Friday, December 21, 2007

Miracles of Miracles

OK I understand that some things are miracles and I accept that. Take for example the miracle of finding the father and his three children after three days of being out there in Northern California where the weather had turned to crap. Story goes that Dad took the kids out to get a Christmas tree and ended up building a snow fort in a culvert cause they got lost, totally lost and stayed warm by hugging for warmth while lost in the wilderness. Now cut to three days later and the news media is having a field day interviewing the rescued family. Man they were so happy to be home and so was their Mom who was waiting for some word from the authorities. As you probably heard the reporters were all over this story BUT asked the most asinine questions. However when speaking with the dudes that finally rescued this fortunate family, a question was asked about "how to avoid having this happen to your family"? The rescue paramedic listed the usual assortment, like cell phone, water and such but when he said carry a GPS, I stopped dead in my tracks. WHAT did he say!!!!!! Now you know a lot of folks right, maybe some of them went trompping thru the woods in search of the perfect Christmas tree. What do ya spose anyone of them had a hand held GPS unit? I am not making fun of this serious event. The freak snow storm that kicked up while they were out caused that family to go thru hell and thank you very much their Christmas will be very Merry. What ya spose Dad might find a GPS under the tree.................NOT!!!


maltese parakeet said...

here's an idea - why not get your christmas tree from a lot or a place with an enclosure like a normal human being instead of tramping off into the woods?

Doodles said...

your ma has a very sweet photo of you and Uncle Doodles and bringing home the Christmas tree from our GPS needed there ;0