Friday, December 28, 2007

Let's wrap it up...

2007 that is.

It's been a wonderous, special year here for the Doodles trio. Travel was at the top of the agenda, well of course since we sold our house in the blue tarp state.

Here is a quick time line......
  • April sold above referenced house Hooooray only on the market 11 months
  • Purchased Big A$$ truck and RV also in April
  • Left the blue tarp state May 17th and never to return another Hooooooray
  • Upon completion of above referenced trip of 18,000 + miles and two countries, we landed in Tucson mid November.
Yep we put that many miles on the first leg of the Doodles RV journey. And Buddy, the cat was an absolute wonderful terrific traveler. I am so happy to be able to say that because I know he could have made that trip and absolute nitemare. So extra treats for my Buddy cause he was so good.

We have had some just wonderful memories, met some new friends, met up with some very old friends, and it is unfortunate but lost a few friends along the way.

We both took some memorable photos, saw some new sites and a few old sites, went to several races, had some memorable lip smacking meals and even awarded the worst roads citation to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As a side note I wrote to the Governor regarding his road conditions, I received a form letter as a reply. Shame on him.

Best part was being able to be with sister and family three times this year....that's a huge wahoooo!!!

Now 2007 is coming to a close, I look back and think what a fun ride, literally, it was personally. I'm not going to get into the political aspect of the year cause the dopes in Washington give me a headache.

My hope and wish for y'all is to enjoy 2008 as much as we enjoyed 2007!!!

Peace, prosperity and health for you in the coming year.

Now for me let's hope I get boots and a warm hat cause we be going to stay tuna'd.

ps - thanks for all that stop by you make it fun

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Bee said...

You got a new blog!!! I like it.

What a year you've had?! I hope the one coming up is just as much fun for you as this one has been.

As always, make Buddy purr for me.