Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A legend…

OK we are on our way to Canada today tuesday, and will be out of internet connection for a couple a weeks. We have our cell phone and can be used cause I had it switched to the Canada calling plan.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, not much going on in this town BUT they did have some interesting back roads.

Mr Doodles got a t-shirt in their "gift shop" a bargain a 10$

We found our way out to Devils Gulch. Now I bet you have never heard of that but if you are a fan of the famous Jesse James you would know the history.

Now this isn't much of a photo but the area is very close and hard to get a good shot.

I say brave horse!!!

The legend goes…………….the posse was looking for old Jesse James cause he and his gang robbed a bank in Minnesota. Two of the gang members were killed and two were wounded in this attempt. It seems that all was left was Jesse and his bad brother Frank. Frank and Jesse headed toward the Dakota territory, just north of Garreston which is the locatin of Devils Gulch. About that time the brothers went there separate ways still trying to out run the pesky posse. Frank went west toward Split Rock River, which by the way is a beautiful area. While Jesse rode on the east side not knowing there was a GULCH ahead of him. How he coached his horse to jump that GULCH will never be known. But the James Boys did meet up later and well documented in activity. So goes the legend!

this was at the entrance to Devil's Gulch - read the sign!

Sioux Falls has actual falls, not very big, but falls none the less. Guess they have to keep the falls going to be able to keep the name.

Saw some incredible structures out in the farm land on our mini excursion.

One would make a great house. Old abandoned barn, two story cool roof line. What would that look like in the Desert?

we'll be back.....................stay tuna'd

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mooncrazy said...

That would make a cool house, with the addition of a few more windows. Must be pretty dark in there.

Hope you got a look at lil birds PBE post before you crossed the border.