Saturday, March 31, 2007

Concerned over pet food

I don't know about you but every blasted time I see a news alert regarding another contamination of pet food, my stomach gets in a knot. I know that we are very vigilent and careful. But my cat Buddy, is almost 12 and his cousin Buddy the dog is almost 12 and they have two baby cousins Max and Multy, not babies just a lot younger.
I am tempted to start feeding my sweet cat hamburger and rice, But he has never ever eaten wet food, just doesn't appeal to him. And Iams, the brand we use in the dry food, has come out to say that wheat gluten is not used in any of their dry food. I am grateful that the pet food industry on a whole has kept the public informed. You certainly cannot say that for the USDA.

So if you have an animal stay in touch with the situation by going to the PetSmart home page or the home page of the kind of pet food you use.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Neurobics Spa

not quite what I'm used to in the true definition of spa's. However neurobics could be our new best friend.

Don't go looking up the word neurobic cause it is not in the dictionary not even on wikipedia, which surprises me cause wikipedia has information they just make up. I digress...sorry.

There was a lengthy article in our paper yesterday regarding neurobics. I see that the article on line has been cut down. But you probably already have realized that when you put the word SPA on anything there is mucho dineros involved. And little did I know we have Neurobics Spas in my own backyard.

I have always known that exercising your brain, which is really what neurobics is, I have always known that it was good for you. Probably won't prevent anything but it just might delay the onset of old age dimentia. Now that is something I'm not about to get. Hunky husband and I do things while we are driving to do brain exercise, especially when you are on a long stretch of boring road. And I have a feeling that we may just run into that once we are on the road.

I must remember to tell my sweet bunky that I have been saving tons of $$$ by playing games as I do and not toddling off to the spa, neurobics that is. And here my sister gave up games for Lent last year - holy cow I hope her mind didn't atraphy during that period. I must challenge her to some games to see. Maybe we could treat each other to a day at the SPA.....stay tuna'd.


Monday, March 26, 2007

The Stork came to visit us...

No it's not what you think.....but these are pictures of a stork. We have never ever seen one around here as I would think I would remember this bird with the funny thing on his head. Kinda looks like he is wearing headphones.

Not only the neighbors are coming over to say good bye to Mr & Mrs Doodles, the Stork stopped by to see us and Buddy. You can kinda see Buddy in the one photo of him staring at the bird. This guy was rather tame but when he heard my camera click he was a tad skitterish. He probably was on the patio for a good ten minutes.

Storks are relatively common along the West Coast near Tampa.

You may see them near the road or wading in ponds along with Ibis and Egrets


A lot to think about...

Getting ready to be the wanderlust, vagabond, and/or gypsy that we are going to be doing. It seems there is a lot to do before one takes to the road.

Seems we need Big A** insurance for the Big A** truck. It is not considered a regular passenger vehicle, it is in the commercial department. So we have a quote out to three different companies and yes seester dear, one of them is SF.
We have captured a wonderful deal for the RV insurance but unfortunately because of the class of the truck that company does not underwrite needed insurance.

I have also spent the day, while waiting on hold, making a budget in excel for travel expenses. Also a much needed to do list for what is required when we park and then one for when we leave. It's not quite like locking the door and pulling off down the highway.

Then we have the good fortune of having friends that are seasoned RV'rs that have given us a list of what is needed in terms of yep a broom, particular kind of jack and all the other junk we need to drag along. See why I have to limit my shoe collection Frown but then this edict is coming from a man that has two pair of shoes, sneaks and sandals.

This is going to be fun but with much preparation to attend to. Once the truck and trailer marry, so to speak, it will take a day, at least just to hook up the electronics and for me to move in the household items.

So we are still looking at mid April to get outta here.........stay tuna'd!

Good Luck to the UCLA Bruins moving on to the Final Four!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another Happy Dance !!!

Gotta love those UCLA Bruins!!!
They are going to the Final Four!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

That's Norm and I doing

the Happy Dance ! ! !

We are no longer home owners in the
State of Florida.....let the adventure begin!

please............... stay tuna'd

Good Luck to the Bruins tonite !!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh the joys of spring!

Spring is here, the weather has turned lovely, well except for the heavy pollen in the air. This could be a great time to load up a 5th wheel and a big a** truck and hit the road.

And we have just one more sleep!!! Oh lordy now I am getting really excited and antsy.

Go Bruins!!! they play thursday......that could be a very lucky day lil bird!!!

stay tuna'd.........

Monday, March 19, 2007

No escaping the many demons of Florida !

And here I thought we would be safe because we were going to boogie outta here before the start of hurricane season. Crap I forgot about the dreaded Love Bugs!!!

