Friday, February 29, 2008

No Preaching here BUT...

I am gonna remind you again cause this is damned important.

At the bottom of this post click on these two blogs to shed more light on this very serious situation.....PLASTIC BAGS!!!

Back in October on Blog Action Day I posted a similar subject

Yes they sell canvas bags and they make $$$ on the site but get beyond that OK. Start using canvas bags, because it will make a difference. Buy them from your local market. Hell even the greedy company WalMart sells canvas bags to reuse.

A website that explains in detail about plastic bags

I put a counter on my sidebar, see over there on the left <<<<<<<<
this blog made Blogs of Note and since our PBE made that same honor recently I try to check on Blogs of Note, a good way to find new blogs.

OK I'm thru preaching...............but stay tuna'd

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This my friends

is where your table grapes come from. Well maybe not all of you but I would guess a lot of you. There are miles and miles of these vineyards, with an oil derrick thrown in here and there.

Also some of the best oranges, valencia and navel come from this region. The oranges from this region are eating oranges unlike the oranges from my former home state of Florida that are oranges grown for juice.

The RV park we are in right now is a former orange grove and when they built the park they left many trees on grounds. So that means if there were oranges on the tree I could walk out my door and pick oranges. Well unfortunately that is not the case most of the oranges have already been picked. You can see in this photo there is not one speck of orange........grrrrrrrrrr!!! But the fruit stands are close by so I'm not too disappointed.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Spending Diet

Ran across this article in the Miami Herald…found it interesting that a reporter is taking on a challenge of No Spending February. Actually this reporter is attacking the unnecessary spending in her life.

I wonder how many of us could do this? I would like to think I could. Given the price of gas we should all be making fewer trips to here and there, no matter what kind a car/truck you have.

I think cutting out going to the movies would save a couple a bucks, cause dang the price has gone up so much. Even if you are a senior the price isn’t that great anymore. So now I am renting movies online thru my Direct TV and recording them. That means I get to keep them for $3.99 instead or purchasing them.

Manicures and pedicures, I used to get every month. Due to traveling so much I have had to cut that back and I’m finding that’s OK, save BING a savings of sort.

Hair… I usually do my own color (yes I color my hair sorry to disappoint) so I buy the product at the beauty supply shop where it is less expensive than buying the already packaged product at the drugstore.

My biggest expenditure is going to the market, as I’m sure it is for all of you. I’m not good at clipping coupons, but I do read the paper for sales of the area markets. Oh and I try to go food shopping when I am not hungry cause I have found the strangest damn stuff that ends up in my cart.

Would you do this? Should we all try it together? OK I’m gonna go think about this and wait for your response…………..stay tuna’d

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My new favorite food

I don't normally post about food on this blog BUT DANG!!!!!!!! Think I'll put this over on PBE too. Must share the news, I'm a caring sorta human.

Run don't walk to this web site just to see if you maybe you can get these jewels in a store near you.

Cara Cara Navel Oranges

not my photo taken from google images

This navel is not your ordinary navel by any stretch of the imagination. It's seems to be a cross between a navel and a red grapefruit. I understand this is a real tree and not a cross pollination.

We came upon these gems yesterday when we stopped at a fruit market that was suggested by sister. You know the kind a place where they have samples for you to try and then buy. Mr Doodles thought he was in Costco going around tasting this and that. He came upon the Cara Cara and said "you gotta try these". Yep their good I'll buy a couple. Came home peeled them for lunch to use in a salad....I thought I was eating a heavenly treat - well no thinking there I was.

Mr Doodles liked them so much he went back this afternoon and bought four more. They will be going out of season soon, so we gotta get em while we can. California Fruit Depot is where we bought them and they do have mail order. No I am not on commission for this business I just had to share my new find.

Stay tuna'd for more finds............

I stumbled on a great blog...

and just wanted to share it with y'all. Like I have nuttin else better to do than cruise the internet for new and interesting blogs. But I do cause it is fun and educational, well it is for me !!!

See over on the left where is says friends and favs? Well click on Made in USA...great site...terrific idea. If ya like it leave her a comment all bloggers like feedback good bad or indifferent.

There could be more cool blogs so..........stay tuna'd !!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can ya hear that ???

that sound is the "good olde boys" getting all geared up for the Democratic Convention taking place in Denver, Colorado this August.
Back room, cigar smoking politics is inevitable given the climate of the primaries that have taken place.
It is a shame this is going to be held in Denver, cause the tactics that are probably going to take place just reminds me of all the antics that have taken place over the years when the conventions were in Chicago.

You can bet there is "back room politics" going on now. I just hope and pray that
Super Delegates are not the ones to choose the candidate. Cause then what were all those primaries for. Get those cigars ready..............and stay tuna'd

Just remember to VOTE!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Great news

I will call her SweetPea!!! But she sure is a Princess!!!

