Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So all is well...

poor Grace, our RV, the plumbing problem has been solved, by none other than Mr Doodles and a snake that went down the plumbing. And all is fixed and finished and never to be discussed again.

Our afternoon was wonderfully spent touring the Battlefield of the Little Big Horn. What a wonderful area this is and the history on those grounds is just awesome.

I would have loved to have the opportunity to tour the Battlefield on horseback but our timing was not good. The self guided tour was very well arranged and laid out for any tourist.

We do live in an amazing country, so beautiful, how lucky we are. While driving I could just imagine Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and their group behind those hills waiting for Custer and his band of merry men riding right into what we now know as terror. The photo below is supposed to be the exact spot of the Custer, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse battle. They have done a tremendous amount of archaeological digs in the area and found many items of proof. Some reside in the Visitors Center located at the beginning of the Park.

Before I forget I posted some of Mr Doodles photos over on his very own flickr page, go take a look. He took a couple a hundred of the bull riding event alone and I have only posted six. I'll post some more pics over on my flickr site....stay tuna'd

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mooncrazy said...

I did look at the flickr and they are looking good, mr doodles. Can't wait to see Mt Rushmore.