Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Southern Arizona

Now when you read that the first thing to come to mind is nice warm temps right.....well not right now. Eeekkk!!!

So we are sitting outside the other afternoon watching the news, local news and the weather dude comes on and says "bundle up Tucson", get our your woolies cause you are gonna need them. Mr Doodles looks at me and says huh? I thought it was gonna go down to the 40's. Guess that's an OK temp for Mr Doodles. Nope 36* my sweet. And rain. Now you know what happens when the temps drop and it rains the cold goes right thru ya.

Well in fact we did wake up to rain in the nite and sure enough it did dip down to the mid 30's, with sleet, a bit of hail and a lot of snow on the mountains that surround us.
Using a fair amount of propane to heat our sweet RV, doubt that this cold snap will last thru February. We'll see how Mr Doodles handles this. One thing I cannot convince him to do is use body cream. He calls it slimy stuff and is convinced I am getting a commission from these lotion companies.....I wish!!!

Mt Lemon is about 9500ft so they got a ton a snow. Makes those skiers here happy, BUT it didn't last long. But it sure looked pretty from a distance. My photo's didn't do it justice. So I think I'll go see some Christmas decorations and see what the dessert looks like deorated for the holidaze..................stay tuna'd

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Moon said...

It's cold all over and I doubt he'd be warm unless he moved back to Florida. Yeah, like that would ever happen.