Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We all know better BUT...

we aren't all good at changing our eating habits, at least I'm not and I know several friends that aren't either.

Many of you know I contribute to a food blog called Peanut Butter Etouffee, along with my sister Moon and my niece lil bird. When you food blog you have the opportunity to meet and read a lot of other fellow food bloggers, exchange recipes and comments. One of my favorite food blogs is Lucullian Delights. The writer lives in Italy and has some of the best food photos on the internet. But don't get me wrong Ilva also has some wonderful food recipes. And she has partnered up with another food blogger to create a site called
The Heart of the Matter - eating for life .

The following is quoted text from this new event:

Joanna from Joanna's Food who has experienced how it is living and cooking after a heart attack of her husband, her blog is full of recipes of heart friendly food. We plan to make this a monthly event with different themes each time and after the roundups on our blogs, these roundups are going to be posted on a special blog named after this event, The Heart of the Matter-eating for life, because this is an event with a difference, it's made with the hope of building up a recipe base that will be useful for all of us when we want to cook healthy meals so every time you participate you are not only presenting us with a nice recipe, you are also doing a good deed.

So, the reason I am mentioning all of this is that since hunky husband and I are going out on the road and doing a lot of traveling I was somewhat concerned about the spreading of our butts. Now yes we will be doing a lot of hiking and walking, however what I did not want to get into the habit of nipping in to a fast food joint for a quick meal = bad idea = butt spreading food.

So Ilva & Joanna have come up with this idea and I applaud this and definitely plan to participate. I hope you go check out the web site, who knows maybe you get an idea or two and maybe even contribute.

FYI~~~~~~~~~~~8 more sleeps~~~~~~~~~~~~stay tuna'd


Ilva said...

Thanks Doodles! You are sweet, that's what you are!

mooncrazy said...

That's less than a week away! WoooWho.


Joanna said...

Thank you Doodles ... I am SO looking forward to hearing about your travels and adventures - and of course about the FOOD!

Lots of luck