If you care, read about the dreaded infestation of the
LOVE BUGS . What is the reasoning behind the name love bug when they are so detrimental.

Read that article while I go out and spray the front of our vehicles with PAM It seems that PAM keeps the little darlins from sticking to the front of the car. Think I'll leave a can of PAM in the cupboard for the new owner.

Now if we can get outta here before the mating season of the Florida alligator

Three more sleeps....................stay tuna'd

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Just a few more

We are now down to 4 count em 4 more sleeps! Gads talk about wishing your life away. But that's OK that only means I will be closer to headed West and spend time, valuable quality time with my family and my hunky husband will be there too.

When we had our business there were very few vacations and certainly not many together trips West to visit family. When we retired, for good, one of the things we did first off was schedule a trip with sister and sweet brother in-law. We met in Vegas and traveled the Four Corners. What a wonderful time we had. The sites we saw and the laughs we had. Hope there is another trip with those two in the near future - we travel well together. And ya know ya can't always say that about traveling with relatives or friends.

Keep hoping our truck arrives quickly. The latest ETA would be the beginning of April. You need that truck to pull that RV. So we could still be out of here by mid April......stay tuna'd


Friday, March 16, 2007

One down!

When you enter into the March Madness of basketball, take nothing for granted. UCLA beat Weber in their opening game 70 ~ 42.

Trust me those Hoosiers will not be a walk in the park when they play Saturday.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bruins Basketball!!!

First game of the March Madness Tournament is always nerve racking.
Bruins can go all the way this year - however I am keeping my fingers crossed to be on the safe side.
Cause I have a BIG bet on this tournament with a Hoosier!
Go Bruins!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We all know better BUT...

we aren't all good at changing our eating habits, at least I'm not and I know several friends that aren't either.

Many of you know I contribute to a food blog called Peanut Butter Etouffee, along with my sister Moon and my niece lil bird. When you food blog you have the opportunity to meet and read a lot of other fellow food bloggers, exchange recipes and comments. One of my favorite food blogs is Lucullian Delights. The writer lives in Italy and has some of the best food photos on the internet. But don't get me wrong Ilva also has some wonderful food recipes. And she has partnered up with another food blogger to create a site called
The Heart of the Matter - eating for life .

The following is quoted text from this new event:

Joanna from Joanna's Food who has experienced how it is living and cooking after a heart attack of her husband, her blog is full of recipes of heart friendly food. We plan to make this a monthly event with different themes each time and after the roundups on our blogs, these roundups are going to be posted on a special blog named after this event, The Heart of the Matter-eating for life, because this is an event with a difference, it's made with the hope of building up a recipe base that will be useful for all of us when we want to cook healthy meals so every time you participate you are not only presenting us with a nice recipe, you are also doing a good deed.

So, the reason I am mentioning all of this is that since hunky husband and I are going out on the road and doing a lot of traveling I was somewhat concerned about the spreading of our butts. Now yes we will be doing a lot of hiking and walking, however what I did not want to get into the habit of nipping in to a fast food joint for a quick meal = bad idea = butt spreading food.

So Ilva & Joanna have come up with this idea and I applaud this and definitely plan to participate. I hope you go check out the web site, who knows maybe you get an idea or two and maybe even contribute.

FYI~~~~~~~~~~~8 more sleeps~~~~~~~~~~~~stay tuna'd

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Are you ready for some "Madness"?

The Merry Month of March brings us to College Basketball, one of our very favorite sports.

Now for some of you that don't know I am a UCLA Bruin fan big time. Fair warning I will bore you to tears with stats, results and such on the upcoming tournaments.

Don't know what to think of the Sports editor of our local paper picking UCLA to go all the way this year. I have faith however let's hope this guy is right. Cause nothing would make my family happier, well maybe a few other things would but the Bruins going all the way certainly would be at the top of the list.

So if you want March Madness updates I'll give em to ya, cause I have nothing else better to do than cheer on the Bruins.

Oh well maybe packing up some boxes for the move but that we can do while watching the games.........stay tuna'd..............9 more sleeps!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Somebody got the memo...

Do you spose Ford Motor Company sends memo's to the Sheiks over in the oil rich nations?

I can see it now ~~~Alert ~~~Mr & Mrs Doodles just bought one of our Big A** trucks, so if y'all wanna make more $$$ raise the price of that crude stuff.

Dang what a time to be gouging, it's not even summer yet. If you want to find fuel prices around the US and Canada check out GASBUDDY It seems they update this site quite often, so this may be my new favorite site in the months to come.

