Friday, December 28, 2007

Let's wrap it up...

2007 that is.

It's been a wonderous, special year here for the Doodles trio. Travel was at the top of the agenda, well of course since we sold our house in the blue tarp state.

Here is a quick time line......
  • April sold above referenced house Hooooray only on the market 11 months
  • Purchased Big A$$ truck and RV also in April
  • Left the blue tarp state May 17th and never to return another Hooooooray
  • Upon completion of above referenced trip of 18,000 + miles and two countries, we landed in Tucson mid November.
Yep we put that many miles on the first leg of the Doodles RV journey. And Buddy, the cat was an absolute wonderful terrific traveler. I am so happy to be able to say that because I know he could have made that trip and absolute nitemare. So extra treats for my Buddy cause he was so good.

We have had some just wonderful memories, met some new friends, met up with some very old friends, and it is unfortunate but lost a few friends along the way.

We both took some memorable photos, saw some new sites and a few old sites, went to several races, had some memorable lip smacking meals and even awarded the worst roads citation to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As a side note I wrote to the Governor regarding his road conditions, I received a form letter as a reply. Shame on him.

Best part was being able to be with sister and family three times this year....that's a huge wahoooo!!!

Now 2007 is coming to a close, I look back and think what a fun ride, literally, it was personally. I'm not going to get into the political aspect of the year cause the dopes in Washington give me a headache.

My hope and wish for y'all is to enjoy 2008 as much as we enjoyed 2007!!!

Peace, prosperity and health for you in the coming year.

Now for me let's hope I get boots and a warm hat cause we be going to stay tuna'd.

ps - thanks for all that stop by you make it fun

Monday, December 24, 2007

From me to you

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Now to driving fools

Now remember, if you will, I have a Big A$$ Truck that I drive.

So, you're waiting at a stoplight in a left-turn lane. The light turns green, so you inch out into the intersection. A truck is in the left-turn lane going in the opposite direction, directly in front of you. All's well and good ... except that the truck's blocking your view of oncoming traffic. You can't be sure that a vehicle or three isn't coming, so you--not wanting to get T-boned--decide to wait for either the truck to turn, or for the left-turn light to turn green.

Then the cretin, (I haven't used that word in a very long time) in the car behind you starts honking. Apparently, he, she must certainly be in a hurry, and doesn't care about your hesitance at blindly meandering into oncoming traffic. I could be the truck blocking someones view because of the size, but I doubt it.

These impatient, uncaring, ignorant fools are the lowest of the low. And if they're male, they almost certainly have small whatchacallit. Shame on me for saying that.

These people need to get a life because there's not enough room in in the world for these fools.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Miracles of Miracles

OK I understand that some things are miracles and I accept that. Take for example the miracle of finding the father and his three children after three days of being out there in Northern California where the weather had turned to crap. Story goes that Dad took the kids out to get a Christmas tree and ended up building a snow fort in a culvert cause they got lost, totally lost and stayed warm by hugging for warmth while lost in the wilderness. Now cut to three days later and the news media is having a field day interviewing the rescued family. Man they were so happy to be home and so was their Mom who was waiting for some word from the authorities. As you probably heard the reporters were all over this story BUT asked the most asinine questions. However when speaking with the dudes that finally rescued this fortunate family, a question was asked about "how to avoid having this happen to your family"? The rescue paramedic listed the usual assortment, like cell phone, water and such but when he said carry a GPS, I stopped dead in my tracks. WHAT did he say!!!!!! Now you know a lot of folks right, maybe some of them went trompping thru the woods in search of the perfect Christmas tree. What do ya spose anyone of them had a hand held GPS unit? I am not making fun of this serious event. The freak snow storm that kicked up while they were out caused that family to go thru hell and thank you very much their Christmas will be very Merry. What ya spose Dad might find a GPS under the tree.................NOT!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Drive thru fools

One would think it would have been the second coming when an In-N-Out-Burger opened recently in our area.

With much buzz about town and long waits both inside the store and in the drive-thru lane, residents in our area finally had their very own In-N-Out. On the day of the grand opening, the town had to have extra cops on duty to direct traffic, all for a danged hamburger.

For some strange reason, the craze has barely let up. I have no idea how long the wait is, but if the pace inside is any indication, the wait time is tooooo long. The young ens that work there work their butts off I'll tell ya. You don't see workers like that at Mc Donalds or Burger King. No offense if your child happens to work at one of those establishments

I'll admit the burgers are good, actually better than good, but why anyone would want to sit in a line of cars, breathing toxic fumes and with the price of petrol these day for a stinkin' hamburger, is way beyond me. Think of the pollution that is created. I'm no rocket scientist, but it surely has to be a whole buncha polutin.

But it does remind me of when Krispy Kreme doughnuts opened and they turned on their done sign and out of nowhere cars were lined up around the block.

Edited to add: for those of you that live East and North of me you are missing out on a tasty burger.

Southern Arizona

Now when you read that the first thing to come to mind is nice warm temps right.....well not right now. Eeekkk!!!

So we are sitting outside the other afternoon watching the news, local news and the weather dude comes on and says "bundle up Tucson", get our your woolies cause you are gonna need them. Mr Doodles looks at me and says huh? I thought it was gonna go down to the 40's. Guess that's an OK temp for Mr Doodles. Nope 36* my sweet. And rain. Now you know what happens when the temps drop and it rains the cold goes right thru ya.

