Wednesday, January 06, 2010

We are just waaaaaaay too old

to have a toddler kitten.  Bogey does keep us going so maybe that's a good thing.  He also continues to be a good traveler.  We made another kinda short trip to the Yuma, AZ area.

We will be visiting several friends while here, doing some much needed marketing, finding the farmstand we visited last year and catching up on laundry, maybe even seeing a movie or two.

Spending the last three days in Thermal, CA and frequenting the local little casino there was quite fun, but let me say that place would be the only reason to return.  Not much going on there that's fer sure.  I did buy a t-shirt from the casino though............need a reminder of my good fortune  HA!!

Getting many emails and some of you cannot figure out where we are going to spend the winter..............guess what neither can we.  So we'll enjoy our time here and see what the weather brings a bit north.   But for those of you planning your summer trips yep we will be going back to Gunnison, Colorado.  Back to the folks we hold dear and an area we truly do enjoy, well except for the internet connection..............oh well can't have everything.

As always

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Chris said...

Too old? Naw! But it is an experience to have a kitten or puppy around, isn't it?

I guess all you can do is take the good (they can be sooo darned cute!) with the bad (my friend's new puppy chewed the corner off their TempurPedic mattress!) and hang in until the good take over?

I'm sure you'll find an interesting place to spend the winter! I'm looking forward to photos!