Sunday, July 01, 2007

Leaving Yellowstone

We arrived in Cody Wyoming late Thursday afternoon. Drug the RV thru the Yellowstone Park exiting the East entrance. Oh my, the last 10 miles they are rebuilding of roadway. Roadway that is quite steep and now NO guardrails.

We were second in line behind a very nice couple from South Dakota. While waiting in line we got the low down on the area we are going to be vising for a few days.

We were delayed a the beginning of the construction site for about 30
minutes for traffic coming in the get thru. There was a pilot car to lead you thru the construction and the fastest we went was 25 mph. Took quite awhile to get thru but sure was glad there was a pilot lead car. Pictures do not do the altitude justice as to how steep and scary at times the trip was. My friend Bee would be on the floor of the truck or rip the door handles off for sure. Mr Doodles is like that if you might remember and oddly enough he does much better as a driver and not as a take notice Bee.

No guard rails

OK after leaving the Yellowstone Park entrance we head to Cody Wy.
What a lovely drive and scenery driving the whole way along the ShoShone River.

We stopped several times for photo/pit stops. How many pics does one really need of a babbling brook or a lazy stream. But at this one stop, 30 miles from Cody, we see a few cars that looks like folks might be fishing. Because of our size wse can't just pull into any turnout. This one happened to be quite large.
As I got out of the car I see a man with a girl about late teens, they are walking up the bank to their car with about a 2 pound rainbow trout in hand. Man lives in the area and daughter was visiting her Dad. They had only caught the one rainbow trout, caught by the father and the daughter only caught some moss and mud. But her Dad did promise her a trout before her departure.

Back on the road and on to Cody. Lots to do in this little town. Friday we are headed to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

Then on Saturday nite we are going to the Bull Riding event in town. It kicks off their Fourth of July week long Rodeo Stampede event. That is an event we are really looking forward to. All the pros are in town for this even and many are stay here at the RV park.

Sowe'll be posting pics of the bull riding
Woo Hoo!!! ............stay tuna'd

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