Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A legend…

OK we are on our way to Canada today tuesday, and will be out of internet connection for a couple a weeks. We have our cell phone and can be used cause I had it switched to the Canada calling plan.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, not much going on in this town BUT they did have some interesting back roads.

Mr Doodles got a t-shirt in their "gift shop" a bargain a 10$

We found our way out to Devils Gulch. Now I bet you have never heard of that but if you are a fan of the famous Jesse James you would know the history.

Now this isn't much of a photo but the area is very close and hard to get a good shot.

I say brave horse!!!

The legend goes…………….the posse was looking for old Jesse James cause he and his gang robbed a bank in Minnesota. Two of the gang members were killed and two were wounded in this attempt. It seems that all was left was Jesse and his bad brother Frank. Frank and Jesse headed toward the Dakota territory, just north of Garreston which is the locatin of Devils Gulch. About that time the brothers went there separate ways still trying to out run the pesky posse. Frank went west toward Split Rock River, which by the way is a beautiful area. While Jesse rode on the east side not knowing there was a GULCH ahead of him. How he coached his horse to jump that GULCH will never be known. But the James Boys did meet up later and well documented in activity. So goes the legend!

this was at the entrance to Devil's Gulch - read the sign!

Sioux Falls has actual falls, not very big, but falls none the less. Guess they have to keep the falls going to be able to keep the name.

Saw some incredible structures out in the farm land on our mini excursion.

One would make a great house. Old abandoned barn, two story cool roof line. What would that look like in the Desert?

we'll be back.....................stay tuna'd

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm getting dizzy here being the navigator

Cause ya see we are headed north toward Canada and we are tooling down Interstate 29 that follows the Missouri River. Now 29 goes in and out and in and out of Iowa and Nebraska. Can't make up it's mind I guess.

I hope I don't offend any Iowans BUT the roads in Nebraska are sooooo very much better than yours - sorry - sad but true!
Mr Doodles has chosen Eastern Colorado as having the worst roads so far on this trip.

Photos from the road follow.........

nope this is not a female kitty we picked up for Buddy...what an emaciated looking thing she was. I went and left her some of Buddy's food.

this country should have more of these for alternative power....we sure do have the land mass.

ok gonna go pick up the camera as we are back in South Dakota and the roads are less bumpy...............stay tuna'd

Friday, July 20, 2007

corn, corn, and more corn

And I thought Indiana had cornfields. Whoa!!! Nebraska has a few more than Hoosierland fer sure. Both of us are sneezing from corn dust.

I am also sorry to say that we have driven into the humidity...YUK!!! Hopefully when we get to Sioux Falls, South Dakota it will be a bit cooler and drier.

Took some great on the road shots today, so I'll take a look at them tonite and post them over on my flickr site

We'll spend a couple a nites in Sioux Falls and then find our way into Canada. A warning for y'all I won't be posting while in Canada. We'll have cell service but NO AIR CARD.

I'll remind y'all again but thought I should mention it while I thought about it.

One other thing go look at sister Moon's site She has done some amazing pastels. Remember the silhouette of cactus she did??? It is now in our RV and has a special place of honor as the first piece hung in the RV.

OK I have yakked long enough........stay tuna'd


The post I made that is just under this one has had many problems. The photos keep disappearing.

This is the LAST time I am going to re post this blog. Don't know what is wrong but it has happened before with blogger.

And I am not even at my limit for photos.

More from Sioux Falls, SD...................stay tuna'd

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We are parting company.....sadly

Mr & Mrs Nutz, Mr D and Ms G are motoring off back to Canada by way of South Dakota. After hearing of our fun time in the Rapid City area they are going to travel that way home. Trust me they will love it and have some great memories. And the best part is Ms G will be able to see a bit of wildlife. Especially the pronghorn antelope along the roadway. They are the sweetest little animals. Hard to get pics of them so maybe Ms G will have some luck. Rest assured before they left we packed in a lot of fun and day trips. One day they traveled up to Pikes Peak, not a place Mr Doodles would travel, while we went to the Air Force Academy. All of these locations are in Colorado Springs which is a couple of hours south of the Denver area. Then if the afternoon we all met at Garden of the Gods Hard place to explain so I'll supply the site and you can see for yourself. The photos that we all took are stunning as you will see at the end of the post. On the way back to the RV we stopped at a favorite steak house of Mr Nutz and a good meal was consumed by the group. Then I believe is was the day before, we traveled an hour or so away to a very cute little area called Central City, an old mining town turned gambling casinos. Cute, cute place with nice small casinos that paid well and supplied us with a lot of laughs. The unfortunate part is we did not bring a camera, however Mrs Nutz did and got some great shots of the area. I'll have to be at her mercy for her to forward any snaps to me. But trust me we were there and had a great time. Oh yeah with the exception of trying to park that Big A** truck we call Louie. He is just a bit tight to get into a parking garage and Mr Doodles is not taking a chance to take off the roof lights. Anyway, they did have RV and bus parking BUT it was 5 miles up the top of the mountain. Now we were at approximately 8500 ft and the danged parking lot was at 10,000 ft. What a view and what a laugh we all had.

