Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The vagabonds are moving onward

So we did leave, as previously mentioned, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Wednesday a.m. and not at an un-godly hour either. Mr and Mrs Nutz sent us off in fine fashion and we will be happy to meet up with those two in Vegas the latter part of October. We have a loosely planned agenda that will be tweaked at a later date. I must also say that Mr N is the sweet brother I never had and if I had to have another sister it sure would be Mrs N.

Now below is a photo of the diamond plate aluminum box that was CREATED by those three handsome boys. This spiffy lookin box now houses our generator for the RV. We don't always need a generator, but when we do this addition sure is damn convenient. Now don't be offended but this is my very own personal vibrator.
And NO it has yet to fall off the back of the trailer. That is a good thing!!!

stay tuna'd for more late breaking news.

ps.............keep good thoughts for all our friends in the path of the impending hurricane Dean. I am glad we are not there but do worry bout our friends.

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