Monday, July 02, 2007

No pictures with this post

Things were going along too smoothly you see. So the RV gods thought let's see if the Doodle folks are good RV'ers and if maybe they are strong enough to carry thru.

Arriving at the RV park in Garryowen, Montana and while Mr Doodles is taking care of the outside jobs, unhooking the trailer from the truck, hooking up the water, sewer and electric lines, I am putting the slides out, turn on the A/C and water heater once the electric is secured, unhooking any cabinets we have secured and just in general making sure things are in order. While all of this was going on I popped in to the potty and to my surprise and horror I might add, the damn toilet was stopped up.

Many folks from the campground come to our rescue and to no avail as of this a.m. toilet still plugged. Now don't make me describe the mess all these nice folks made while they are trying to be helpful, let's just say I have several loads of towels to launder.

So while going around lighting candles I remember we have roadside assistance with the company that made our unit, that info made Mr Doodles very happy. I call them and they were very nice but due to the day, Sunday, they were not able to assist us at that time. They will call this a.m. once they have secured a dealer in this area that can do the repair work. Needless to say we will be delayed at least on day.

Let me also say I know why they call Montana Big Sky Country, wow it is beautiful. Also we are located on the Crow Indian reservation and right next to the Little Bighorn Battlefield. So very much history in the area and the fine folks that live here try very hard to preserve their history.

I'll try to fill you in on this as soon as I can........stay tuna'd


Anonymous said...

Well I see the Doodles family really os discovering "American the Beautiful." I've only traveled to a few places outside my beloved south east, but each one was beautiful in it's own way.

Sory about the RV problem, but as they say, "S*** happens!" Sorry.

Hope it all gets straightened out and y'all are able to continue on and tell your story.


mooncrazy said...

Sort of glad there were no pix on this post. Glad everything is moving alone better.