So the Happy Canadians have left and we will leave in the a.m for Canada by way of Nebraska and northward.......as always stay tuna'd

Here is the Chapel at the Air Force Academy quite an impressive structure. Not a great shot of the interior but the pipe organ was massive and Mr Doodles wanted to get a shot. You know me I have to take at least one flower pic per trip. This is a shot of the campus of the Air Force Academy. They have a lovely place for their higher learning.

That's Mr D being a gentleman and holding up this big rock for us...sweet! It was a bit hazy but the views were still incredible.

Can you see Nemo in the red rock to the far right...well we did and that's our story and we're sticking to it OK!!

Now is that a lady?!!! Ms G holding the rock for Mr
D..such a happy couple.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Purpose of our Denver trip

Mainly was to go the the NHRA Drag Races. Well that we did. And because of the traffic situation we all shoved our fat butts into the big A** truck. Thank the lord it was only 5 miles give or take.

However the "boys" had to do some technical measuring for a steel box that is being made for the back of the RV, gotta love them boys!

So back to stuffing us in the BIG A** truck...that we do and off we go for late day and evening qualifying. What a super day. Weather here is iffy at best, never know when you are gonna get a rain cloud pop over a mountain. As the day went on it got cooler and the track temps went down and the cars went FASTER. No records set but a good day none the less. Of course we had to do shopping for t-shirts and the like. The other gals had to buy grand kids things to take back. No deals but they did get some cute things for the kiddies.

Gonna post a few snaps of the race cars, not that many of you will be all that interested but some of them turned out really good. I will post the whole lot of them over of Mr Doodles flickr.

Stay tuna'd for some more goings on. Oh and by the way Ms G you CAN trust me!

Monday, July 16, 2007

a water consumption realization

OK I am not gonna preach BUT I am gonna mention that we humans are WASTING water.

Since living full time in the RV we have come to realize how much. Trust me I'm not here to tell you go get an RV but I am here to give you a couple of hints on saving water.

First off go get your kitchen timer, put it in the bathroom while showering your normal shower. OK how long were you in there with the water running. God I sound like Al Gore, but this is serious.

Now go get one of those shower heads you can turn off and on while you are in the shower. They have them at all the big home improvement stores. This gizmo is not gonna shorten the length of your shower, just cut down on water waste.

Ladies don't let the water run while you are shaving your legs!!! Guys turn the water off at the sink while shaving. What good does that do?

Your goal should you choose to accept my idea is to shorten the length of your shower. You can do it I know you can and you'll feel better to.

And do me a favor email me how your doing or leave a comment or any tips you can think of to pass along..................stay tuna'd

We are off to the Air Force Academy and the Olympic Training facility here in Colorado.

Friday, July 13, 2007

We have come a long way...

from Comanche Land RV Park in Fort Stockton Texas in more ways than one. We are stay at a lovely facility in Golden, Colorado. Hooked up with friends when we arrived and it has been non stop ever since.

Here's Mrs Nutz and Ms G playing dueling computers

that's Mr Doodles and Mr D trying to wake up..heaven only knows where Mr Nutz wandered off to.

Off to the drag races today to meet up with more friends that we haven't seen in quite awhile, that will be fun. I'll be sure to post pics of the racing.

Had a terrific storm come thru here late afternoon yesterday, tornadoes and such but we were spared any damage. Can't say that about other folks in the RV park. Not a good idea to leave your awning out when you go off for the day....ya never know.

Made a stop at the Coors Brewery right here in Golden. Fun tour cause ya get to sample.

look at all that cerveza

this was one of their big copper vats as you enter

OK stay tuna'd..................

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cheyenne...low key

This photo is just a few miles from the RV park

First day here it rained ALL day. And actually that wasn't a bad thing because we had some things to do inside the RV. After living in this thing for a couple a months I figured out where things really should go and what I need and don't need. Mr Doodles had some wiring he had to attend to. Now we have satellite thru out, not a big deal but a convenience.

