Saturday, December 22, 2007

Now to driving fools

Now remember, if you will, I have a Big A$$ Truck that I drive.

So, you're waiting at a stoplight in a left-turn lane. The light turns green, so you inch out into the intersection. A truck is in the left-turn lane going in the opposite direction, directly in front of you. All's well and good ... except that the truck's blocking your view of oncoming traffic. You can't be sure that a vehicle or three isn't coming, so you--not wanting to get T-boned--decide to wait for either the truck to turn, or for the left-turn light to turn green.

Then the cretin, (I haven't used that word in a very long time) in the car behind you starts honking. Apparently, he, she must certainly be in a hurry, and doesn't care about your hesitance at blindly meandering into oncoming traffic. I could be the truck blocking someones view because of the size, but I doubt it.

These impatient, uncaring, ignorant fools are the lowest of the low. And if they're male, they almost certainly have small whatchacallit. Shame on me for saying that.

These people need to get a life because there's not enough room in in the world for these fools.


ashpags said...

I feel the exact same way! I always like to wait until I'm sure there is plenty of time for me to turn, and the people behind me usually get frustrated. Well, they won't be paying my car repair and medical bills if I get hit, so they can just suck it up and wait! That's how I feel, at least. ;)

Moon said...

Hey, I do like the new format.