10 more sleeps..........stay tuna'd

Happy Birthday to me !!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's getting closer...

Finally we heard yesterday about the big A** truck to pull the fifth wheel trailer.

Seems the dear Ford Motor Company has had a dispute with the engine builders and they decided they weren't gonna pay them. Well the dispute got settled rather quickly much to my amazement and they are back to building these monsters in Louisville, KY

And yes that is the color we got Copper, F450 King Ranch with a moon roof for Buddy,

We are fortunate to have a dear friend who has a Car Store. That is the way dear friends refers to his business. Anyway, husband spoke to him yesterday and it appears that said truck, pictured below, will be here between first and mid April. Kinda what we had planned so there is no delay at the moment.

You notice I have posted 12 more sleeps, that means 12 more days and this house will belong to a very nice lady from CT and she is going to let us stay here till we take delivery on aforementioned truck and trailer. And I thought people from CT were a bit stanoffish. Well maybe they warm up when they get to warm weather cause this buyer is a dream.

12 more sleeps...stay tuna'd

Friday, March 09, 2007

So, the dopes in Washington could do the right thing

and give all of the Service men and women the same insurance coverage Dick Cheney has. That certainly be fair and equal treatment now wouldn't it. The big dope didn't even go to Walter Reed, they took him to Bethesda. What's up with that? Do these people think they are fooling us? Well they aren't, they are just big fat liars, all of them liars.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What can't I live without???

I must start thinking of things that I can put in our new 5th wheel home. This is somewhat of a predicament, that I am in. There are a lot worse things trust me I know that. But since we are going to be living in this "rig" for at least a year one does have to plan.

You see I am alloted X amount of weight. So there lies the problem do I take 6 pair of jeans and 6 pair of shoes? Or do I take 4 pair of jeans and and extra pan/skillet for cooking. Oh yep you bet I'm hiding the shoes - Norm will never, ever know. And don't you be telling him.

So what few items could you not live without. Knowing you are going to be traveling for about a year, with a variety of weather conditions

If y'all have any suggestions I'm open to listening and no lectures please about shoes K?

Right now I'm trying to write a farewell poem to Florida to be recited upon our departure.

Stay tuna'd...15 more sleeps

Monday, March 05, 2007

Well ~~~ we did it...

We are now the proud owners of a 5th wheel trailer. Now the truck should be here in the next 6 weeks and we will be nomads.
Rather looking forward to being free to roam.

A couple of snaps of the interior for your viewing pleasure.

You already know the TV will be replaced by a larger unit.

The cream colored leather chairs are good for us retired folk!

And the kitchen area is just big enough.

Under that TV is a computer station. So many comforts and we opted out of the fireplace.

More photos to follow...stay tuna'd
16 more sleeps!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A boo boo of sorts...

OK actualy a big hurt in my mouth. I woke up the other a.m. to an abscessed tooth. OH NO not again I say. I have things to do, boxes to pack, husband to supervise, IMPORTANT, VERY IMPORTANT things to do to get ready for the adventure.

Well the tooth gods had a different plan for me and set me straight, well not straight set my fat ass in bed and in substantial pain. Which I might add is unusual because I have an unusual high tolerance of pain.

Husband toddled me off to the dental dude and he took one look at my swollen face, which by the way looked like Mohammed Ali beat the crap outta me, and said yep abscess, here ya go antibiotics to get rid of the infection then we'll attack that problem once the infection is gone.

So here it is Saturday a.m. and we are somewhat back on track, my swelling has gone down some and I'm feeling like I could whip Ali. Well not really but you know what I mean ;)

Monday we are going up to pick out the interior of the 5th wheel trailer. Snaps to follow Sooooooooooo................stay tuna'd

20 more sleeps

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wonder no more...

I know some of you are wondering why the hell do those two whackos wanna get in a fifth wheel trailer pulled by a big ass (husbands words) truck***, haul that sucker around the good olde USA and Canada.

Well this could be one of the reasons LaNina the little meanie sister to El Nino and also the fact that our homeowners insurance has TRIPLED <<<(not a typo) yep tripled. I think there just might be some folks that are trying to put the stae of Florida out of business.
There are just waaaaayy too many articles to refer to regarding homeowners insurance rate increases in the "blue tarp state".

Now you probably realize that this has a snowball affect. Your auto insurance goes up, if you are a renter, your rent is going to go up. That owner has to pass along the increase to someone. Also fewer people will come to visit this state so hence retail is going to increase in many ways, and don't even think about what it's going to cost to go to Disney World.

So I'm gonna go check the weather in AZ, 22 more sleeps stay tuna'd...

***big ass trucks = testosterone level ;)