And speaking of that rain, boy did they need it here in Cheyenne. With any luck they won't have wildfires when we leave. Cause it seems that almost every where we have been there has been wildfires, some minor others not so minor. The West is so very dry one lightning bolt will set off a fire. And that is what has happened in most areas. And with these recent storms there has been loss of life as well as many structures. Say a prayer and keep good thoughts for the folks in those area - they need it.

The above photo is of an area in Yellowstone that just burned recently. It's hard to tell in the photo I know but there are many areas in the Park like this, blackened sticks just waiting to be struck by lightning, God forbid.

Now today is laundry day, I know more mundane chores. Mr Doodles wants to detail the truck and RV. Since that rain the other day weather has but lovely and balmy. With the chores completed we are going off to Cheyenne's Museum of the West
Read rave reviews so anxious to see for ourselves.

Wednesday a.m. we are off to the Denver area to meet up with friends Woo Hoo! We shall be there for a week, so don't expect a lot of posting on this blog. I'm sure we'll be doing a lot of sightseeing, however one of the main reasons we all are getting together is the NHRA will be in Denver this weekend. We have a good friend that races and it will be good to see him.

Sister and her honey husband are also doing some RV'ing. They took off for the beach in Southern California. Talked to her yesterday and sister was viewing dolphins swimming along the shore, sort of like a Welcoming Committee for Sister Moon and Mr Moon. Hope they are having a great time. I'm sure sister will be posting some pics on her return.

One more thing...........go read this blog my niece did on green cooking. What a great idea..... sorta like having a hybrid for your oven.

Don't forget to keep up with our photos over on Flickr and don't forget you can comment on the photos............so stay tuna'd

Doodles fotos

Mr Doodles fotos

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What a great day in South Dakota

In spite of the triple digit temps. We began our day with a visit to Mt Rushmore....and I am sorry to say we were very disappointed. Now don't get me wrong the sculptures of the four Presidents on the mountain were stunning, even though they aren't finished and probably never will be. That's because the dern government didn't do the proper testing on the mountain, so that means this will never be completed. The parking is very poorly laid out and run by a private company, not the Park Services. AND they charge $8 which is not a lot of $$$ but the government does not normally charge to park on Park grounds. I will be honest, if coming to visit Mt Rushmore pull over to one of the turnouts and take photos. The area was never meant to handle the amount of people in one day that they currently get.

OK suffice to say we saw Mt Rushmore, took a few pics and went on our way to Crazy Horse Mountain. You must go visit this web site because it would take waaaaay too long to explain here. But it is privately funded and the most amazing to see. This is a work in progress that I doubt if your children will ever see finished. Designed by award-winning sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, in 1947, the monument was suggested to Ziolkowski by Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear in 1939. Mr Ziolkowski worked on his project for many years by himself.If you are ever in this area please put this on your list of places to visit.

The above photo is of the Crazy Horse sculpture, work in progress. I will post the larger photos over on Mr Doodles flickr page. The object in shadow is a marble sculpture of how the artist wants the mountain to eventually to look like. Quite a feat to carry out but I have no doubt in my mind that the family will succeed.

I was fortunate to meet a real Chief of the Lakota Tribe. He is an author as well as a retired Superintendent of Schools for his area. He
autographed his book for me which was the "true story" of Crazy Horse and the Battle of Little Big Horn or Greasy Grass as the Indians refer to the battle. He also gave me a t-shirt. What a sweetheart.

After visiting Crazy Horse Mountain, we went off to visit the museum for the Story of Wounded Knee. To see the history of Wounded Knee was so very interesting. Especially after just seeing the movie. I had read the book several years ago. I would recommend the movie over the book
cause the book is just so technical and really difficult to get thru. I found it funny that so many western type movies were made in the general area. With the exception of the HBO movie Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Just down the road from where we were staying was the main location for the movie Dances with Wolves with Kevin Costner. The locals tell me Costner has a home in the area and visits quite often. I also think they told me he has an art gallery too. So Costner is a big deal here in Rapid City.

If you like to see a bit of history in the form of old towns go to Deadwood, South Dakota. This is where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are buried. All the buildings are refurbished and main street glistens with art galleries, t-shirt shops AND casinos. Yep there is gambling in Deadwood. Tombstone Arizona should take notice of this town rebuilt as they are thriving and not just from the casinos. May I add I walked away with more $$$ than I drove into Deadwood with.........woo hoo!!!

