Sunday, November 10, 2013


We survived pumpkin season on a new lot.  Better than expected I might add.  Lot of new customers so maybe that will bode well for the upcoming tree sales.

Mr is laying the new wood flooring in the RV and so far it is beautiful.  By that I mean he is not finished so when he is completed the installation it surely will look gorgeous.  Just as I had hoped and pictured.  Photos to follow once the place has been cleaned up of construction stuff.

Mr took a break from DIYing  to the RV  Saturday to celebrate our 43 years of wedded bliss.  Great day lounged around the house till we thought late lunch was required.  I had been wanting to try this obscure, off the beaten path Cuban restaurant.  With a name like Hidden Havana Cafe.............what else would you expect but food to die for.  Brought back great and fond memories of our time in South Florida,  I recently had a dream of eating plantains.  I know odd but true.  What a great place.  Small, cozy cafe with the wall adorned with some wonderful photos of Cuba.  The menu is small but contains all the perfect Cuban foods you would expect in South Florida.  I smiled when I walked in cause somehow I just knew this was gonna be good.  Boy was I right.  Portions were perfect.  They even made us a coffee con leche.  
A great way to celebrate our Anniversary.

But wait there's more......................right across the street and up one block is one of the best Hispanic markets ever...............VALLARTA Market.  Mr wandered the aisles while I picked up some wanted items.  Mr would come back with his wanted  items. 

Like I said what a great way to celebrate our 43rd year of wedded bliss.


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