Thursday, January 07, 2010

some progress

Certainly not easy to walk your 10,000 steps when you are motoring down the highway
 but then the good part of that is we don't travel everyday.  But quite easy to drink the water I need to drink.  Something I have always done but can always improve and be more consistant.

I have a few goals in my head and will sort them out now that we are in a permanent place for a bit.

The 10 in 2010 certainly puts you on the right track.  This site gives you some guidance as well.  I'm not a good joiner but I do appreciate good advice as well as new ideas.  Google resistence band exercises, they are a terrific way for upper body.  Here's  just one site.  The bands aren't the least bit expensive and you can take them with you whereever you go.  Yep that's why they are my new favorite thing.

Please know that I will not bore you to tears with the number of steps I'm doing and the amount of ounces of water I'm drinking.

So I'll carry on with our adventures of photo taking, traveling and raising our new terror Bogey.

Right now we are repairing an electrical problem that has reared it's ugly head.


1 comment:

Moon said...

Good luck with your new program. I've not made it to the gym as much as I've wanted.

And, hopefully, good luck with the electrix.