Go read this that sister wrote.

OK off to go shopping cause I'm a Great Aunt woohoo!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

See ya Polaroid

Sadly, technology is changing photography forever.

Polaroid is no longer manufacturing their instant film.

This is the one of many articles I came across. Memories just came flooding back. My Father had a Polaroid and I sure do remember I was just so fascinated by that camera.

I know, I know progress is also an important product, but admit it, this is kinda sad to say See ya Polaroid!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

On the move...

It's Monday morning and we have packed up Grace, the RV, and Louie, the Big A$$ truck, and about to hit the road. Not a very long trip this time heading to Southern California. The unfortunate part of leaving an area after you've been here a few months is I just learned all the short cuts to get to the market, some shopping areas that we frequent, the theater we like to go to, a well as the Casinos.

Oh well on to new adventures!!!
First stop will be Tonahpa, AZ then on to a WalMart parking lot in Palm Springs, just to land overnight so we can visit step momma. Then on to sister and brother-in-laws house for a few days. Hope to see lil bird and her handsome husband. That is always an adventure.............stay tuna'd!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

A wonderful walk in the park

10 .5 miles today........

Today we went to
Sabino Canyon . Mr Doodles was the one that suggested this day trip. Got up early to pack a lunch along with snacks and some water. Off we go.

What a spectacular area we visited. I honestly think this was a primer for all the hiking my sweet husband wants to do when we go to Alaska. Heck I could be a vision in skinniness once he gets thru with me. Now that would be a welcome site.

The only reason I said I would go on this hike was for the photo opportunity, boy did we get some good pics. Actually this Southern Arizona is just full of wonderful photo opportunities. But then just about every place we have been has been good for taking photos .
I posted a couple here and I'll post the rest over on my photo blog here Oh and in case y'all have not been to our food blog lately, drop everything and run right over there. Fun things are happening and I don't want to hear y'all didn't know about it OK!!!

there's Mr Doodles always looking at the map

beautiful Sabino Canyon

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


when you make a Lenten pledge, such as the one I made that requires knowing how many steps/miles you walk.

Wouldn't ya think I woulda checked the batteries on my pedometer....well I didn't. But Mr Doodles is pretty good at estimating mileage so I told him the route I was taking and he told me about how far a three mile trek would be.

I'm headed out after my shower to buy a battery for the dern pedometer. But I did take my camera with me and took a couple a snaps along the way........look here.

stay tuna'd...........

for lent I'm

going to walk three miles a that means starting on Ash Wednesday, February 6th to Easter Sunday, March 23rd I will walk at least 129 miles. Let's make it 130 I'm feeling generous tonite. And for every mile I walk I will donate one dollar to Habitat for Humanity, one of my most favorite charities.

We will be leaving Southern Arizona in the next few days headed for Southern California. So while out walking I will document my walks by taking photo's and post them over on my photo blog. I might even try for 150
so stayt tuna'd.........

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Let's HOPE

since this is Super Tuesday, and also Fat Tuesday not to be confused folks.

Any way I hope if you are living in one of the 20 some states that held primaries today I hope you voted. If you did stand up and be counted and be proud. If you didn't I don't wanna hear y'all complain.

And if you live in the other states that are going to be holding primaries in the next few weeks please vote, you'll be doing us all a favor.

And yes Mr Doodles and I voted absentee.

Oh and what are y'all giving up for lent? stay tuna'd I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do ;)

Check this out.......

Some of you know sister, niece and I have a Food Blog called PBE.............well we were honored today.

Read about it here......

And as always...............stay tuna'd

Monday, February 04, 2008

I am thrilled!!!

I just received notification that I am a finalist in Cooks Country monthly recipe contest.

Here's what happened..........sister and I are always cooking up something when we are together. And when niece is in the mix it's even better. So sister and I are going thru some of our favorite magazines, Cook's Illustrated, Cook's Country. These are produced by one of my favorite cooking shows, America's Test Kitchen which is shown on your local PBS station.

Anyway sister and I are going thru the mags and I see that Cook's Country has a monthly recipe contest. And the one that caught my eye was that they were asking for your best summer salad recipe. Heck I got one of those. Remember the one I posted on PBE with the cantaloupe? I'm gonna enter that. Oh my I see the deadline is in just a few days. Hop on sisters computer and send that tasty treat to the address provided.

So this a.m. I get an email from the sister publication America's Test Kitchen that I am a finalist in their monthly recipe contest with the subject being your best summer salad. If you care to take a peek here this is what I submitted on our food blog PBE.

I would love to be known and/or published for my photographs but this is kinda fun and exciting.

Being that this is a summer salad food item, I am assuming this won't be published until May or June. Thank you sister for the encouragement. When I find out I'll let y'all know so.........stay tuna'd!!!