Friday, February 08, 2008

A wonderful walk in the park

10 .5 miles today........

Today we went to
Sabino Canyon . Mr Doodles was the one that suggested this day trip. Got up early to pack a lunch along with snacks and some water. Off we go.

What a spectacular area we visited. I honestly think this was a primer for all the hiking my sweet husband wants to do when we go to Alaska. Heck I could be a vision in skinniness once he gets thru with me. Now that would be a welcome site.

The only reason I said I would go on this hike was for the photo opportunity, boy did we get some good pics. Actually this Southern Arizona is just full of wonderful photo opportunities. But then just about every place we have been has been good for taking photos .
I posted a couple here and I'll post the rest over on my photo blog here Oh and in case y'all have not been to our food blog lately, drop everything and run right over there. Fun things are happening and I don't want to hear y'all didn't know about it OK!!!

there's Mr Doodles always looking at the map

beautiful Sabino Canyon


San Francisco Photos said...

The photos look beautiful! Must have been a nice day!

Connie said...

Hi - thanks for commenting today on my blog (I am the one that won the Wii). I LOVE your photo of the cross on the hill with the cloud and rainbow - how beautiful! Good to know that there are other cats out there that drink from the toilet - too funny!


Moon said...

what a beautiful place!

Action Jackson said...

Thats looks amazing! Kudos for your travels :)