Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cheyenne...low key

This photo is just a few miles from the RV park

First day here it rained ALL day. And actually that wasn't a bad thing because we had some things to do inside the RV. After living in this thing for a couple a months I figured out where things really should go and what I need and don't need. Mr Doodles had some wiring he had to attend to. Now we have satellite thru out, not a big deal but a convenience.

And speaking of that rain, boy did they need it here in Cheyenne. With any luck they won't have wildfires when we leave. Cause it seems that almost every where we have been there has been wildfires, some minor others not so minor. The West is so very dry one lightning bolt will set off a fire. And that is what has happened in most areas. And with these recent storms there has been loss of life as well as many structures. Say a prayer and keep good thoughts for the folks in those area - they need it.

The above photo is of an area in Yellowstone that just burned recently. It's hard to tell in the photo I know but there are many areas in the Park like this, blackened sticks just waiting to be struck by lightning, God forbid.

Now today is laundry day, I know more mundane chores. Mr Doodles wants to detail the truck and RV. Since that rain the other day weather has but lovely and balmy. With the chores completed we are going off to Cheyenne's Museum of the West
Read rave reviews so anxious to see for ourselves.

Wednesday a.m. we are off to the Denver area to meet up with friends Woo Hoo! We shall be there for a week, so don't expect a lot of posting on this blog. I'm sure we'll be doing a lot of sightseeing, however one of the main reasons we all are getting together is the NHRA will be in Denver this weekend. We have a good friend that races and it will be good to see him.

Sister and her honey husband are also doing some RV'ing. They took off for the beach in Southern California. Talked to her yesterday and sister was viewing dolphins swimming along the shore, sort of like a Welcoming Committee for Sister Moon and Mr Moon. Hope they are having a great time. I'm sure sister will be posting some pics on her return.

One more thing...........go read this blog my niece did on green cooking. What a great idea..... sorta like having a hybrid for your oven.

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maltese parakeet said...

don't tell uncle doodles that "detailing the truck and rv" is technicall the same thing as "cleaning the house" now that your transport and your home are the same thing. have fun in denver; send my regards to mr. b and his lovely wife!