Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wonder if Hitchcock filmed here

and you are?
The interloper

I am so pretty  

They are everywhere

looks like the dinner table is full                                                

Friday, April 19, 2013

For the love of a city

Norm and I lived in New England  for thirteen years.  I went kicking and screaming.  I'm a California girl folks.  Do you know what the weather is like in New England?  It snows that icky white schtuff.  Needless to say I endured.  Made some terrific friends.  Guess where those good friends are from.......

Norm had an office in Waltham which was one of those swell Massachusetts small towns.  He had to go to that office or Boston  proper for business at least once a month and many times twice a month.  I was the lucky wife that got to tag along.  What wonderful times we had in that fantastic city.  We have a soft spot in our heart for that city and the great people that make up their city and the surrounding area.

Boston Gardens (the original place) where the Boston Bruins hockey team play and the Green Monter where the  Boston Red Sox play.  Strolling down Boyleston St, wandering over to the shops on Newberry and then getting off track in the Combat Zone.  I had my first latte in Boston. Oh and my first of many lobsters.  Like I said such great memories of  a wonderful City.

Oh yes and the wonderful Boston Police Department.  What a great bunch, understanding and extremely kind.  Don't ask me how I know.

Yep these folks are certainly Boston strong!!  I applaud each and everyone of them.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Bird City

Well actually we are in Tombstone Arizona.  Home of our marriage forty some years ago.  Home of one of my very favorite movies Tombstone, the one with Kurt Russell not the one with Kevin Costner.  

Anyway I do digress.  This area in the Spring is the bird capital of the world or so says the Chamber of Commerce.  And our intrepid cat Bogey knows this is the best bird watching place he has ever seen.
Watch I'll show you.  The photos are all in a matter of an hour.

this is Bogey's everyday scene - sweet little hummingbirds
then this guy appeared
swooped in for a small taste of liquid nectar

then out of nowhere comes this redhead interloper  Bogey doesn't know what to do.  When the heck am I ever gonna get my nap with thses strangers showing up for my viewing pleasure.

then out of nowhere comes this feathered pedestrian.............what's a cat to do!!
Enjoy SPRING!!!