After a very long day of tourista doings we drove back to the RV and started to pack up for the 300 mile drive to Cheyenne the next morning...stay tuna'd.

Friday, July 06, 2007

ever get the feeling

that you have been there before? Well we are in Rapid City, South Dakota and I get the very distinct feeling I have been here before. Even some of the people look familiar. What an odd feeling. I have done this before so it is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact when we were checking in to the RV park yesterday, the lady said to me "you've been here before haven't you? No, you look so familiar". However I do get that a lot. Oh well maybe in my other life?!? So we went to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota.. It was a 3 hour drive that looped thru a small part of the Park. Badlands are aptly named. Residents of that area consisted of the Pine Ridge Indian, Bison, Pronghorn (they look like miniature antelope) a few prairie dogs and rattlesnakes. This photo does not do the area justice as to how desolate it appears. There were several large areas that would serve at villages for the Indians and their livestock. Mr Doodles took some shots as well so I must post over on his flickr page.
After the Badlands drive thru we drove over to Ellsworth Air Force Base, Mr Doodles was in the Air Force so it seems there is a magnet that draws us to AF bases. We got to tour a musty old missile silo and the base itself.

However, on a side note when you sign up to go on the tour you must present a drivers license or a passport. They load you on a small bus and then drive to the gate, where they do a security check. Well it was just our luck when the base Police boarded the bus and asked for a gentleman to step off. We sat in that hot sticnky bus for at least a half hour while they did more checking. Finally the driver went in to ask if they could be released if the guys wife got off as well and we all went on our merry way. Yep, that could happen. Cudos to the driver. Come to find out after the tour ended, it was all just a case of mistaken identity. Seems the man on the bus had the same name as a fugitive that they were looking for.

OK we are off to Mt. Rushmore where I know it is going to be crowded due to the holiday week. So must get an early start.

On a side note.....when we left yesterday I accidentally closed Buddy in the closet for eight and a half hours. Let's just say Buddy was not a happy camper cat upon our return........stay tuna'd ;)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

to our Buddy
Buddy is celebrating his 13th birthday today!!! I must also say that Buddy has turned into a terrific RV cat and a great traveler. Mr Doodles and I are very relieved with Buddy's adjustment to RV life.

If interested I wrote a blog about how Buddy had come to us.

We are off to Rapid City, South Dakota with a visit to Mt Rushmore.

Happy 4th y'all

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So all is well...

poor Grace, our RV, the plumbing problem has been solved, by none other than Mr Doodles and a snake that went down the plumbing. And all is fixed and finished and never to be discussed again.

Our afternoon was wonderfully spent touring the Battlefield of the Little Big Horn. What a wonderful area this is and the history on those grounds is just awesome.

I would have loved to have the opportunity to tour the Battlefield on horseback but our timing was not good. The self guided tour was very well arranged and laid out for any tourist.

We do live in an amazing country, so beautiful, how lucky we are. While driving I could just imagine Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and their group behind those hills waiting for Custer and his band of merry men riding right into what we now know as terror. The photo below is supposed to be the exact spot of the Custer, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse battle. They have done a tremendous amount of archaeological digs in the area and found many items of proof. Some reside in the Visitors Center located at the beginning of the Park.

Before I forget I posted some of Mr Doodles photos over on his very own flickr page, go take a look. He took a couple a hundred of the bull riding event alone and I have only posted six. I'll post some more pics over on my flickr site....stay tuna'd

Monday, July 02, 2007

No pictures with this post

Things were going along too smoothly you see. So the RV gods thought let's see if the Doodle folks are good RV'ers and if maybe they are strong enough to carry thru.

Arriving at the RV park in Garryowen, Montana and while Mr Doodles is taking care of the outside jobs, unhooking the trailer from the truck, hooking up the water, sewer and electric lines, I am putting the slides out, turn on the A/C and water heater once the electric is secured, unhooking any cabinets we have secured and just in general making sure things are in order. While all of this was going on I popped in to the potty and to my surprise and horror I might add, the damn toilet was stopped up.

Many folks from the campground come to our rescue and to no avail as of this a.m. toilet still plugged. Now don't make me describe the mess all these nice folks made while they are trying to be helpful, let's just say I have several loads of towels to launder.

So while going around lighting candles I remember we have roadside assistance with the company that made our unit, that info made Mr Doodles very happy. I call them and they were very nice but due to the day, Sunday, they were not able to assist us at that time. They will call this a.m. once they have secured a dealer in this area that can do the repair work. Needless to say we will be delayed at least on day.