Well in fact we did wake up to rain in the nite and sure enough it did dip down to the mid 30's, with sleet, a bit of hail and a lot of snow on the mountains that surround us.
Using a fair amount of propane to heat our sweet RV, doubt that this cold snap will last thru February. We'll see how Mr Doodles handles this. One thing I cannot convince him to do is use body cream. He calls it slimy stuff and is convinced I am getting a commission from these lotion companies.....I wish!!!

Mt Lemon is about 9500ft so they got a ton a snow. Makes those skiers here happy, BUT it didn't last long. But it sure looked pretty from a distance. My photo's didn't do it justice. So I think I'll go see some Christmas decorations and see what the dessert looks like deorated for the holidaze..................stay tuna'd

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's called the Storm of the Century

And from what I understand Oklahoma east and north it is brutal. I just pray that there are no deaths or injuries.

Just got a few photos from our friends, the Nutz who live just west of Toronto in Canada.

I can just see the sweet Mrs Nutz standing on the porch in all her warm winter clothing being the good wife and documenting this event. Then running in and fixing the cold soul a nice hot cuppa cocoa.......hahahahaha!!! Don't forget the marshmallows!

Mr Nutz is in there somewhere, but damn he looks cold. And to think all we had here was some heavy frost this a.m.

It's only mid December Sooooooooo, stay tuna'd ; )

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to you


December 15, 1922
February 5, 2002

We miss you momma!!!

Heard this on NPR

Good site for those that care and one would hope it is each and everyone of you. As they mentioned this is not a doom and gloom but more of a public service to make us all more aware. But being informed is half the battle. What I like is the list of companies that are trying to make a difference. Support those companies once you become more informed.

Go over and read up because maybe, just maybe there is one thing you can do and leave a better world for your family.

PS..............Mr Doodles was quite happy that his favorite beer company made the top three

Friday, December 07, 2007

Now it's on to Christmas

and I have yet to come in contact with the Christmas spirit. Where does one find that so very important tool?

Maybe I'll get in the truck drive around Tucson in the 75* plus heat, turn the radio to the Sirius station that is playing at Christmas music all the time. Well they did play a few of my favorites such as Johnny Mathis singing my mommas favorite tunes of the season. There's a story to that and I will share it later. Also they played Brian Setzer's very wild Christmas tunes. If you haven't heard his music go pop on over to Amazon and listen to snippets. His music will put ya into the Christmas spirit sorta.

Well the music didn't really send me over the top with the spirit of the holidays BUT I did get an idea!!! A couple of years ago I volunteered at the library to read to little ones. Most of which were pre-school age. And if you have never had the opportunity to read to oh maybe eight or ten preschoolers go do it just once, cause it's a hoot.

So I went to the local library, asked if they needed readers for the little darlings during the day. Well you would have thought I was giving them a winning Lotto ticket. The conversation went a little like this....... "Yes, yes, yes, please when can you read, coulda ya come Monday morning at ten and Wednesday afternoon at three. Well, a I guess, but don't ya wanna know something about me like my name and a little background. Sure go ahead she said, here write down your name and phone number. Do you have a Christmas sweater or a shirt that's festive? We want to read some Holiday stories during the next few weeks. Sure I have something festive I can wear. Good we'll see you on Monday, come early so you can meet the other volunteers and we can have coffee. OK I'll see ya Monday.......thanks."

Now I'm not sure how to take that conversation. I don't want to over analyze so I am keeping an open mind till after Wednesday. I'm gracious, I'll give them two days, actually I'm only giving them a couple a stay tuna'd I might just be finding the Christmas spirit within those little pre-schoolers.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


is actually no laughing matter. Oh acrophobia is a fear of heights. And it can be quite debilitating. Most folks that have a fear of heights have no problem whatsoever going up in an airplane. I think it's when said acrophobia person puts two feet off the ground out in the wide open spaces that's when the fear sets in big time.

But now let me tell you about Mr Doodles, my resident acrophobic. Now I know why he never wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower. When visiting our friends in Canada this summer, dear Mr Nutz was kind enough to get up on the roof of our RV to install some needed goodies. I was very grateful for the task, hell Mr Nutz has no fear. Anyway why would Mr Doodles get up on the roof when he has his friend Mr Nutz, the guy wasn't born yesterday ya know.

OK now cut to the rain we had a couple a days ago. We have an enclosed satellite dish on the roof of the RV. The enclosure is plastic and needs to be cleaned. That's coming from the company that makes the satellite system. Ya gotta get up there clean it off with the proper cleaner and then spray this stuff on it used for plastic only. No mam ya can't use RainX that's for glass ya have to use this stuff. Ok, ok I'll go find this stuff. Well low and behold good old WalMart has it I discover. So I get a bottle of this stuff and then some bug and tar remover cleaner. Take it home, share the information with Mr Doodles and his answer was "when the water dries off the roof of the RV I'll go up there". HA!!! Go to bed that nite thinking I can do this right. I know of Mr Doodles hesitant nature when he goes up a ladder more than two rungs.

That morning I'm sitting at the computer and I hear this noise, like someone is throwing something on the roof or walking around. WTH I realized, HOLY SHIT what are you doing up
there? Well I didn't want ya to miss your show tonite............HOLY CRAP!!!

Some days the boy just amazes me!!!

ya just never know what's next so stay tuna'd.......