Monday, August 27, 2007

So here we are

in Northern Indiana which is Amish country. What wonderful restaurants and craft shops to visit.

We are here for RV maintenance but also to enjoy the area since we will be here for a couple of days at least. Needless to say Mr Doodles will want to visit the many, many RV surplus stores that are around. After all this is the RV manufacturing capital.
AND get this, we will be able to go thru a factory tour of the company that made our RV, Grace. I'll get even and be able to go to many of the above mentioned craft shops.

Seeing the Amish horse and buggies traveling down the roads mixed in with cars, 18 wheelers is an interesting photo and yes I'll get some for sure.

Had a great visit, albeit short, with my Aunt. We got to catch up on all the family news, eat and even shop. Went to a shoe store and the first thing Mr Doodles said was "you don't have room for any more shoes ya know"!!! He must be kidding right.

I must also mention that sister and husband are having a fine time camping as well.
Go check out her blog on the latest trip.

I'll be back later with some photo's.............stay tuna'd

PS.........yes seester I got some Sechler pickles.....want some?


mooncrazy said...

Great! I got a pickle jar opener, save me some.

Doodles said...

sweet heats will be tucked away waiting for our get together in Nov.