Saturday, January 23, 2010

Up date of sorts

photo from my favorite cat site

I have been doing a few simple yoga moves, nothing even close to the difficulty that Fluffy is doing. It is eye opening on how flexible I'mNOT!!

Since my 10 in 2010 challenge to myself a couple a weeks ago my intentions were good but the weather has hindered my outside activities = walking. I have lost seven pounds but I'm assuming thats fluids. I have done a good job of drinking water, only two cups of tea in the a.m. and usually four small meals in a day.

So all in all I am not depriving myself, Mr is eating his normal meals so he is not being deprived god forbid.

I like my exercise bands but I bore easily so I must come up with new ways to use them. Repetition to me is just not fun and then I don't accomplish anything.


Allie and Pattie said...

Hey, Doods
Let me know what you're doing with those bands-maybe I can give you a few new ideas. I have a Mr just like that-deprivation is not a word in his language! :)

Moon said...

Good work. I always think if you are on the losing side of the scale, no matter what it is, is the best place to be.

Yoga, it takes years to get flexible, years! Don't give up.

I know what you mean about the bands, I get bored, too.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for you! Hard work does pay off. I'm still struggling to make this work and you will be my inspiration. Seven pounds however it comes off is a victory!

Bee said...

Yoga? How cool is that?! I think I'd like to do yoga and stretch this old body out. Maybe I should try some of those sites I found when I googled "yoga for fat people."

Seriously, I think it's great.