Thursday, March 29, 2007

Neurobics Spa

not quite what I'm used to in the true definition of spa's. However neurobics could be our new best friend.

Don't go looking up the word neurobic cause it is not in the dictionary not even on wikipedia, which surprises me cause wikipedia has information they just make up. I digress...sorry.

There was a lengthy article in our paper yesterday regarding neurobics. I see that the article on line has been cut down. But you probably already have realized that when you put the word SPA on anything there is mucho dineros involved. And little did I know we have Neurobics Spas in my own backyard.

I have always known that exercising your brain, which is really what neurobics is, I have always known that it was good for you. Probably won't prevent anything but it just might delay the onset of old age dimentia. Now that is something I'm not about to get. Hunky husband and I do things while we are driving to do brain exercise, especially when you are on a long stretch of boring road. And I have a feeling that we may just run into that once we are on the road.

I must remember to tell my sweet bunky that I have been saving tons of $$$ by playing games as I do and not toddling off to the spa, neurobics that is. And here my sister gave up games for Lent last year - holy cow I hope her mind didn't atraphy during that period. I must challenge her to some games to see. Maybe we could treat each other to a day at the SPA.....stay tuna'd.


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mooncrazy said...

Crap! I'm gonna go play Tetris.