over there.  Many disgruntled sellers.  Maybe they just don't like change.  I say don't get your knickers in a twist and do what you came to Etsy to do.  I am forever an optimist, the glass is always half full kinda person.

Having said all this I have no intention of leaving Etsy at the moment but I did set up a stand alone site that I dearly love.  You might like it also.  It has a very odd name  TicTail.  They are based in the Netherlands and are growing by leaps and bounds.  Are they going to turn into any Etsy? gads who knows but like I always say

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Take time to day dream

Daydreaming is like nite time dreaming , with two noticeable differences: First, you will likely remember these ideas much more clearly, and second, you can control it more!  

Try to day dream without interruption.  Don't take your iPad or kindle with you but have a a pad of paper and a writing utensil.  No not your iPad because you could get sidetracked  like me and go off looking for something other than your goal of a few minutes of daydreaming.  I have been know to set a timer so as not to day dream too long.

To me daydreaming is a way of clearing out the cobwebs.  I have been known to day dream in the shower.

Imagine a real life situation and act it out in your mind. Act out the movements in your mind just as powerfully as if you were going to do it.  We have a friend that was, retired now, a very successful race car driver.  We would see him get in his car sit there for fifteen, twenty minutes, eyes closed.
Fans standing around would ask  what is he was doing.  I would tell them he was daydreaming and acting out the race in his mind.  He felt it was calming.  Must of worked well for him cause he was a champion more than once.

Some people relax their mind. Listening to music can help tune out other distractions and also make the daydream even better, as music is full of emotion. Just pick songs that fit the mood of the dream you are having.  That method is not for me. If it was music that I really enjoyed like something from the 60's I'd be dancing and singing.  If it was operatic or elevator music I'd be sleeping.

Do you day dream? 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The talent is abundant

We have a shop on Etsy as you probably know.  We opened the shop mid March of this year.  So we are really new compared to other shop owners.  Many have been there five, six years.  Then there are others that just set up shop last week.

Hope you don't mind but once a week or so I am going to promote some of my favorite shop over on Etsy.  The only way any of us can do any business or have any sales is to have visitors.  Yep that's you you are a visitor.

Now I know the people coming to my blog aren't ones to comment but it sure would be nice if you would go visit some of these shop.  I'm telling you there are some amazing talented and very clever artists.

So here are the sites just click on them and off ya go.  But come back and check out a couple of others. 

Her mineral makeup is phenomenal.  She also has a shop of some pretty snazzy nail polish.

You must go see Monica's creations as they are precious. 

Chelsea is an LA gal that designs her own products and they are sassy. 

Vintage shops galore but this is a very good one and a favorite.  If we didn't live in our RV I'd be a customer for sure.

More to come.....................

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This is a very lazy posts

Mr Doodles decided to grow peppers in the greenhouse this summer.  Really??  Do ya think they will be ready before we leave the end of September?  Tell me why do I ever challenge him.  This man has the best green thumb of anyone I know.
This was dinner last nite compliments of Robyn over on her terrific  blog Add a Pinch  Damn this is good!!  Thank you Robyn.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mr Doodles and I

Well we are the only ones in our family or group of friends that are PBR  fans.  Now folks I'm talking BULLS  not   BEER. That would be Professional Bull Riders.

If you have never seen  a cowboy ride a bull you are missing out.  I know this sport is not for everyone.  But when you witness the rider say  5' 10", 140 lbs
get on a bull say oh 1500 lbs and the rider stay on for the required 8 seconds You know you have watched something special even historic.

This cowboy did just that and rode the most popular bull in the history of the sport.  That bull is eight year old Bushwacker and a handsome bull he is.   There have been 42 other riders try to ride this bull.  Actually the rider that conquered Bushwacker has tried nine other times.

Ya really gotta be in good shape mentally and physically to get on the back of one of these beasts.

Congratulations J B Mauney
                            You are one hell of a bull rider!!!

Bushwacker you are one special bull!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't forget..............Update

 I wonder if Mother Nature could plan meteor showers during another time period and not during monsoon season here in Southern Arizona.  I was right it was way too cloudy.  Only saw a few streaks across the cloudy sky at 3 A.M.  OUCH!!!

If your skies are clear, which ours aren't right now, but I'm hoping.


Thursday, August 08, 2013

When you have nothing else better to do................

Another site  called a time waster.  But how cute and what fun.  There will be lots of oooohs and ahhhs!!

The little darlins even have a facebook page   

 Remember I warned ya about this time waster


Sunday, August 04, 2013

I may take some heat about this subject

But people have to know that Etsy is a site for artisans and crafters.

What Etsy is not is a place for reproduced cheap crap not produced by artisans  and crafters.
Most of this junk is produced in the area of the Pacific Rim, Southeast Asia etc.  You get the picture.

