Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's see

There was Apollo, Ford Mustang, Woodstock, Big Bird and all his buddies that reside on Sesame Street, KFWB, which is a local Southern California radio station, I think Cracker Barrel, Wendy's and her burgers, Charlie Brown and his friends and I'm sure there is just a ton more of things I don't know about.

But none more important than my
Sweet Sister and my very Dear Brother-in-law that are celebrating their
40 years of marriage.

Much love
from the Doodle's & Bogey

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Up date of sorts

photo from my favorite cat site

I have been doing a few simple yoga moves, nothing even close to the difficulty that Fluffy is doing. It is eye opening on how flexible I'mNOT!!

Since my 10 in 2010 challenge to myself a couple a weeks ago my intentions were good but the weather has hindered my outside activities = walking. I have lost seven pounds but I'm assuming thats fluids. I have done a good job of drinking water, only two cups of tea in the a.m. and usually four small meals in a day.

So all in all I am not depriving myself, Mr is eating his normal meals so he is not being deprived god forbid.

I like my exercise bands but I bore easily so I must come up with new ways to use them. Repetition to me is just not fun and then I don't accomplish anything.

Monday, January 18, 2010

We have visitors

Well they didn't really come to see us actually, if you want to know the truth we are visitors to them.  This is their land.  These burros have been here for many, many years.

I'm presuming these are the same burros that we saw in Oatman, Arizona last year.  Well not exactly the same ones but ya know what I mean.

I must go do some research on burros in this area. Cause I wonder how old these guys are, how long do they live and what the heck do they eat out here.  All I see is rock, dust, scrub brush and a few lakes.

At a distance they are cute little things but I'm not sure if they'd be that friendly up close and personal.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I bet I know

Where your lettuce came from.

See we are in Yuma Arizona which is just an extension of the Imperial Valley (huge growing area) in California. And about the only area in the country not having frigid temps. And while on that subject pray for those farmers and growers that are being frozen thruout much of the SouthEast.

Farm stands everywhere and a very large abundance of cauliflower has just been picked. Walk out smell cauliflower in the air.

The first photo is of butter lettuce which is one of my favorites to use for many lettuce wraps. Wish they'd get it picked.

Above you'll see that pretty red lettuce that I don't use often............. do you? Only when I make a special salad certainly not an everyday salad. But if I see it at one of the farm stands I'll certainly pick some up. Oh I bet it's good with fresh baby spinach.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Certainly not life threatening

But when you get woke up with this thing it does make you take notice.  Then you jump outta bed and wanna go strangle your new sweet, playful kitten Bogey

So the secret is to HIDE anything portable and playful in drawers before going to bed.  I must say that certainly won't stop Mr Bogey from pouncing on Mr or myself in the middle of the nite.  Mr is very forgiving by saying "he just wants to play".  I, on the other hand, wake up cranky when startled.

So Mr Bogey best be watching your step........HA!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Did ya think I forgot?

Many of you know that Mr is a very serious/Sirius Radio  Elvis fan.  Listens to the channel (13) that plays Elvis ALL the time.  And I mean all the time folks, 41,000 miles +/-.

Here's the deal I figure he's driving/towing the RV so he should be entertained while motoring down the hiway.  I on the other hand am reading, taking pictures or whatever.  And I discovered something  I have the ability to tune out channel 13 I had no idea I could do that.  However I probably know the words to EVERY Elvis song cause those words have crept in subliminally somehow.

So Happy Birthday, belated, Elvis!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Goals.....................mine UPDATE

I keep forgetting to mention for Christmas I received from my sweet niece a terrific new pedometer that I just love. Ahhhhhhhhh it doesn't lie *>*

I figure if I write them down I'm more accountable, no hiding now.

I'm gonna get my butt outta bed, stretch first then walk before tea.

I'm gonna come back and fix breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

I'm gonna use my resistence bands for a half hour sometime during the day.

I'm gonna do all of the above five days out of seven glorious days of the week.

Now to the hard part.

Watch my intake of the bad stuff and eat more than I already do of the good stuff. No dieting here just re-arranging my eating habits. Never deprive yourself of a treat. Tottsie rolls and Dove chocolate are minimal in the caloric count.

