Thursday, February 21, 2008

My new favorite food

I don't normally post about food on this blog BUT DANG!!!!!!!! Think I'll put this over on PBE too. Must share the news, I'm a caring sorta human.

Run don't walk to this web site just to see if you maybe you can get these jewels in a store near you.

Cara Cara Navel Oranges

not my photo taken from google images

This navel is not your ordinary navel by any stretch of the imagination. It's seems to be a cross between a navel and a red grapefruit. I understand this is a real tree and not a cross pollination.

We came upon these gems yesterday when we stopped at a fruit market that was suggested by sister. You know the kind a place where they have samples for you to try and then buy. Mr Doodles thought he was in Costco going around tasting this and that. He came upon the Cara Cara and said "you gotta try these". Yep their good I'll buy a couple. Came home peeled them for lunch to use in a salad....I thought I was eating a heavenly treat - well no thinking there I was.

Mr Doodles liked them so much he went back this afternoon and bought four more. They will be going out of season soon, so we gotta get em while we can. California Fruit Depot is where we bought them and they do have mail order. No I am not on commission for this business I just had to share my new find.

Stay tuna'd for more finds............

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