Saturday, March 17, 2007

Just a few more

We are now down to 4 count em 4 more sleeps! Gads talk about wishing your life away. But that's OK that only means I will be closer to headed West and spend time, valuable quality time with my family and my hunky husband will be there too.

When we had our business there were very few vacations and certainly not many together trips West to visit family. When we retired, for good, one of the things we did first off was schedule a trip with sister and sweet brother in-law. We met in Vegas and traveled the Four Corners. What a wonderful time we had. The sites we saw and the laughs we had. Hope there is another trip with those two in the near future - we travel well together. And ya know ya can't always say that about traveling with relatives or friends.

Keep hoping our truck arrives quickly. The latest ETA would be the beginning of April. You need that truck to pull that RV. So we could still be out of here by mid April......stay tuna'd


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