Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where do I begin...........

10,818.............that is what is reading on the speedometer.

We left Florida in our rear view mirror on May 17th and we still have tread on the tires........amazing.

Well I shall begin when we entered Canada in the Province of Manitoba.....let me say that area is now awarded the Mr. Doodles award for the worst roads traveled. No more said just bad, bad bad.

After a very long day, our first stop was in the Lake of the Woods area in a little Village called Kenora. We stayed there a couple of nites and enjoyed the area albeit quite hot. The locals are not too keen on this global warming thing going on. They too are in desperate need of rain.

The lake the campground is on has an interesting twist during the winter. It seems that the lake freezes solid and turns into a freeway. Visitors from the States drive across the lake to hunt and/or ice fish. While speaking to a local he was saying the lake turns into a six lane freeway.
Now imagine this, they don't have to go thru customs. Does Homeland Security know about this?!?! bet not.

Spent the next nite in a town called Thunder Bay, just an overnite, then on to Batchawana, Pancake Bay at the top end of Lake Superior. What a wonderful area. And happy to say we spent three nites at this lovely spot.

Left there and toddled off to Perry Sound and spent another two nites to prepare us for our ten day visit with Mr & Mrs Nutz.

And that is where we are now. Did y'all think we got lost - Naw!!! Just having waaaay too much fun. Having a rather large get together on Friday nite with friends. Good thing cause I can see a Corona hangover coming from that event.

Depart Canada on Tuesday to head back into the US of A. We will attend another drag race and meet up with our racing friends mid August and then off to parts unknown. Well I shouldn't say that we really do have an idea of where we are going but not exactly when. And once I get to an area that I can post some snaps I will I promise.

So stay tuna'd.........

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