Let me also say I know why they call Montana Big Sky Country, wow it is beautiful. Also we are located on the Crow Indian reservation and right next to the Little Bighorn Battlefield. So very much history in the area and the fine folks that live here try very hard to preserve their history.

I'll try to fill you in on this as soon as I can........stay tuna'd

Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's amazing...

that we go from one state to the next and each one we say "what beautiful landscape". Friends we live in a stunning country and how I wish that each of you could enjoy the views that we have had the pleasure of seeing. We commented upon entering Idaho how the hills looked of pea green velvet. How Wyoming had such stunning mountain ranges.

So far Wyoming wins for the best roadway surface. We are now in Montana and on our way to 7th Flag Ranch on the Crow Indian Reservation, right next door to the Battle of Little Big Horn Battlefield Monument.

We will be here only two nites, so only one day of photo ops.....stay tuna'd ;}

So now we know…

as the heat works in the RV. Cause while in Yellowstone we woke every a.m. to a very cool 37 - 39 degrees. Had not tested the heater, didn't have a need to. We even got out the down comforter. But the heater quickly took the chill out of the air when we woke so it wasn't a bad experience.

The last day in Yellowstone we ventured over to the Grand Tetons, just south of Yellowstone Park. We did the loop drive around the majestic, I know an over used word, but none the less magnificent vistas. We hop on a ferry that takes you across Jenny Lake. The ferry dropped us off to take a 3 mile hike up to an area called Hidden Falls. They weren't that hidden but quite big and very loud and wet but gorgeous water fall and so cooling after a warm hike.

We were waiting for the ferry to take us back across Jenny Lake, I struck up a conversation with two charming ladies from England. Now get this these two females have been friends since fourth grade. They have each been married to their respective spouses for 40 years. Every year these two females take a trip somewhere away from England for at least a month. This year they flew to Denver rented an RV and took off for parts unknown of the American West. So next time you think awww I can't do that, you think of May and Julia and what they did.

When getting off the ferry I notice a lot of folks with cameras in hand. We see a young moose standing on the bank of the lake. I see a park ranger and she is telling the group that the young moose is about 3-4 years old and had never been on this side before. It had just swam across the lake. Holy crap I just went on a three mile hike and was exhausted, this sweet, goofy looking moose didn't look a bit winded.

I have posted a lot of photos over on my flickr page if you care to peek. Now I must sort thru the hundreds of pics Mr Doodles took at the Bull Riding event in Cody, WY.............stay tuna'd

Leaving Yellowstone

We arrived in Cody Wyoming late Thursday afternoon. Drug the RV thru the Yellowstone Park exiting the East entrance. Oh my, the last 10 miles they are rebuilding of roadway. Roadway that is quite steep and now NO guardrails.

We were second in line behind a very nice couple from South Dakota. While waiting in line we got the low down on the area we are going to be vising for a few days.

We were delayed a the beginning of the construction site for about 30
minutes for traffic coming in the get thru. There was a pilot car to lead you thru the construction and the fastest we went was 25 mph. Took quite awhile to get thru but sure was glad there was a pilot lead car. Pictures do not do the altitude justice as to how steep and scary at times the trip was. My friend Bee would be on the floor of the truck or rip the door handles off for sure. Mr Doodles is like that if you might remember and oddly enough he does much better as a driver and not as a passenger...so take notice Bee.

No guard rails

OK after leaving the Yellowstone Park entrance we head to Cody Wy.
What a lovely drive and scenery driving the whole way along the ShoShone River.

We stopped several times for photo/pit stops. How many pics does one really need of a babbling brook or a lazy stream. But at this one stop, 30 miles from Cody, we see a few cars that looks like folks might be fishing. Because of our size wse can't just pull into any turnout. This one happened to be quite large.
As I got out of the car I see a man with a girl about late teens, they are walking up the bank to their car with about a 2 pound rainbow trout in hand. Man lives in the area and daughter was visiting her Dad. They had only caught the one rainbow trout, caught by the father and the daughter only caught some moss and mud. But her Dad did promise her a trout before her departure.

Back on the road and on to Cody. Lots to do in this little town. Friday we are headed to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

Then on Saturday nite we are going to the Bull Riding event in town. It kicks off their Fourth of July week long Rodeo Stampede event. That is an event we are really looking forward to. All the pros are in town for this even and many are stay here at the RV park.

Sowe'll be posting pics of the bull riding
Woo Hoo!!! ............stay tuna'd