Thursday, August 16, 2007

A new addition to Grace

After a mid morning send off, the Doodles crew left Cambridge Ontario, Canada in fine style. Mr & Mrs Nutz were good enough to interrupt their busy day to send us off. One of the things that was accomplished while visiting was a box to house our generator. It is no longer stuck in the rear of the truck, but has a fine home in this spiffy diamond plate aluminum box.

I love this photo cause it shows great minds think alike in their In & Out Burger race t-shirts. For those of you that are not familiar with In & Out it happens to be one of the best burger joints in the West.
The boys dressed up for the part Mr & Mrs Nutz thru for us on Friday nite.

The boys worked hard, especially Mr D to create this fine specimen. I still think Mr D should market this produc

The above photo is Mr Doodles and Mr D doing some measuring.

Their it is secured to the rear of the RV, from l to r Mr Nutz, Mr D and Mr Doodles.

Let me say they did a fine job all three of them. And I am forever grateful to Mr D for tackling this project, cause if he didn't make this box I would have had to hear about it the rest of the trip. Mission accomplished I say.

We are in Reading, PA for a NHRA Drag stay tuna'd for some photos.

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Cottage Kid said...

Sorry I missed visiting and all that fun with you guys.
Stay well and enjoy your adventure!