Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Are you ready for some "Madness"?

The Merry Month of March brings us to College Basketball, one of our very favorite sports.

Now for some of you that don't know I am a UCLA Bruin fan big time. Fair warning I will bore you to tears with stats, results and such on the upcoming tournaments.

Don't know what to think of the Sports editor of our local paper picking UCLA to go all the way this year. I have faith however let's hope this guy is right. Cause nothing would make my family happier, well maybe a few other things would but the Bruins going all the way certainly would be at the top of the list.

So if you want March Madness updates I'll give em to ya, cause I have nothing else better to do than cheer on the Bruins.

Oh well maybe packing up some boxes for the move but that we can do while watching the games.........stay tuna'd..............9 more sleeps!!!


KimIndy said...

ah, come on....ya think your Bruins are gonna make it past the Hoosiers ?? I'll bet ya some Debrands on it ;)

Buddy said...

Oh crap I knew in the back of my mind you were gonna do this HAHAHA!!!

You Hoosiers are all alike - this infinity with that damne team. IU has to get past Gonzaga and this year they probably will because Gonzaga has lost it's spark. But I would never count that team out till the final buzzer.

So yes I would be happy to put a wager of the IU ~~ Bruins game if in fact they do meet. I enjoy wagering with people who have good taste ~ Debrands it is!

doodles said...

oooops I posted as my cat - need to change that.