Friday, August 31, 2007

What to do while Grace is receiving maintenance

Well let me tell you there certainly is a lot to do in the Elkhart area.

As I mentioned we did stumble onto the Amish Acres in Napanee, Indiana. It is a lovely spot however it is not truly Amish or Amish run. They do take care of the restaurant barn where the food is served. Good heavens there certainly is a lot of food served. All grown locally by the Amish. Fresh that is what I am trying to say. WOW!!!

We also wandered up to Elkhart about 20 some miles north where there is a load of RV surplus stores. Actually it's a junk yard for RV's. Anything you need they have it. We were not to shot with their prices. So it is the kind of place you must know what you are looking for and the cost.

Then there was the RV Museum up the road a ways. I know a lot of friends would enjoy this stop.

I was quite disappointed when I found out that this Farmers Market would not be open till Thursday. Hopefully we won't still be here. But can you just not see the corn, peaches, blueberries and such just waiting to be plucked up by shoppers.

ETA=edited to add We unfortunately were held over for one more day and I did have the opportunity to attend the Farmers Market, by myself for three wonderful hours. WOW!!!!!!! while Mr Doodles hung out with the maintenance dudes

This building is copied after the Farmers Market at St Jacobs, in Kitchner, Ontario, Canada. Friends in Canada will recognize that. They people of St Jacobs attended the Grand Opening of this Market I believe it was in May. Also the folks of St Jacobs had a lot of input into the way this building was done. They were able to pass along the mistakes that they made and improve upon what they built. I might also mention this is a post and beam building built by four Amish families. Granted it is post and beam with local building ordinances. It is an absolutely gorgeous three story building.

I also find it sad to think that since we are coming into the month of September and no more corn. We have had our fair share of fresh corn I'll miss that along with the blueberries for making our smoothies. Sure have been spoiled with all of the fresh veggies and fruits.

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We are on our way to Indianapolis so stay tuna'd...............

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