And ya know what.................Mr will benefit from this as well, cept he won't walk.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

some progress

Certainly not easy to walk your 10,000 steps when you are motoring down the highway
 but then the good part of that is we don't travel everyday.  But quite easy to drink the water I need to drink.  Something I have always done but can always improve and be more consistant.

I have a few goals in my head and will sort them out now that we are in a permanent place for a bit.

The 10 in 2010 certainly puts you on the right track.  This site gives you some guidance as well.  I'm not a good joiner but I do appreciate good advice as well as new ideas.  Google resistence band exercises, they are a terrific way for upper body.  Here's  just one site.  The bands aren't the least bit expensive and you can take them with you whereever you go.  Yep that's why they are my new favorite thing.

Please know that I will not bore you to tears with the number of steps I'm doing and the amount of ounces of water I'm drinking.

So I'll carry on with our adventures of photo taking, traveling and raising our new terror Bogey.

Right now we are repairing an electrical problem that has reared it's ugly head.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

We are just waaaaaaay too old

to have a toddler kitten.  Bogey does keep us going so maybe that's a good thing.  He also continues to be a good traveler.  We made another kinda short trip to the Yuma, AZ area.

We will be visiting several friends while here, doing some much needed marketing, finding the farmstand we visited last year and catching up on laundry, maybe even seeing a movie or two.

Spending the last three days in Thermal, CA and frequenting the local little casino there was quite fun, but let me say that place would be the only reason to return.  Not much going on there that's fer sure.  I did buy a t-shirt from the casino though............need a reminder of my good fortune  HA!!

Getting many emails and some of you cannot figure out where we are going to spend the winter..............guess what neither can we.  So we'll enjoy our time here and see what the weather brings a bit north.   But for those of you planning your summer trips yep we will be going back to Gunnison, Colorado.  Back to the folks we hold dear and an area we truly do enjoy, well except for the internet connection..............oh well can't have everything.

As always

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy Birthday

to you, Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday

Dear Bee,

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

No resolutions here

Just a few realistic goals for my to join me *< *

Today starts the Ten in 10 Challenge , actually it started on Saturday but I will be starting on Monday.  A bit of catching up to do ya see.  Not sure how I will do with a support network for everyone involved to achieve healthy goals. For me, the challenge is all about better habits, ya see I've gotten a bit LAZY!!! Y'all know I'm not about to go off the deep end and stop eating chocolate and such, no way.  I do want to improve myself.  Check out this site  it is FREE............absolutely FREE!!!

I honestly need to be better at working out, for me that is what this is all about.
I know you probably don't think about this but my goals are a bit more challenging when you are a GYPSY!!!  A positive outlook is important and I am always the one that knows the glass is half full so I should do just fine with my new goals...................HA!!! 

So, definitely

Saturday, January 02, 2010

So far so good

Mr Bogart traveled quite well yesterday. I must also tell you it wasn't a very long trip but Bogey passed the test, so I guess we'll keep him.

I know, I know Bogey looks like a very young Buddy. Let's just hope Bogey grows into his ears.............or we shoulda called him Dumbo. Oh his age is just 4 months, born around September 1st, so we'll celebrate his birthday on Labor Day.

Have yet to mention Christmas not because it wasn't fun it surely was in spite of Mr & I both having those crappy colds.

Sweet niece made the female members of the family wool felted slippers. As this photo shows they are quite cool. Well actually they are quite warm and welcoming here in the cool desert nite and early a.m. air. Thanks them bunches.

Now to the food..................I wasn't allowed to do much. You know germs and all, so kudos to Mary and sister for a very fine dinner.

There ya wasn't over the top in abundance of items so we enjoyed each and every bite.

Sister carving the most deliscious prime rib............great job sister. Even with my taste buds all crummy the meal was even better than last year.

And to accompany the meal was the best ever popovers niece has made ever. Gosh these were tasty..........thanks sweet niece.

Do you see a lack of photos of desserts? Well we didn't want for sweetness and delites. Mary had made a pumpkin pie and several enjoyed that with a dollop or ten of whipped cream. Nephew thinks if you can see the pie you got cheated on the whipped that thinking. We also had special cookies and fudge and peanut brittle and candy and well you get the picture.

So all in all a very satisfying and scumptious Christmas was enjoyed.