Friday, February 29, 2008

No Preaching here BUT...

I am gonna remind you again cause this is damned important.

At the bottom of this post click on these two blogs to shed more light on this very serious situation.....PLASTIC BAGS!!!

Back in October on Blog Action Day I posted a similar subject

Yes they sell canvas bags and they make $$$ on the site but get beyond that OK. Start using canvas bags, because it will make a difference. Buy them from your local market. Hell even the greedy company WalMart sells canvas bags to reuse.

A website that explains in detail about plastic bags

I put a counter on my sidebar, see over there on the left <<<<<<<<
this blog made Blogs of Note and since our PBE made that same honor recently I try to check on Blogs of Note, a good way to find new blogs.

OK I'm thru preaching...............but stay tuna'd

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