Saturday, January 02, 2010

So far so good

Mr Bogart traveled quite well yesterday. I must also tell you it wasn't a very long trip but Bogey passed the test, so I guess we'll keep him.

I know, I know Bogey looks like a very young Buddy. Let's just hope Bogey grows into his ears.............or we shoulda called him Dumbo. Oh his age is just 4 months, born around September 1st, so we'll celebrate his birthday on Labor Day.

Have yet to mention Christmas not because it wasn't fun it surely was in spite of Mr & I both having those crappy colds.

Sweet niece made the female members of the family wool felted slippers. As this photo shows they are quite cool. Well actually they are quite warm and welcoming here in the cool desert nite and early a.m. air. Thanks them bunches.

Now to the food..................I wasn't allowed to do much. You know germs and all, so kudos to Mary and sister for a very fine dinner.

There ya wasn't over the top in abundance of items so we enjoyed each and every bite.

Sister carving the most deliscious prime rib............great job sister. Even with my taste buds all crummy the meal was even better than last year.

And to accompany the meal was the best ever popovers niece has made ever. Gosh these were tasty..........thanks sweet niece.

Do you see a lack of photos of desserts? Well we didn't want for sweetness and delites. Mary had made a pumpkin pie and several enjoyed that with a dollop or ten of whipped cream. Nephew thinks if you can see the pie you got cheated on the whipped that thinking. We also had special cookies and fudge and peanut brittle and candy and well you get the picture.

So all in all a very satisfying and scumptious Christmas was enjoyed.


Bee said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. I love the Whipped-Cream-On-The-Pie philosophy.

Bogie is cute, even his ears. Glad to hear he traveled well. Even if the trip was very short.

One more thing, do you think your sweet niece would share the pattern for those lovely slippers? My feet are always cold!

Moon said...

Oh yes, the yummy part of Christmas was truly wonderful, as well as the laughing part and the gift receiving part. The leaving early part, not so good.