Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's getting closer...

Finally we heard yesterday about the big A** truck to pull the fifth wheel trailer.

Seems the dear Ford Motor Company has had a dispute with the engine builders and they decided they weren't gonna pay them. Well the dispute got settled rather quickly much to my amazement and they are back to building these monsters in Louisville, KY

And yes that is the color we got Copper, F450 King Ranch with a moon roof for Buddy,

We are fortunate to have a dear friend who has a Car Store. That is the way dear friends refers to his business. Anyway, husband spoke to him yesterday and it appears that said truck, pictured below, will be here between first and mid April. Kinda what we had planned so there is no delay at the moment.

You notice I have posted 12 more sleeps, that means 12 more days and this house will belong to a very nice lady from CT and she is going to let us stay here till we take delivery on aforementioned truck and trailer. And I thought people from CT were a bit stanoffish. Well maybe they warm up when they get to warm weather cause this buyer is a dream.

12 more sleeps...stay tuna'd


mooncrazy said...

That is a big A** Truck, it must have it's own area code!

Cottage Kid said...

I hope you come to visit me in that Big A** Rig. Oh wait a minute I'll have to notify the locals in case we need road closures!