A gal I know sells on Etsy and has some of the most magnificent statement necklaces.  This woman puts hours of labor and many dollars invested in her craft.  Now you go poking around Etsy looking for something jazzy to wear to your friends wedding next month.  Low and behold you find my friends necklace when putting statement necklace in the search bar.  It's perfect the colors are what she wants and the size is also.  oh and the price $100 - yikes!!  I would get a lot of wear with this piece so it would be a good investment.  BUT on the same page of the search are many others.  So said buyer thinks well I'll just look at a couple more in my color choice.  Guess what she finds you got it, a necklace almost exactly like the $100 piece.  The stones were arranged a bit different but it was the very same colors and WAIT FOR IT................only $20.  Oh it's from some place in China and the owner of the shop is Lisa something.  So wants a gal to do.  She pokes around the less expensive shop, sees that there are pages and pages of similar items.  Oh and earrings to match.  Oh and they have only been open for a few months.  Gosh how in the world can this gal make all these pieces.

Something has to be done.  This is so unfair to the artist.  But I will say if Etsy cannot figure it out then I certainly can't.  They have teams of attorneys and smart folks working there.  Here's where they went wrong they allowed some of these shops to sign up and sell.  How can you blame the shopper,  She's looking for a bargain in this economy.

OK here is when I say I am not faulting Etsy completely but this is Etsy's mission statement and to me it's a bit vague. 

We sell on Etsy but we are not trying to make a living on Etsy or even supplement our income.  We do it because it's fun. Oh and Mr Beader won't stop beading.    Not all sellers on Etsy are like us obviously.

Just try and remember to buy from an artisan or crafter on Etsy

Etsy is the marketplace we make together.

Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world.

  • We are a mindful, transparent, and humane business.
  • We plan and build for the long term.
  • We value craftsmanship in all we make.
  • We believe fun should be part of everything we do.
  • We keep it real, always. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Some new goodies.........

Mr Beader has been busy, very very busy.

Check this out  HERE 

I know I am blatantly advertising for my husband 
but when he does things this nice how can I not!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Can I help ya?

We have a very nosy cat!!  And determined to help.

Mr Doodles is installing some new window surrounds
than he made for our RV windows.
Wonder what he's gonna be like when we put down new wood floors?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do you know what ETSY is??

Mr Doodles is now a member/seller on Etsy.  I'll share his site address at the end of this post.  I am the marketer, poster, and all around jack of all trades master of none.  When people ask me about Mr Doodles bracelets that he makes I tell them you can find him on Etsy.  I get that eyes glazed over look cause they don't have a clue what Etsy is.  In short Etsy is an online market of craftsman.  If you have been there go and take a peak.  Plan to spend some time as there is a enormous amount of goodies to look at.  Need a baby gift, maybe a shower gift for the bride to be.  How bout a sweet new bow for your granddaughters first day at school.  You can buy wedding rings, wedding announcement, wedding invites.  You name it, put whatever it is you are searching for in that search bar and you are now in shopping heaven.  I'm not kidding.
If you happen to be looking for a beautifully beaded  bracelet you will find it here
Do me a favor let us know what you think we love feedback.  Now go and spend some time window shopping.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One of my very favorites

I have many favorite movies but this one is in my top three.

Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp, Val Kilmer  as Doc Holiday, Sam Elliot as Virgil Earp and Bill Paxton as Morgan Earp.

This movie has a huge cult following.  People from all over the world flock to the town of Tombstone, Arizona  just to relive the past, participate in activities and buy period clothing.

The low budget film is celebrating it's 20th year anniversary.  I swear it gets more popular every year.

We happen to be spending the rummer here.  We see people coming to this RV resort we are in and the first thing they want to do is hustle off to Tombstone.  

We have visited this town many times, the first time it was as if it never changed from the movies the streets were still dirt.  The about six years ago we came by and the town was a dump, crappy t-shirt shops and not much else.

In March we had the opportunity to come to this RV resort for the summer.  We wanted to go see friends in Colorado but I wasn't comfortable going back into the altitude for the summer.  So Tombstone is was.  Went into town the next day after our arrival and must say we were pleasantly surprised.  The town is clean, the t-shirt shops are necessary but few.  Plus there happens to be some lovely high end shops along with some tasty eateries.

So if you have never been come see the new and improved 
Tombstone, Arizona 

So Happy 20th Anniversary to you Tombstone, the movie.

Oh I forgot to tell you I think we could recite most of the lines of this movie. Needless to say like many this movie is not factual but quite entertaining.

So what are your three favorite movies?

Sunday, June 09, 2013

About the wild creatures around

So despite the heat out here on the desert we have some pretty unusual creatures hanging around.

One is this rather strange looking Jack rabbit

This one is not my favorite and why I stopped walking early in the morning.

Javalina one on one could be OK but these ugly bastards run in packs.
 Coyotes are even timid of javalinas...........but these guys do hang out on the perimeter of RV park.
 Way off in the distance are the pronghorn's

There's more, a lot more but I'll show you later cause it's hot and they are hiding.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Temps and Trees

Since our temps are in the high 90's these last few days I thought I would share a couple of photos of our greenery here on the desolate desert. 

The above craggily very old  guy is a mesquite .  When trimmed properly they  take the shape of a canopy and provided much needed shade for all desert creatures including humankind.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Gentle Reminder

 Wanted to remind all my visitors when you have time please visit my husbands web site

Saturday, May 11, 2013

For a cause

 Go check these out on Mr's Etsy site.  All proceed will be donated to
The Wounded Warrior Project