Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thanksgiving is upon us.......

So you know what that means.................a great meal is in our future.

 But before that we have a ton of reason to be thankful.  I dare not bore you with any of my thanks but one.  

Since it is Veterans Day  I know we are all thankful for our Veterans past, present.

The following is a blog post I did a few years ago.  I still practice this today and hope many of you do also.  And if you have an opportunity please donate whatever you can to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Thanks for stopping by.

Veteran's Day 2006

It bothers me that there is such commercial aspect of Veteran's Day. There are sales everywhere. I have always refused and staged my own little mini protest of not buying anything on a so called Veteran's Day sale. The only thing I buy would be the essential food items.

Many of our family members were in the Armed Forces. Our Dad was in the SeaBee's which is a branch of the Navy. The SeaBee's were kinda like the construction crew for the Marine's. My brother-in-law and husband were in the Air Force during a very turbulent time in this country.

Celebrate this Veteran's Day by thanking a soldier. And wander over to a friends blog and check out how their family recognizes Veteran's Day.

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